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intimate lens - ethnographic film festival


01 Mar 2022
Call for entries

31 Oct 2022
Festival closed

08 Dec 2022
Notification date

07 Dec 2022
11 Dec 2022


roma, 11,  81100, Caserta, Caserta, Italy

Festival description
Short film festival
Feature film festival

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films 
 Feature Films 
 Any language
 Any language
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Photo of intimalente - festival di film etnografici
Photo of intimalente - festival di film etnografici
Photo of intimalente - festival di film etnografici
Photo of intimalente - festival di film etnografici


Festival start: 07 December 2022      Festival end: 11 December 2022

IntimaLente Festival is intended to promote documentary cinema with particular attention to anthropological topics and methodologies. The international character of the festival is both desirable and unavoidable because of the specific character of the discipline and of the medium of film itself. In this inaugural round, we have chosen not to focus on specialist themes but instead to offer an array of work representing different filmic idioms and geographical areas of interest. The aim is to offer both professional and non-professional viewers a broad (if necessarily incomplete) spectrum of possibilities. We believe that this choice not only will trigger a wide exchange of ideas and themes but will also generate an extensive collaborative perspective. We have made it a core principle to select topics of general interest exhibiting both thematic diversity and relevance to the interests of non-specialist viewers. We have rejected mere exoticism as outdated and unnecessary and have aimed at a selection that, via the intimacy of the camera’s lens, extends the local and the particular to a perspective that is truly contemporary and global.

Filmmakers/photographers will be awarded during the closing night of the Festival (or to people delegated to receive them).


ORGANIZATION BY: Campania Region / Caserta Municipality / OLA '

DEADLINE: October 31, 2022

RETURN PERIOD: December 2022

LOCATION: Caserta, to be stabilized

The places, the dates and the times definitively, I could upload some changes after the announcement of the announcement, any changes will be communicated to the authors promptly.

IntimaLente (IL) is a cultural event that tends to promote cinema and visual culture in its own way, to this end the event is present in a competitive rather than a non-competitive section.

If he proposes to divert the voice of documentary cinema towards an ethnographic vocation, he will not disdain, in the future, to create a section dedicated to long and short films.

Alongside any creative retrospectives on cinema tout court, the festival opens two competitive sections intended exclusively for the image.

The other look: video contest, video art, documentary, short film and film with a predominantly ethno-anthropological slogan (if they have agreed to work without limits of duration and production in the last five years, but if they prefer recently produced short films).

I-Doc: competition dedicated to interactive documentation.

The organization may decide to extend, modify or suspend sessions after receipt of the material.

It will host a series of initiatives aimed at creating a heritage for the public and the different cinematic reality spread throughout the country and beyond. There will be a space where out-of-competition visions, presentations of events and film initiatives, meetings and debates with paternities and professionals in the sector will be hosted. They will support the initiative of organizations, schools, cultural associations or other realities that want to provide their own film production. Anyone wishing to submit their proposal to take advantage of this space can write


It is sensitive to all environmental problems due to postal transport because this was done as a shipping method for filming exclusively from the network. Work (sharing videos or photos) be uploaded to a platform chosen by the internet user (vimeo, youtube, etc.) or sent via a data exchange service (dropbox, wetransfer, etc.).

The call is advertised through two platforms dedicated to the film festival: and all the registration, selection and, in general, communication procedures will take place through these platforms.

Membership in IL is free and unlimited. The operation and the related schedule be invited to the festival between midnight on October 31, 2022, penalty for exclusion.

The invited films will not be returned and a large part of the archive of the Festival secretariat will enter. The Festival management reserves the right to promote and disseminate some of its operations (at its sole discretion) also to other Festivals, Organizations, and events, subject to prior notice to the author.
Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of these regulations.


Any shipping costs are charged to the participant.

While assuring him the utmost care to operate if he declines all responsibility for any loss or damage from any cause they are generated.

The selection of the visual material will be made at the sole discretion of the festival organization, directly or formally due to this decision. The winners of the individual sections will be determined by a qualified jury, appointed by the organization itself.

The selected summer films offered to the public during the Festival, which will last three days. Registration for the competition implies acceptance of the methods of presentation to the public and participation in the festival. In any case, the public presentation formula may be required to change the location, the number of the film, etc. It will be the responsibility of the organization to communicate the procedures.

Check will be delivered to the directors / producers present at the final evening of the Festival or their trusted person delegated to receive them or contact details.

The Direction of the Competition has the final judgment on quasi-controversies and on what is not provided for in this regulation.

By registering for the competition, the individual author is responsible for the content of his work and expressly authorizes the organization to duplicate and promote the operation presented, exclusively for cultural / promotional purposes and for the postage stamp.

The works that do not meet the requirements of the criterion or invite without respecting the competition rules indicate that they will be excluded from the competition.

Failure to access the regulations will result in the automatic exclusion of bankruptcy.



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