Krew! Festidrag De Cine (Festival Internacional de Cine Drag) (1)

Krew! International Film Festidrag


01 May 2024
Call for entries

31 Aug 2024
Final deadline


03 Oct 2024
Notification date

01 Oct 2024
06 Oct 2024


Int. Parque Fundidora, Av. Fundidora s/n esq. Adolfo Prieto, Col. Obrera,  CP 64010, Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico

Festival description
Drag Films
Short film festival 30'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  30'<
 Any language
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Photo of Krew! Festidrag De Cine (Festival Internacional de Cine Drag)


Festival start: 01 October 2024      Festival end: 06 October 2024

Krew! Is the first film Festidrag in the world. It will take place during the month of October 2024, in the city of Monterrey Nuevo León, Mexico at the Cineteca Nuevo León.

General Information:

Krew! Is an International Drag Film Festival with stories starring Drags artists, which brings together audiovisual material from all over the world to exhibit it in movie theaters and reward the best productions with an awards ceremony night.

The origin of the name:

“Krew!” backwards is “Werk!” and this is an expression used by the Drag and LGBTTTIQ+ community that means "To get going, work or execute something so well and with so much swaying, using all possible skills and tools to transmit something with such precision and security that no one would be able to criticize you, shade you, decipher you or read you.” In addition, the word Krew! directly resembles the word Crew, which refers to the team that makes up the production of a film or a Festidrag.


The selected productions agree to enter the competition where they can win different prizes and recognitions.

All works will be rigorously graded in all aspects and departments of a production: Direction, Cast, Screenplay, Audio, Editing, Art, Costumes, Cinematography, etc.

The greatest achievements will be to win

"Best Drag Short Film" ($50,000 pesos in cash)
and "Best Drag Protagonist" ($30,000 pesos in cash).

For the rest of the departments there will be Dragalardones or statuettes and prizes in kind, in addition to the recognition of your participation in the Festidrag.

All the awards will be recognized on the night of the delivery of The Krew! Awards, the same evening that will conclude the Festidrag.

The International Film Festidrag Krew! reserves the right to disqualify audiovisual works for different reasons or non-compliance with the requirements of the contest.

Krew! 1st International Drag Film Festival.


Registration open
From May 1st, 2024 to August 31st, 2024 at 23:59 hrs

The Festidrag of Cinema, Krew! Calls on emerging and consolidated short film directors from Mexico and around the world to register their film works with the theme of Drag art.

We are looking for the best stories starring Drag Queens, Drag Kings, Drag Queers or the art of Drag itself.

Productions will be selected to compete in different categories and must meet the following requirements:


The material received must have a minimum duration of 13 seconds and a maximum duration of 30 minutes, including titles and credits.

In this occasion, we are a first edition and will accept material regardless of the date of its realization.

Quality, Aspect, Resolution and Format:
Short films must have a horizontal video aspect, be in high resolution (Full HD 1920 x 1080 o 4K) and the origin of the filming can be open, (8mm, 16mm, 35mm, DCP, cellphone, digital cameras or DSLR). However, the final file should be sent in digital format with codec . H264 at 23.97 frames per second and in high quality.

Origin and language:
All short films spoken in Spanish must have English subtitles embedded and all foreign short films or short films spoken in a language other than Spanish must have Spanish subtitles.

It must be a drag short film. That is, that the cast includes Drag characters as protagonists or outstanding secondaries, of the utmost importance and relevance in the story, or also that the Drag art is in the clothing, the story, the production design or in any corner of the film but that Drag predominates.

You will be able to freely show Drag art in any genre of fiction (comedy, terror, drama, action, etc) Documentary, animation, experimental, and videoclips with original music.

Before sending us your work: consider these tips:

Due to the quota limit, shorter works have a greater chance of being selected
while those of longer duration must meet a higher quality standard.

Krew! Does not close doors to Medium-length or Feature Films, but in case of receiving works longer than 30 minutes that are worthy of selection, they will be projected as a special function without entering the competition and their participation will be recognized.

Brief specs sheet of the work: Name, Direction, Cast, Year, Genre... Short biography of the creator and specs sheet
Cellphone number
Email address
Social media platforms: IG, X, Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok, etc. Short synopsis
A high quality promotional poster
A still or frame in High Quality (maximum four).

Once registered, the owners of the short films undertake to accept our regulations, to agree that their film will be exhibited with us at Festidrag venues and dates.


The works will be viewed by the Festidrag committee, but first they must meet all the requirements. The productions that turn out to be chosen will be notified approximately two weeks after the closing of the contest.

All the works received will undergo a preliminary review before being formally evaluated. In the event that the material is not considered a Drag production or does not meet the required standards, the creators will be notified.

Once the participation of a short film has been accepted, they may not be removed from the official selection under any circumstances.

During this stage of competition, the productions will be evaluated by a panel of judges experienced in cinema, as well as by Drag artists, Filmmakers and Cinephiles from the LGBTTTIQ+ community.

All the owners of the participating works must grant permission and give authorization for the use of their material during the dates of the Festidrag, as well as be able to make use of segments or images for advertising, advertising trailers and use of frames for social media.


All participants fully accept the bases of this contest, as well as the resolutions made by the Festidrag committee in the occasion of any unforeseen event or situation.

For any doubts, questions or clarifications, write to us directly on our social networks, send an email or contact us directly via WhatsApp.

Instagram: @festidragdecine
X: @festidragdecine
Tik Tok: @festidrag
Facebook: Krew! Festidrag de Cine You Tube: @festidragdecine
Whatsapp: (52) 8114846662

Krew!: Festidrag Internacional de Cine Drag
General Direction and Creation by: Antonio Hamet & Pechy LaPechy




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