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31 Aug 2018
Call for entries

01 Sep 2018
Festival closed

03 Sep 2018
Notification date

31 Aug 2018
08 Sep 2018


Romeral, 17,  46183, Valencia, Valencia, Spain

Festival description
Short film festival >1' 15'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2016
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >1' 15'<
 Any language
Catalan Spanish
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Photo of L'eliana Cinema
Photo of L'eliana Cinema
Photo of L'eliana Cinema
Photo of L'eliana Cinema


Festival start: 31 August 2018      Festival end: 08 September 2018

L'Eliana Cinema is an international film festival located in L'Eliana (Valencia). Now, on september 2018, the festival celebrates its 3rd edition. The first award is 1.500 €.

1500 Euro General Section's best short film.
500 Euro Young People Section's best short film.
500 Euro 72 Hours Section's best short film


L'Eliana Cinema Festival, will take place from the August 31st to September 8th 2018 in L'Eliana (Valencia).
L'Eliana Cinema Festival has the following regulations:


L'Eliana Cinema Festival has 3 categories:

-General Section: In this section short films (either fiction or documentary) made by individuals or producer from any origin can be submitted.

-Young People Section: For short films made by young people up to 20 years old from any origin. Again, either fiction or documentary style.

Short films made before 2016 won't be accepted. As for the Young People Section, the participants also must be less than 20 or 20 years old at the moment of producing the film.

-72 hours Section: This section consists of filming a short movie during the weekend of August 31st to Setember 2nd, 2018. Participants -allocated in 10 teams maximum- will have 3 days to script, film, edit and deliver a short film, shot in L'Eliana. The film's location, its style and plot will be given by the Festival Organization. The work can't be longer than 3 minutes, credits included. The teams will be formed by the Festival Organization using a Cover Letter and a CV that all participants will have sent before. The time to send these documents starts in February 2017. Further information is available at lelianacinema@gmail.com.
This section is open to everyone, no matter their residence.
In case the author of any finalist short film can't attend the Festival he or she should authorise another person to represent them during the Festival and to be able to collect the prize, in the event of winning.


-Every natural or legal persons may participate in this contest, regardless of their physical or fiscal domicile, without having to be registered in Spanish territory.

-Short films must be no longer than 15 minutes, including the credits. They won't have been submited to L'Eliana Cinema Festival before.

-Directors or short film's owners assume all responsability for their movie's content, specifically any copiright issues. Any fault on their part would disqualify the film.

-The Festival Organization requires 1 digital copy of the short film (MP4, mov, etc) of the higest quality and not exceeding 2GB.

-Any work in any language other than Spanish or Catalan must attach a dubbed file (word or .txt) with the dialogues translated into one of those languages.


-Registration will be carried out at FestHome (https://festhome.com)

-All the works sent in must be accompanied by the INSCRIPTION FORM correctly filled out. Any work without registration won't be accepted.

-Registration dates are from the releasing of this document until May 31st, 11:59pm.

-Registration fees are 5 Euro to be paid in FestHome.

-Any work sent from Vimeo or Youtube must be hidden from public viewing if they are selected for the Festival before and during the Festival dates. If they become finalists they must remain hidden until the night of the prize ceremony.

-If any of those options suit the participant we beg to contact the Festival Organization to arrange antoher sending method. Our contact email is contacto@lelianacinema.es , we've got also a contact form on the official Festival's website.

-Finalists in each category will be known in the first week of August. ATTENTION: Any finalist must provide the following material within 20 days since the finalist are known:

-Film trailer in a high quality digital file (MP4, mov, etc), no longer than 20 seconds.
-Official Movie Poster on a high definition digital file (300ppp)
-The movie's technical information, such as photography, soundtrack, script…
-Making of (optional)
-Personal information: N.I., Bank account details to have the prize transferred to and any other information needed/requested (this one is only for the winners).


The Selection Comittee will be named by the Festival Organization publicly. The Committe will select the works participating in the competition.
They will select the 10 works semi-finalist on each category (20 total semi-finalists), this selection will be posted during the FIRST WEEK of August 2018 on the Festival's website, via email and other mass media.
The finalists -5 for each category, 10 in total- will be selected by a Jury formed by professionals from the media, they will be name d by the Festival Organization during the Registration term. The finalists will be known on August 1st on the Festival's website, by email and other mass media.
The Festival Organization itself will choose the winner for the "72 hours" Section.
Both decisions won't be subjected to appeal.
The Festival Organization won't pay to the director/producer for any projection of their work, nor will it pay for any copyright for showing part of the works to promote the Festival.
The author participant gives his/her permission to the Festival Organization to show their short films in future Festival Editions, and to use their work to promote the Festival.
The semifinalists give permission to the Festival Organization to show their work in public.
Each movie finalist will be entirely shown during the official day to project the finalist candidates' movies.
The Festival Organization will announce conveniently about the time and places where the movies will be played.
The Festival Organization will only show the movies for the Festival purposes and range.
The two winning works will be shown after the prize is given.
If by external causes to the Festival Organization, dates or show places changed, or the Festival were cancelled, the Festival Organization would let it know to any participant as soon as possible.


L'Eliana Cinema Festival sets up three awards, one for each category:

-1500 Euro General Section's best short film.
-500 Euro Young People Section's best short film.
-500 Euro 72 Hours Section's best short film

Public Award: Consisting on a dinner for two people in a restaurant in l'Eliana to the film that gets the best valoration from the public participating during the Festival.

Money awards are subjected to any legal retention, deduced on deliverance.
The winner author will have to provide a bank account details to get the prize transferred. If the author can't attend on the Awards' Ceremony Night without any previous reason known by the Festival Organization and without authorising any other person the represent him/her, he/she would be recognised as the winner but without any money delivered.
The winner's short film must display in its publicity the logo and inscription given by the Festival Organization.


To register in this competition implies the acceptance and observance of these requirements.



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