Mostra la Ploma. Festival Internacional De Cinema i Cultura Per La Diversitat Sexual, De Gènere i Familiar ()

Mostra La Ploma. International Film and Culture Festival for Sexual, Gender and Family Diversity.


31 Jul 2020
Call for entries

06 Sep 2020
Festival closed

01 Oct 2020
Notification date

23 Oct 2020
01 Nov 2020


República Argentina, 22,  46021, València, València, Spain

Festival description
Short film festival 30'<
Feature film festival >60'

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 January 2017
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  30'<
 Feature Films  >60'
Catalan Spanish
Catalan Spanish English
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Photo of Mostra la Ploma. Festival Internacional De Cinema i Cultura Per La Diversitat Sexual, De Gènere i Familiar
Photo of Mostra la Ploma. Festival Internacional De Cinema i Cultura Per La Diversitat Sexual, De Gènere i Familiar

Photo of Mostra la Ploma. Festival Internacional De Cinema i Cultura Per La Diversitat Sexual, De Gènere i Familiar
Photo of Mostra la Ploma. Festival Internacional De Cinema i Cultura Per La Diversitat Sexual, De Gènere i Familiar


Festival start: 23 October 2020      Festival end: 01 November 2020

Mostra La Ploma is a cinema and culture festival organized by Lambda (LGBT+ association).

Jury Prize for the best documentary feature, € 1,500

Audience Award for the best documentary feature, € 500

Jury Prize for the best documentary short film, 900 €

Jury Prize for the best fiction short film, 900 €
Short Film Award with Best Educational Perspective, € 300

Mostra La Ploma is a festival organized by Lambda (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender association). This festival will take place in the city and province of Valencia in from October 23 to November 1, 2020.

Mostra La Ploma 2020 is open to feature and short documentary films, as well as fiction short films, addressing or showing the sexual, gender and family diversity of LGTBIQ + communities, produced after January 1st, 2017. The films won´t be released in the Valencian Region before or during the celebration of the festival. Also they won´t be exhibited through television channels or distributed in Spain though out different ways as domestic format or websites (free or payment)

To participate in the Mostra La Ploma 2020 pre-selection process, it is necessary for the following application forms to be received before September 6, 2020 at 12.00 am through the platform online Festhome (

Duly completed online registration form, signed or stamped by the director or the producer. Participants should include a brief explanation of how the film is related to the inner topic of the festival.

When films are in a different language from the official ones in Valencian Region, subtitles should be added in Spanish, Valencian or english.
Press kit, complementary material or information.

Any registration will not be accepted if it is not properly filled in including the signature and/or corresponding stamp.

The organization will inform the person responsible for the film of their inclusion in the festival before September 15. The list of selected films will be published on Lambda website as well as other communication channels at the end of September.

Depending on the length and character, the selected films will deliver and compete in three different sections:

- Documentary feature films (runtime equal to or greater 60 minutes, credits included).
- Documentary short films (runtime less than or equal to 30 minutes, credits included).
- Short films of fiction (runtime less than or equal to 30 minutes, credits included).

Selected films will be shown during Mostra la Ploma festival. Director, producer and/or distributor will not receive any payment for author or exhibition rights.

In this edition, the screenings will take place virtually through the TV channel of the Festhome platform.

In addition, Mostra la Ploma will be able to use up to 90 seconds of images of each film selected in order to promote the festival in different mass media.

The people responsible of the selected films for the official selection undertake the commitment not to organize or agree other showing in Valencia before or during the present festival. Therefore they are not permitted to broadcast the films using other ways (television channels or online platforms) until the end of Mostra La Ploma 2020. Moreover, the deadline to facilitate the following documentation is September 24th, 2020:

A digital copy of the film in the main quality is needed. Recommended formats are mp4, codec H264 or BitRate 20Mpbs. In case of having a copy in ProRes o DCP format, it is necessary to contact with the organization. Incomplete, in a bad state or in bad quality copies, or those in a different format from specified will not be accepted.

subtitle file (str) in english, Spanish or Valencian only, synchronized with the copy sent for the projection conveniently. Under no circumstances copies with embedded subtitles will be accepted.
Film trailer in one of the following formats: Mov or Mp4 (H.264) Full HD (1080)
Three frames and the poster in high resolution (300 ppp)

Screening copies should be sent via web through Festhome platform or sending an email to including the download link. If the festival organization does not receive the required materials in time, the right to remove the film from the competition is reserved. Once selected to participate in Mostra La Ploma, no film can be removed before its last screening.

If a film has Digital Cinema Package copies and the festival organization assumes its shows the shipping costs will be paid by the distributor of the film. In order to avoid paying taxes at the customs service it will be necessary to specify on the packing “Cultural activity without commercial value”. The shipping costs for returning the copies once the festival is over will be paid by the organization of Mostra La Ploma. The copies will be returned to their proper distributor unless the organization has been informed in a formal written way adding a new address and also confirming via email and including the authorization. Mostra La Ploma will be responsible for the copies only during their stay in Valencia. The organization will never be responsible for damage or loss of the copies during transportation.

The Lambda Group of Cultural Projects will designate the composition of the Selection Committee and the respective jurors for each of the categories. The composition of these committees will be made up of people link to cinematography and LGTB activism, and their final decisions will be unappealable.

Therefore Mostra La Ploma 2020 will stablish the voting procedure and will facilitate the ways to make the audience participate in order to choose the Audience Award for the Best Documentary Feature

7. awards
awards will be published during the closing ceremony. Three categories with the corresponding monetary award are considered:

Best documentary feature Jury Award, 1,500 €
Best documentary feature Audience Award 500 €
Best short film documentary , 900 €
Best short fiction film, 900 €
Best short educational film, 300 € (for both fiction and documentary feature. Prize promoted by the sponsor company Culturama)

This money is subject to the retentions established by the current law, which will be deducted from the delivery of the prize. Half of the award (50%) will be allocated for the distributor of the award-winning film in Spain, if available. The rest of the prizes (the other 50% or the whole if the winner does not have a distributor in Spain) will be destined to the person responsible of the direction of the film. The corresponding monetary prize will be divided as there are participating directors within the individual film.

The prizes will be paid by means of a nominal bank transfer during the year 2020. If any of the winning films could generate any expenses of projection, transportation, fiscal procedure or others, the corresponding amount would be deducted from the prize. Once the prize-winners had been decided, the producer of the winning film must indicate the bank information for the monetary income of the prize amount to the festival organization. If this information is not transmitted within six months, the producer will lose its right to claim any amount.

In addition to the prizes with monetary award, the jurors of the different categories may grant as many special mention mentions as they deem appropriate, all without any remuneration whatsoever. Likewise, the juries of Mostra La Ploma might not to award any of the prizes when considering that none of the films submitted to competition have those values that merit such distinction.

The winning works (prizes or mentions) in this contest are required to display in all their publicity the legend and logos provided by the organization. In future editions, Mostra La Ploma will be able to project the awarded works, without cost in terms of exhibition or author rights.

Mostra La Ploma organization will be able to include in the program an off section outside of the competition. Moreover, the organization will be able to show the selected movies in other towns or cities within the Valencian Community including them in the “Mostra La Ploma als Pobles”.

The present rules are published in Valencian, Spanish, and english. Where there is any doubt, divergence or ambiguity, the Valencian version will be the valid one.

The participation in Mostra La Ploma 2020 implies the total acceptance of these rules, and the decisions that the team of Mostra La Ploma could make in those unforeseen issues not included in the present document.

The organization reserves the right to cancel or change the dates for the festival, in which case producers and distributors will be notified as far in advance as possible.



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