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26 Sep 2018
Call for entries

01 Mar 2019
Late deadline

01 Mar 2019
Festival closed

15 Mar 2019
Notification date

05 Apr 2019
14 Apr 2019


Februarigatan,  41515, Göteborg, Göteborg, Sweden

Festival description
Short film festival 25'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Online Festival
 March 2014
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  25'<
 Any language
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Festival start: 05 April 2019      Festival end: 14 April 2019

REV is an online film festival whose primary objective is to celebrate the work of filmmakers through internet. The goal is to use this amazing tool to offer short films an exceptional showcase.

REV therefore proposes to rethink the concept of a festival by using the web to create a film event that is unique in the world and easily accessible to the general public.

The following prizes shall be attributed:

- Best short narrative.

- Best short documentary.

- Audience Award.

- Best actor / actress.

Additional prizes may be awarded.

The REV Online Short Film Festival will take place from April 5th to 14th, 2019. The films are shown on the web only during the duration of the festival and are then removed from the channels of the festival.

Festival deadline: 1st of february 2019

1. Entry requirements

May compete films completed after March 1st, 2014.

Any type of film (fiction, animation, documentary, experimental) can be submitted to the selection committee.

Accepted submission format: password protected streaming link with a downloadable option activated, preferably from Vimeo

Films of 25 minutes or less are eligible.

Industrial or commercial films are not accepted.

2. Preview screener

Only files uploaded on Vimeo or youtube via a private link will be taken into consideration.

3. Entry procedure

The following material must be attached to the online submission:

- 1 still from the film (either color or black and white depending on the film – no poster, no pictures of film set or crew), which can be used in any publication;

- 1 photo of the director(s);

- 1 uploaded video file of the film on a Vimeo or YouTube private link with English subtitles

4. Selection

Any film selected for the competition will not be removed from the selection. If necessary, REV reserves the right to appeal in court to claim any compensation deemed useful and necessary.

The list of the selected films will be available on the Festival's website on March the 15th, 2019 at the latest. All the contacts of the submitted films will be informed by email of the selection results.

5. Publication authorization

All the texts, data, photos transferred by participants to REV film fest during submission will be used for reference in various online publications (including website, social medias, youtube and Vimeo channels) before and after the beginning of the REV online film festival. This material may be translated, corrected or edited prior to publication. Under the terms of the present regulations, all participants give REV film fest free permission to publish and use this material for the above purposes.

6. Guarantees

Participants declare that they hold all of the copyrights, intellectual property rights and all other types of rights, or the authorizations required, for the film to participate in the online international competition and for all other rights granted to REV under the terms of the present regulations.
Consequently, participants guarantee REV film fest against any and all claims, demands, suits, and actions taken against it by third parties on any grounds whatsoever. Participants undertake to guarantee, compensate and hold harmless REV film fest against any expenses, in particular expenses and fees related to court proceedings, and direct or indirect damage, as well as any sentences imposed on REV film fest or payment resulting from a settlement signed with the plaintiff.

In addition, participants are reminded that failure to hold the rights and authorizations required for the film to participate in the online international competition and for all other rights granted to REV film fest as referred to in the present article, may result in the application of criminal and civil penalties as provided by the law.

7. Subtitling

English subtitling of selected films is required.

Translation by voice over is not acceptable.

8. Awards

The following prizes shall be attributed:

- Best short narrative.

- Best short documentary.

- Audience Award.

- Best actor / actress.

Additional prizes may be awarded.

9. Television broadcasting and the Internet

Participants give REV film fest free permission to reproduce and broadcast clips of the selected films selected for the Online Festival on terrestrial, digital, cable, satellite and ADSL television channels and on Internet sites outside of the period of the festival. These clips are limited to 10% of the total duration of any film and cannot exceed three minutes. They can only be used as part of stories covering the Festival, TV or Web programs and interviews and/or promotional trailers or advertising for the Festival current or future editions. Permission for using these clips is granted for a three-years period, starting on the date of submission of the film and is renewable by tacit agreement, unless terminated by recorded delivery mail at least two (2) months before its term.

10. Non-specified cases and disputes

REV film fest or its representative will settle all non-specified cases within the terms of the present regulations and may allow special dispensation regarding justified and specific requests.

11. Miscellaneous

Participation in the Festival implies acceptance without reservation of all the terms outlined in the present regulations. REV Film Fest or its representative reserves the right to cancel any submission or take any suitable measure in the event of a breach of regulations or in response to any behavior disturbing the course of the Festival.



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