Short Short Story Film Festival (15)


06 Sep 2022
Call for entries

31 Oct 2022
Festival closed

27 Nov 2022
Notification date

26 Nov 2022
26 Nov 2022


N/A,  N/A, N/A, N/A, United States

Festival description
Short film festival >2' 6'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2019
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >2' 6'<
 Any language
 Any language
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Photo of Short Short Story Film Festival
Photo of Short Short Story Film Festival
Photo of Short Short Story Film Festival
Photo of Short Short Story Film Festival


Festival start: 26 November 2022      Festival end: 26 November 2022

The Short Short Story Film Festival is a competitive international festival of films that tell a story in under six minutes.

For 2022, the 15th edition of the festival returns to live audiences. More details to come soon.

The festival celebrates brevity in filmmaking, with films from across the globe, both live-action and animated.

Two programs, Heartstrings and Headtrip, both showcase dozens of films tightly sequenced in under ninety minutes, each with a distinctive tone yet wide-ranging styles and topics.

Each program of the festival, Heartstrings and the Headtrip, has an audience award. Those attending at the various festival screenings select their three favorite films from each program. The films with the highest cumulative total from all screenings is the award winner.

For each of the two programs, a jury panel consisting of guests from our film interview program Spoiler Alert Radio will review and select their favorites.

Submission Requirements

There is no fee to submit a film for consideration.

The length of the film including all credits must be at least 1 minute (1:00:00) and shorter than 6 minutes (5:59:xx).

The film must tell a story; this excludes public service announcements, trailers, music videos, non-narrative experimental pieces, etc.

Whether a piece is truly narrative is at the discretion of the submission review panel.

All genres and styles are considered, including live action and animation, documentary and fiction, drama and comedy, etc.

For 2022, we prefer films completed in 2021 or 2022. Films completed in 2019 or 2020 may also be considered. Earlier films are ineligible.


None of the following criteria disqualify a film but may count against films in consideration for acceptance:

Films under 2 minutes
Films from 2019
Films available publicly online, played regionally



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