Sieger Short Film International Festival (SSFIF) (2)


24 Mar 2020
Call for entries

02 Jul 2020
Early deadline

02 Sep 2020
Standard deadline

02 Jan 2020
Late deadline

02 Feb 2021
Festival closed

31 May 2021
Notification date

15 Aug 2021
15 Aug 2021


No 85, Santhiniketen Colony,  600126, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Festival description
Short film festival 40'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2017
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  40'<
 Any language
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Photo of Sieger Short Film International Festival (SSFIF)
Photo of Sieger Short Film International Festival (SSFIF)

Photo of Sieger Short Film International Festival (SSFIF)
Photo of Sieger Short Film International Festival (SSFIF)


Festival start: 15 August 2021      Festival end: 15 August 2021

International Short Film Festival of screenings, events, and awards for short filmmakers around the world, held in the city of Chennai. We are looking for filmmakers who are driving the short film forward through inspirational and innovative works.

This festival is dedicated to Short Films in all genres and a Documentary movie with a running time of up to 40 minutes. We’re keen to showcase what you as new filmmakers are doing whether it’s your first creative work or you’re on your way to becoming established.

Sieger Group, a leading Training and Event Management Group conducting an international Short Film and Documentary Festival, scheduled to be held on 28 February 2021 in Chennai.

The main objective is to provide an opportunity for independent filmmakers to have their best work selected and showcased in a celebration of cinema, as well as to give them a platform to network amongst fellow professionals and industry experts. This film festival is organized by Sieger Group, to know more about Sieger Group please visit and Festival Page:

Sieger Short Film Festival proposes to honor Short Films with Memento, Certificate & Cash Prize as follows:

• Best Film - Winner (Memento, Certificate & Cash Prize of INR 25,000)
• Best Film - 1st Runner Up (Memento, Certificate & Cash Prize of INR 10,000)
• Best Film - 2nd Runner Up (Memento, Certificate & No Cash Prize)
• Best Documentary Movie
• Best International Film
• Best Regional Film
• Best Musical Video
• Best Director
• Best Actor (Male)
• Best Actor (Female)
• Best Child Artist
• Best Screenplay
• Best Editor
• Best Script
• Best Dialogue
• Best Music
• Best Cinematography
• Best Production Design
• Best Social Message
• Jury Special Award

By submitting to the Sieger Short Film Festival (SSFF), you must fulfill the following requirements by the date(s) designated by the Festival:


• The Festival is meant for Short Films and Documentary Films.
• Total running time must be Maximum of 40 minutes including front and back credits. There is no minimum running time.
• The Short Films and Documentary Films can be in any language or genre, but English subtitles are compulsory for festival presentation.
• Short Films and Documentary Films that have been already exhibited on the Internet or any other medium also eligible to participate in the contest
• The short film must have been completed after 1st January 2017.
• The film should be submitted before the deadline for consideration. Sieger is not responsible for late or misappropriated entries.
• The competition is open for professionals as well as students. No separate section for student filmmakers
• Multiple entries are allowed for each submitter and each entry may be submitted with separate submission fees.
• The short film must be submitted/uploaded in MOV/MPEG-4/WMV format only
• The publicity material (Brochure, Stills, Poster, etc.) and a synopsis of the short film to be enclosed with the entry. Entries must be sent via Festhome along with the YouTube / Google drive link to your short film. Entry materials submitted shall not be returned to the entrant.
• Sieger Short Film Festival Rules and Regulation acceptance covering letter.
• Short Films must contain synopsis. If submission without synopsis will not be considered
• A filmmaker’s submission fee will not be reimbursed if they decide to withdraw their submission. All entry fees are non-refundable.
• Films once selected for final screening will not be allowed to be withdrawn under any circumstances until the festival is over.
• Sieger Short Film Festival organizing, selection committee members, juries are not allowed to participate in the respective festival as a contestant


• All the Short Films will be confidentially screened by a pre-selection committee appointed by Sieger Group. This committee reserves every right to exclude submissions that are not in conformity with the objectives of the competition or which offend national feelings or likely to promote discrimination based on gender, caste, creed, religion, or language.
• Short Films lacking enough technical qualities will also be rejected. The entries shall without regard to the cost of production or subject matter be judged based on Content Originality (Quality of storyline, and script), Production (Camerawork, lighting, and shot composition), Post-Production (Editing, transitions, pacing, continuity, and flow), Image (Focus, color, and lighting)
• After a film has been an official selection, the filmmaker will be notified, and eventually, the film will be listed on the festival website under Official Selections. Short Films selected by the pre-selection committee will only be eligible for final screening at the competition venue.
• The Official Selection status doesn’t mean that your film will be screened at the festival. It means that your film has been appreciated by our judges of the panel and you can use the festival logo on your poster.
• Selected film will be notified via email by Monday, February 07, 2021. Please ensure that you have provided us with your correct/valid email.
• Any link of the movie submitted for selection will be considered as final and no changes will be entertained after submission. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to submit a properly working link.
• Festival Authorities reserve the right to reject any film which doesn't adhere to the Festival rules. Any evidence of plagiarism will lead to immediate disqualification.
• Festival Authorities reserves the complete right to make changes in the program dates and times, extend the Festival deadline for any unforeseen reasons if required, and possibly not screen the video, despite its being selected for screening.


• Short films that are submitted must be the entrants’ original work. By submitting Short Films to Sieger Short Film Festival 2021, filmmaker/producer takes the whole responsibility of copyright issues of music, script, and other creative and technical aspects of the film. By entering the Festival, the entrant agrees that Sieger will not be held liable for any copyright infringements perpetrated by you or your short film.
• The submitter declares that he or she holds all copyrights to the film. Additionally, the creator of the film declares that he or she holds the necessary rights and has paid all relevant fees concerning music used in the film and all iconographic materials. The music license needs to include for public presentations of the film.
• The creators of the film bear all financial and legal responsibility for infringement of rights held by third parties. In the case of images of third parties being featured in the film, the creator of the film declares that he or she holds all required rights and received permission to use the image of the person concerned.
• You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Sieger, from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, and publicity.
• The submitter may also run the risk of being prosecuted as per the Indian Criminal Procedure Code and the Indian Media Law for any offense or infringement. Racial, religious, and regional discrimination shall not be portrayed in any part of the film being submitted.
• The Sieger Short Film Festival reserves the right to remove a film, project, or screenplay from the festival program for any reason or for no reason and shall not be liable for any refund or claims of any kind arising out of such removal. In case the film, project or screenplay in question is disqualified or is unable to screen due to technical, or operational difficulties, or if your film needs to be rescheduled, delayed, or removed from the program for any reason, the filmmaker (cast, crew, or anyone involved with the project in question) are not entitled to any refund or damage claims of any kind.
• Affidavits of winners under 18 years of age at the time of award must be countersigned by a parent or legal guardian. Affidavits are subject to verification by the Sieger Short Film Festival.
• All the legal issues, if any, shall be under the jurisdiction of Chennai only.


• All entered films grant the Sieger, a non-exclusive limited use agreement to use selected portions of submitted films to use: The Film’s title, the Film’s synopsis, photographs, trailers, and other Publicity Deliverables, and any of the principal cast members’, director(s)’s, writer(s)’s, producer(s)’s, crew members’ names, voice, biographical information, and/or likeness, in the following media: Sieger website, Social Media (including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube), the printed festival film guide, the festival mobile app, radio, television and press releases throughout the universe, in perpetuity, without compensation, permission, or notification, solely for the purpose of advertising, publicizing, and promoting the Film Festival and the Film’s screening. for which the entrants are solely responsible.
• Filmmakers fully retain all rights, title, and interest in their films and all Intellectual Property. Also, the organizers will be able to share the information with its publicity partners.
• We will never show or screen your film without Informing you.
• Entrants will retain all ownership rights to their films submitted.


• Sieger does not take any type of financial commitment for the expense incurred on the correspondence by the participant.
• All Travel, Lodging, Boarding, Food, and other miscellaneous expenses will have to be borne by the participant himself for attending the festival. No request for the same will be entertained.
• If you would like to apply for a trophy then write to us. Courier costs to be paid by the applicant. In case of loss or damage during the transport, the festival team is not responsible for the same.
• Sieger may without advance notice amend these Rules & Terms from time to time. Such an amendment shall become effective immediately. It is your responsibility to periodically check for updates of these Rules & Terms.


• The Sieger Short Film Festival is tentatively scheduled to be conducted on Sunday, 28 February 2020 in Chennai.
• Festival Timing for both the days will be from 10:30 PM to 6:30 PM
• Invites will be extended to all distinguished personalities who will participate in the award ceremony.
• Entertainment events will form part of the festival.
• If your film is selected to screen, you will be invited to attend the screening. Entrants will receive one free entry pass from the Sieger. Entrants are responsible for the costs associated with traveling to the venue, food, and accommodation.
• Publics who are interested to attend this festival need to buy the ticket online or from the Bookmyshow or at the Venue.
• No meals or beverages shall be provided to the attendees, however, they can buy their meals and beverages from the Food Court in the Venue
• The venue and event schedule will be intimated to all participants by Email / SMS and through various media for the knowledge of the public.


• Early Bird Submission: 2nd July 2020
• Regular Submission: 2nd September 2020
• Late Deadline: 2nd October 2020
• Extended Deadline: 2nd December 2020
• Late Extended Deadline: 2nd January 2020
• Final Deadline: 2nd February 2021
• Notification Date: 10th February 2021
• Festival Date: 28 February 2021


• Proper downloadable link Google drive to your short film
• Separate subtitle file with proper sync, if subtitles aren't part of the video (srt format)
• Synopsis - Word limit of 200 (pdf format)
• Poster - A3 Size (jpeg format)
• Sieger Short Film Festival Rules and Regulation acceptance covering letter
• Links and other details shall also be sent via



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