Tlanchana Fest Festival de Cine y Arte Digital (8)

Tlanchana Fest, Film and Digital Art Festival


20 Sep 2021
Call for entries

20 Dec 2021
Festival closed

20 Feb 2022
Notification date

15 Jul 2022
18 Jul 2022


Profesor Manuel Lara,  51350, Zinacantepec , Estado de México , Mexico

Festival description
Short film festival 25'<
Feature film festival >60'

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2020
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  25'<
 Feature Films  >60'
Spanish English
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Photo of Tlanchana Fest Festival de Cine y Arte Digital
Photo of Tlanchana Fest Festival de Cine y Arte Digital

Photo of Tlanchana Fest Festival de Cine y Arte Digital
Photo of Tlanchana Fest Festival de Cine y Arte Digital


Festival start: 15 July 2022      Festival end: 18 July 2022

Tlanchana Fest, Festival of Cinema and Digital Art is carried out by Tlanchana Cultura Audiovisual AC, in order to create an exhibition space for emerging talents from Mexico and the world, by combining elements that promote cinematographic creation in conjunction with new media and digital art.

The Eighth Edition of Tlanchana Fest will be held from July 13 to 17, 2022 and will feature a series of screenings, conferences and workshops, as well as facilities and other activities that will be carried out virtually and in person and that will serve as an incentive for the work in cinematographic and digital art matters.

1. All the prizes awarded by the Festival and its sponsors will act as an incentive for the promotion of independent performance, promotion of artistic development and the strengthening of the film industry.

2. There will be only one winner per category in competition. The short films that are awarded, will be announced during the closing ceremony by the jury or by the organizing committee of the Festival.

3. The official prize will be a figurine modeled in mud typical of Metepec that will be presented during the closing event of the Festival.

4. All selected filmmakers will receive a record of participation.

5. Winners and special mentions will be recognized as "featured" in the Fifth Edition of Tlanchana Fest.

6. The jury will be composed of professionals from the industry; Its members will be appointed by the organizing committee of the Festival.

7. The decision of the jury will be final.

8. Sponsors will have the power to award special prizes in addition to those awarded by the Festival, for which they will define their own selection regulations.

9. In order to claim the prizes, the winners must provide all the information requested by Tlanchana Fest during the 30 calendar days after the closing of the festival. In case of not receiving this information, Tlanchana Fest will not be responsible for the delivery of prizes or delays that may arise in the process.

Participating Bases.

Tlanchana Fest, Film and Digital Art Festival is realized by Tlanchana Cultura Audiovisual A.C., in order to create a space for exhibiting the emerging talents of Mexico and the world, by uniting the elements that forms the basis of cinematographic creation in conjunction with the new media and digital art.

Categories and Selection.

• All short films can be submitted if they are completed since January 1st, 2020 onwards, in any genre.

• The theme is free.

• The categories that will compete are:

1. Short Film Fiction.

2. Short Film Animation.

3. Short Film Experimental.

4. Short Film Documentary.

5. Music Videoclip.

6. TV or internet Serie.

• In addition to the categories in competition, there will be a sample of feature films, which include the following categories:

1. Fiction

2. Documentary

3. Animation

• Only feature films will be accepted in any of the following cases:

a) That it be an Opera Prima, that which is the first feature by the director presenting the work.
b) That it is Premiere, which is to say that the material has not been projected in other festivals, cineclubes, or any public spaces.


To complete your registration (national or international level) you must follow these steps:

Enter one of the available platform:, where you can upload your work.

Complete the entry form within the chosen platform (

Make the registration payment corresponding to the platform that you want to use.

Festhome - 5 €

The reception of the works will be made from 3th of September, 2019 and until 23:59 hrs of the 17th of December of 2019 (Mexico hour GMT - 5).

* The registration fee applies to all categories of participation at national and international level.
** Check on each platform the payment specifications.

About the inscription

1. Commercial or propaganda works will not be accepted.

2. The official selection will be determined by the organizing committee of Tlanchana Fest with the help from the Department of Programming and Content and will be published prior to the start of the festival.

3. When uploading any work to any of the platforms, the digital file in these sites must be filled in a mandatory way to be considered.

4. The person or group that uploads a film to any of the platforms must place the name of the director(s) or producer(s), as the latter will be considered as a the participant.

5. For films that do not meet the requirements of the following regulation (not completing the registration form on the corresponding page, or not making the payment), will not be considered a valid registration.

6.Tlanchana Fest is not responsible for any problems that may arise with any of the platforms.

7. Will be considered as authors of the work the person(s) who is/are specified in the inscription process, as well as owners of the intellectual and moral rights of the same, counting and granting the corresponding permissions of projection from the beginning of the festival until 6 months later. (Request prior authorization, after the dates of the festival).

8. Once completed the submission of any film, this can´t be retired of the competition in any case.

9. The filmmakers, producers and distributors demarcate Tlanchana Cultura Audiovisual A.C. of any claim of copyright that may arise with respect to the films by third parties.

10. The films received will be evaluated by the organizing committee and by the Festival's programming department, and their decision will not be subject to appeal.

11. The films selected will be notified via email prior to the publication of the official selection, where the laurels of the Festival will be attached for the promotion of each film. In the same way, they will be announced the steps to continue with the participation process.

12. Only three accreditations will be granted per production equipment of each film. TLANCHANA FEST WILL NOT PROVIDE TRANSPORT, FOOD, OR LODGING IN ANY CASE.

13. Participation in the Festival implies that the director(s) have read, understood and accepted all of the basis of this call.

About the works.

1. Within the Festival will be exhibited audiovisual material of all genres and themes, as long as it conforms to any of the categories stipulated in this call. Participation is open to jobs from any part of the world.

2. There is no limit to the number of works registered (with their respective submission) by the creator, producer or distributor, however, each of the works must complete the registration on the platform that he/she wants to use, as well as respect the indications for the present submission in this regulation and call.

3. Each work must be registered in a single category.

4. Any disrespect to any of these points will mean disqualification of the work.

5. Short films (Animation, Documentary, Fiction, Experimental) must have a maximum duration of 25 minutes including credits, to be considered within the competition.

6. Feature films should last for at least 60 minutes.

7. Video Clips can last up to 6 minutes.

8. The video clip category will only contain original songs.

9. For the Serie category, it will be necessary to send the pilot chapter, which can last for a maximum of 60 minutes.

10. The Serie category will only include series of new production, made from January 1st 2020 to date, whether they have been completed or are in the process of production. The selected series will have the opportunity to participate in one of the alternate activities of Tlanchana Fest, called Co-Working, Space of Creative Collaboration, for which it will be necessary the presence of at least one member of its production.

11. Participants must have the rights to the music, lyrics and images of their productions.

12. In the case that the audiovisual material exceeds the established time, the material may be selected to be exhibited but will not be able to compete.

13. All films must be in Spanish, or have subtitling in this language. Those that do not comply with this condition, will not be considered.

14. The Program and Content Department of this Festival will establish the dates and times for the exhibition of each selected film.

15. All selected films will be retained by the committee as part of the film collection of the Festival.

16. Tlanchana Fest will not pay for the exhibition rights of the submitted material.

17. Jurors will have the power to grant special mentions, as well as declare any of the categories deserted. The jury's decision is final.

18. Once the films are selected, the filmmakers will have a period of one week to rectify data..

19. After the festival is held, the content of the corresponding edition will be routed, where the winning works and honorable mentions of the jury will be screened in different parts of the state and the republic. All these are non-profit or charge some kind of fee for assistants and establishments.


1. All short films entered will be shortlisted; Those who meet the aforementioned requirements and meet the quality criteria established by the Festival organizing committee for their exhibition, will be integrated in a traveling exhibition and will be exhibited free of charge in the most important cultural and recreational spots of the Magic Town of Metepec, in the Estado de Mexico of the Mexican Republic.

2. The projections will be carried out, both outdoors and in closed places, with a previous programming and their respective diffusion.

3. The dates, times and places assigned will be announced in our social media.

4. Works that, because of their technical or quality limitations, do not enter the Tlanchana Fest show, will be disqualified and will not be able to compete in any category or be exhibited during the festival.

5. Any participant who does not meet any of the participation requirements or show inappropriate behavior will be disqualified.


Tlanchana Fest, Film and Digital Art Festival, celebrated in Metepec, Estado de Mexico, Mexico, at all times will recognize the authorship of any of the participants who have carried out the works registered. By submitting the films participating in Tlanchana Fest, the author(s) knowingly and legally authorize, without limitation, that this event publicly display their material, whether in cinemas, public spaces, television, among others, during the period Covered by each edition of the Festival. It also authorizes the copying of such material in the formats required for the aforementioned purposes.

All documents that endorse the aforementioned must be signed by the participant in case it is required by Tlanchana Fest, this, applying both for the film material and for the printed material, as well as for all materials received by the Festival.

No work, including graphic material, will be used for profit, however, it may be used for promotional purposes during and after the Festival.

Any situation not foreseen in this call will be resolved by the organizing committee of this Festival.

Participation in the Festival implies the acceptance of this Regulation.

Tlanchana Fest will obtain a temporary and non-exclusive distribution license of the short films that are winners or obtain a special mention within the Festival to be included in a compilation of short films.



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