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23 Apr 2020
Call for entries

22 Jun 2020
Festival closed

08 Jul 2020
Notification date

07 Sep 2020
27 Sep 2020


el cine ha muerto,  11800, del Video, Videotitlán, Mexico

Festival description
Short film festival 10'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 Continental Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Required
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  10'<
 Any language
 Any language
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Photo of Videotitlán
Photo of Videotitlán
Photo of Videotitlán
Photo of Videotitlán


Festival start: 07 September 2020      Festival end: 27 September 2020

Festival de Video Latinoamericano

Premiaciones en Septiembre 2020

We invite you to participate in the second edition of Videotitlán with a short film made under the following features:

The pandemic should not necessarily be mentioned as it is not the central engine of the call.

1. The call is open for parts created under the imposition of not being able to leave our homes.

2. Under the premise that some people have been forced to remain locked up, short films must be recorded indoors. It can be inside an apartment, a house, a building or even a roof. You can't show the outside.

3. You can make a short film of fiction, documentary, experimental, animation, video art or video essay that narrates situations related to confinement, distance, imposition, freedom or any subject that for you evokes the quarantine state that we are living. We want to know what you think.

4. You must make the short under the security instructions imposed where you reside, staying inside your home and without risking anyone. If you want to record someone, this person must be part of your daily life and be there during the contingency.

5. If your pets appear in the short film you earn extra points (:

6. You can use pre-recorded material, as a personal collection. You can use videos recorded by others in different circumstances. You can make collective videos by exchanging audiovisual material and unifying it into an audiovisual piece. You can use familiar material.

7. You can appropriate web material only if being reused brings new meaning in the speech you are creating. Your originality will avoid problems with "Author's Rights"

8. The duration must not exceed 10 minutes, including credits.

9. Audio and video quality is not graded, creativity and the ability to tell stories are graded under circumstances where we don't have the media but if ideas.

10. Video Fiction, Experimental Video, Video Essay, Video Animation, Documentary Video, Video Portrait, Video Appropriation and Video Art, are the genres in which the selected pieces will be divided.

The last rule is: the rules are to be broken. Make a short film under the pretext of quarantine and participate to win an "something" that we will soon announce.

The selected videos will be part of a screening + award online and later functions in Aguascalientes, Monterrey, CDMX, Oaxaca, Lima, Huancayo, Pucallpa, Ayacucho and more cities, with allied cinemaclubs and cultural centers.



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