vvfilmf - Festival Internazionale di Cinema per Ragazzi (14)

vvfilmf - Kids and Teens International Film Festival


02 Jan 2024
Call for entries

14 Jul 2024
Final deadline


04 Aug 2024
Notification date

11 Nov 2024
09 Dec 2024


Via Roma 13,  31029, Vittorio Veneto, Treviso, Italy

Festival description
Kids and Teens
Feature film festival >70' 120'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 January 2019
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Feature Films  >70' 120'<
English Italian
English Italian
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Photo of vvfilmf - Festival Internazionale di Cinema per Ragazzi
Photo of vvfilmf - Festival Internazionale di Cinema per Ragazzi

Photo of vvfilmf - Festival Internazionale di Cinema per Ragazzi
Photo of vvfilmf - Festival Internazionale di Cinema per Ragazzi


Festival start: 11 November 2024      Festival end: 09 December 2024

The Association 400 Colpi is a non-profit organization created with the aim of promoting films that, thanks to their language, style, story, and themes, are intended for both young and adult audiences.
vvfilmf is synonymous with film quality and represents a window into the youth world. It is not just a film festival. It's an experience. It's a significant cultural moment for young people that unites and cultivates.

Over the years, vvfilmf has created events that discover spaces for young people, workshops for the study of new forms of visual expression. #vvfilmf presents itself as an initiative aimed at the entire country and internationally, with the intention of meeting the expectations of both a young population and adult viewers.
The goal is to bring the general public closer to quality cinematic forms. Despite the festival's programming having a preferential audience of children, school-age youth, and university students, it enthusiastically opens its doors to adults and all those interested in cinematic art, fascinated by artistic and visual culture, passionate about education, pedagogy, educational fun, and simple entertainment.

The festival represents an excellent opportunity to showcase new educational paths, offering a constantly renewed program of cultural activities, and to propose, through the cinematic medium, respectful skills and fruitful reflections open to all school members.

vvfilmf boasts the High Patronage of the European Parliament, the Patronage of the Italian Council Presidency, the Ministry of Culture, Labor and Social Policies, Tourism, and almost all Italian Regions, many Provinces, and Municipalities.

Among the multi-year collaborations developed by #VVFILMF are those with RAI Cinema, the Foundation for Entertainment, and Lancia Europa, as well as with RAI Radio 2 and RAI Educational.

Thanks to the high quality of the film selection in competition and the professionalism demonstrated over the years, vvfilmf has been chosen by the President of the Biennale Foundation, Paolo Baratta, and the Director of the Venice International Film Festival, to select a group of young jurors and accompany them into the world of international cinema during the Venice International Film Festival.

For the competitive sections, juries will be composed of the "vvfilmf Kids Jury" who will award the vvfilmf PRIZE to the best film in each bracket.

The "Jury of Quality", made up of experts, critics, journalists, producers and distributors will award the 400-shot PRIZE to the best film among the Festival participants.

The jury's decisions are final.

vvfilmf Kids and Teens International Film Festival

XIV Edition | 11 november / 9 december 2024

The vvfilmf – Kids and Teens International Film Festival, organized by the non-profit Social Promotion Association, 400 strokes, – registered office Piazza della Fontana n.11- 31029 Vittorio Veneto (Treviso) and operational headquarters Via Roma n.13 – 31029 Vittorio Veneto (Treviso), Italy.
In the latest editions vvfilmf has been promoted with the high patronage of the European Parliament, by the President of the Italian Republic, Presidency of the Council of Ministers, together with the Ministry of Culture, Labor and Social Policies, Tourism, of almost all the Italian Regions , of many Italian Provinces and Municipalities, with the collaboration of the Minister of Education and with the support of all foreign embassies.

The vvfilmf is supported by the Veneto Region.

vvfilmf is also supported by associations, bodies, institutions and private bodies.

The vvfilmf – Kids and Teens International Film Festival was founded with the aim of creating a cultural moment for teenagers putting together knowledge and culture. An event capable of identifying welcoming places for young people and workshops dedicated to new forms of artistic expression.

The festival involves children, adolescents and young people as its main audience but is also open to an adult audience and to the entire population interested in cinematographic art and its pedagogical and instructive aspects.

The project is a stable activity supported by many municipalities, organizations and associations, destined to last and develop in time, involving all the national and international countries throughout the whole year.

From 2010 to 2023, the vvfilmf projects have pointed out new formative paths, offering a continuous renew of cultural programs.

The 14th edition is proposed as an activity to bring young people from all over Italy and the world closer to cinema.

This year the vvfilmf will not only take place in the city of Vittorio Veneto, but nationally and internationally, reaching schools directly online and becoming the largest digital festival of cinema for children that will offer a series of educational activities from Monday 11 November to Monday 9 December 2024.

During the dedicated days, young judges will have the opportunity to watch online and stream feature films from all over the world, which will be divided into four categories according to the age of the audience.

The teenagers, who have always been the festival's judges, will evaluate the feature films based on the skills acquired during the training course that the vvfilmf provides. The festival will open with a meeting with the president of the quality jury to prepare the teenagers for watching the films.

Afterwards, there will be online meetings with the protagonists and authors of each film to be attended by the directors, producers and actors.

Direct contact with them is the greatest value for the vvfilmf, so as to bring the big names of cinema closer to the children.

For the juries, it is compulsory to watch the films and participate in online meetings during all days of the festival.

On the last day of the vvfilmf 2024, there will be a film awards ceremony attended by the guests of vvfilmf 14. The entire jury is invited to participate, online or in-presence, as well as the winning filmmakers. In-person participation will change according to the security regulations announced by the government.

The Festival is aimed at people aged between 8 and 25.

As this is a very broad age group with different educational needs, the vvfilmf is organised in different and autonomous sections.

The Festival will offer online viewing of feature films by contemporary authors chosen from Italy, Europe and non-European countries.

The films will be selected by a commission of experts that will offer an overview of national and international cinema of cultural depth, guaranteeing high quality.

The officiale competition is a competition between twelve feature films, divided into four age groups:
Fascia Santa Augusta: feature films for children aged eight to ten, attending the last three years of primary school;

Fascia Monte Baldo: proposes films for children aged eleven to thirteen, who attend middle school; Fascia Monte Pizzoc: proposes films for adolescents aged fourteen to fifteen, who attend the first two years of high school;

Monte Visentin band: courses for adolescents aged sixteen to twenty-five, attending the last three years of high school, university students and other interested parties;

*The ages and classes refer to the Italian school system.

5. JURIES AND prizes
For the competition, juries will be composed of students from all over the world who will award the vvfilmf PRIZE to the best film in each category.
The Jury of Quality, made up of experts, critics, journalists, producers and distributors, will award the 400 COLPI PRIZE to the best film in each category.

The decisions of the juries are final.

- Conditions for admission to the selection
Only films produced since 2019 will be considered.
The film must be sent with attached online application (www.vittoriofilmfestival.com) and a copy of the signed regulations to film@vittoriofilmfestival.com by 14 July 2024 for pre-selection.

The material sent for pre-selection is the responsibility of the participants.

The 400 Colpi Association will keep a copy of the film in the Festival Archive and will use it only for cultural and educational purposes, excluding any commercial use.

Films received after 22 July 2024 or not accompanied by a signed entry form and regulations (see above) will not be considered.

- Selection procedure
The films will be selected by the Director General and the Scientific Commission assisted by a staff of experts (film, communication and pedagogy experts).
The decision will be communicated directly to the productions/distributions of the selected films by 4 August 2024.

The vvfilmf does not pay compensation to the productions and distributions of the films selected for the competition.

In order to participate in vvfilmf, it is compulsory that a representative of the film participates in a meeting with the young jurors, which will be streamed live during the week of the online screening of the film on one of the mornings in the schedule to be communicated by the festival organisation in agreement with the representatives.

- Participation form
The selected films must send a copy of the participation form completed and downloadable from our website by 11 August 2024. The form implies legal acceptance of the invitation by all recipients, an acceptance which is considered final and irrevocable.

- Programs
The invitation to the film must remain confidential until announced by vvfilmf.

The Festival Management is responsible for the general programming and screening times.

- Material
Once the official communication of participation in the competition has been received, the following materials must be sent:

1) trailer of the film in digital format with a maximum duration of 3 minutes;
2) complete list of english subtitles in srt format
3) copy of the film in high definition
4) press kit containing: biography, filmography and photos of the director; director's note on the film and production notes; photos from the film; brochures and posters.

All material must be sent to film@vittoriofilmfestival.com
Note: to promote films it is essential that the production authorizes the diffusion (on national and international TV) of the film trailer.

The film must be the same as the one sent for pre-selection.

- Promotional material for the press and brochures
All the material necessary for the creation of the vvfilmf brochure (synopsis, artistic and technical cast, complete biography and filmographies of the director, photographs of the director and the actors and scenes from the film, brief commentary by the director on the film) must be sent as soon as possible , by 11 August 2024, and must be called "material for the preparation of the brochure".
Film owners will have to, by August 11, 2024, send promotional material (pressbooks, digital images of the film and the director, video material, audio clips, etc.) to the press and potential buyers.
The advertising and promotional material must bear the words "Film selected for the 14th edition of the vvfilmf" and, in the case of a national and/or world premiere, the words "National and/or world premiere".

All the feature films must be sent to film@vittoriofilmfestival.com no later than 11August 2024.

If the films are sent in other forms and not with a downloadable link, each film from abroad must be accompanied by a pro-forma invoice indicating the number of packages, length of the film in meters, title of the film and a value for customs purposes only (no more than $ 20 for feature films) and have the words "NO COMMERCIAL VALUE, FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES ONLY".

At the same time, the sender must send a notice to the Festival via e-mail indicating the title of the film, the number, the date and the coordinates of the shipment.

- Pre-selection
The vvfilmf does not charge for admission to the pre-selection.
Submission of the film must be accompanied by a completed application form and signed regulations.
- Transport insurance
Insurance cover for transport to and from the screening locations is the responsibility of the participants.
- Important for the vvfilmf
The producers and distributors of all awarded films are invited to donate a copy of the film, which will be deposited in the Festival Archive, kept and used for study, training and educational purposes, excluding any commercial use.

- Travel and hospitality expenses
vvfilmf reserves the right to invite a delegate for each film in competition (director, producer, distributor, actors, etc.)

For the guests, hospitality is provided for only a single overnight stay, once the date of the meetings with the jurors has been established, but not travel expenses.

BE AWARE: The production and distribution companies of the films are invited to support the delegate’s participation in vvfilmf for promotional purposes.

The participation in vvfilmf implies acceptance of this regulation.

It is the responsibility of producers, distributors or other entities presenting the film to ensure that they are authorized to submit the film.

For any dispute on the interpretation of the regulation, the original text drawn up in Italian will prevail.

Apart from the cases already provided for in the previous articles, the General Manager of vvfilmf will have the right regulate any matter related to the artistic and logistical organization of vvfilmf.
It will also have the right to suspend the registration of participants' in particular and justified cases.

Any dispute concerning the interpretation and execution of this regulation, as well as the participation in vvfilmf, will be devolved to the functional competence of the Court of Treviso.

Pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 1341, 2nd c. cod. civ. the clauses referred to in art. 8 (functional competence of the Court of Treviso; limitation of liability of the organization; right to withdraw and / or suspend the contract)

The personal data of the participants pursuant to and for the purposes of Legislative Decree 196/2003 on the processing of personal data will be treated in full compliance with the law and will not be disclosed or communicated to third parties. The communication of your email address gives your consent to the processing of data by the organization for the sole purpose of receiving information relating to vvfilmf - Kids and Teens International Film Festival and its initiatives.



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