Ciclo de Cine Centroamericano - Viena (16)

Central American Film Festival - Vienna


11 4월 2024
출품 요청

31 7월 2024
최종 마감일


15 10월 2024

18 11월 2024
23 11월 2024


Papaya Media Association, Brünner Strasse 31/2/34,  A-1210, Wien, Wien, Austria

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Photo of Ciclo de Cine Centroamericano - Viena
Photo of Ciclo de Cine Centroamericano - Viena

Photo of Ciclo de Cine Centroamericano - Viena
Photo of Ciclo de Cine Centroamericano - Viena


영화제 시작: 18 11월 2024      영화제 끝: 23 11월 2024

The Central American Film Festival in Vienna, Austria, has firmly established itself as an annual tradition for the city.

Vienna has long been revered as one of the world's foremost cultural hubs, making it an ideal setting to showcase the increasingly diverse and compelling productions emerging from the Central American region.

This year's film festival returns in November, and we eagerly anticipate the continued patronage of our devoted audience as they join us to explore the latest offerings from Central American cinema.

Consistent with past editions, alongside the Feature Film, Short Film, Documentary, and Animation categories, the festival includes parallel non-competitive sections: "Pioneers of Central American Cinema," "Works in Progress," "Guest Film," "Bonus Films," and "Latin American View." The latter features a curated selection of audiovisual works depicting contemporary life in Latin America. Detailed descriptions of these sections are provided in the participation guidelines.

"Latin American View": A curated selection of audiovisual works from Latin America offering insights into life in the region.

The awards will be determined through direct voting by the audience during the film screenings. The festival organizers will present the following recognitions in the form of diplomas:

a) Best Feature Film of the Festival

b) Best Short Film of the Festival

c) Best Documentary of the Festival

d) Best Animated Film of the Festival

In case of closely contested voting results, shared awards and special mentions will be granted.

Rules for Participation in the XVI Central American Film Festival
Vienna, Austria

The XVI Central American Film Festival will be held from November 18th to November 23rd, 2024, in Vienna, Austria.

Papaya Media Association, the event organizer, invites submissions for pre-selection of participants in the official competition and parallel sections for this year's festival. The submission of works for consideration is free of charge (unless required by an intermediary platform), with a deadline of July 31st, 2024. Details on submission guidelines are provided below.

Only films produced within the last two years prior to the festival year are eligible for the main competition. Films produced earlier will be considered for parallel sections.

Films will be screened in various formats, including DCP, H264 HD, 35 mm, and Beta Digi, at indoor and outdoor venues across Vienna. Additionally, an online version will be available on a designated virtual platform, accessible worldwide.

General Information about the XVI Central American Film Festival

Over thirteen consecutive editions, the Viennese audience has developed a deep appreciation for Central American cinema. Local interest in the region's audiovisual production continues to grow, with diverse programs featuring feature films, documentaries, shorts, and animations showcased in past festivals.

The overwhelming enthusiasm from audiences has led Papaya Media Association to establish the festival as an annual event.

The official competition will include the following categories:

• Fictional Feature Film
• Fictional Short Film
• Animation
• Documentary (both short and feature-length)

As in previous years, audience members will vote for their favorite film in each category, with winning films receiving certificates of recognition. Award-winning films may also be featured in additional screenings throughout Austria and Europe, both in-person and online.


• Introduce European audiences to the latest audiovisual productions from Central America, including Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, and the South and East of Mexico.

• Promote the creation and distribution of high-quality audiovisual works from Central America.

• Provide a platform for reflection, debate, and professional networking among Central American and European filmmakers.

• Foster cultural understanding and tolerance by showcasing diverse social realities.

• Showcase Central America as a vibrant cinematic region.

• Increase awareness and interest in Central American cinema among European stakeholders.

• Encourage international investment in Central American cinema.

The Festival aims to:

• Identify and distribute outstanding Central American films and videos.

• Attract audiences, media, and industry professionals to promote Central American cinema and tourism.

• Host renowned directors, producers, distributors, and cinematic personalities from around the world.

• Support initiatives for policy development and project implementation to enhance opportunities for Central American filmmakers.

• Conduct traveling exhibitions at various cultural venues and online platforms.


The festival is organized by Papaya Media Association.

The festival collaborates with the Central American Film and Video Icaro Festival, independent producers and directors from Central America, Europe, and other regions, as well as academic, public, non-governmental, and private institutions worldwide.

Submission of Works
a) Submissions are free of charge (unless required by an intermediary platform). Central American works and co-productions made in 2022, 2023, and 2024 are eligible for the official competition.

b) Works previously screened, awarded, or submitted to other festivals are eligible for submission. Works may also be submitted if they have premiered in their country of origin.

c) Works can be submitted for consideration in the official competition or parallel sections, with no restrictions on the year of production for non-competitive sections.

Requirements for Participation
Interested parties must submit details of their works via email to or upload them to a designated server or platform. The festival utilizes FESTHOME ( as its submission platform. Physical materials may be required under special circumstances, communicated directly by the organizers.

Documents required include a completed submission form (available on the festival website), as well as marketing materials and digital graphics. Additional materials may be requested, such as DVDs or Blu-rays, photographs, posters, brochures, or trailers.

Submitted materials become part of the festival's archive, and only works meeting all requirements and submitted by the deadline will be considered officially submitted.

Submission Process
Participants are responsible for postage costs, with packages labeled for cultural purposes only. Packages should be sent to the designated address, with the festival reserving the right to reject parcels not meeting requirements. The festival does not pay screening fees for any reason.

Festival Sections
a) Competitive Categories:

• Fictional Feature Film
• Fictional Short Film
• Animation
• Documentaries

b) Non-Competitive Sections:

• Pioneers of Central American Cinema
• Guest Film
• Latin American View (featuring Paraguay as the guest country of honor)
• Works in Progress
• Bonus Film

Selection of Works
A Selection Jury, consisting of festival coordinators and advisors, will select works for inclusion in the festival. Results will be announced on the festival website and Festhome platform.

Exhibition Requirements
Works selected for exhibition must meet format requirements, including DCP, H264 HD, 35 mm, Beta Digital, DVD (PAL), or Blu-ray formats. Works not meeting these requirements will be excluded from competition.

Works must be subtitled in German or English, given the festival's focus on the German-speaking audience.

Awards will be determined by audience votes and include Best Feature Film, Best Short Film, Best Documentary, Best Animated Film, and a Special Viewers’ Choice Award. Shared prizes and special mentions may be awarded in case of close voting.

Organizational Rights
The festival reserves the right to use selected works for exhibition purposes and educational/cultural events, without commercial use. Selected works may also be exhibited in future activities in Vienna and other European cities.

Submission to the festival implies acceptance of these regulations, and once submitted, works cannot be retracted.

For submissions, inquiries, or assistance, please contact:

Central American Film Festival Vienna, Austria



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