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23 Jan 2020
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09 Feb 2020
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09 Apr 2020

08 Mai 2020
09 Mai 2020


Via Piagge Marine,  04018, Sezze, Latina, Italy

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Kurzfilmfestival 20'<

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 Internationales Festival
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 Januar 2017
 Produktionsländer: Jede
 Länder Dreharbeiten: Jede
 Nationalitäten Regisseur: Jede
 Kurzfilme  20'<
 Jede Sprache
English Italian
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Photo of Sezze Film Festival
Photo of Sezze Film Festival
Photo of Sezze Film Festival
Photo of Sezze Film Festival


Festival Start: 08 Mai 2020      Festival Ende: 09 Mai 2020

"Sezze Film Festival" is a cinema and entertainment event dedicated to Italian and foreign short films.

The 2020 edition will have a special prize dedicated to music video clips.

The Artistic Direction is curated by Stefano Madonna and Alfonso Chiarenza.

The Festival will be held in Sezze (LT) on May 9, 2020 and will see the participation of well-known personalities from the show.

Prizes will be dedicated to the best short films and their artistic and technical figures.

There will be special prizes for known faces and new faces of the show.

Best Short Film Award
Best Director Award
Best Soundtrack Award
Best Photography Award
Best Actor / Actress Award
Best Screenplay Award
Best Production Award
Best Video Clip Award

1. Registration for the Festival costs € 10.00. The call is open until February 9, 2020. The Festival does will take place May 9, 2020.
2. How to register:
The authors of the works to compete in the Festival must fill in the REGISTRATION FORM 2020, with
adding any advertising material and sending it:
- Email by sending links where you can view the work, REGISTRATION FORM 2020, data and
any advertising material or via We Transfer to the email:
- The registration fee for each individual work is € 10.00 for secretarial expenses, to be paid through
Postepay number 5548110000297429 or by bank transfer to the Bancoposta IBAN bank account
IT06Z0760105138915536615539 or through Paypal ( headed to Stefano Madonna.
VAT number 02969120597 indicating in the reason "Registration Sezze Film Festival 2020".
In case of selection to the group of finalists, the competitor must take care of providing a copy of the work in high resolution.
3. The competition is open and aimed at short films by national and international authors and productions.
4. If the short film was in a foreign language, the subtitles in Italian or Italian must be present
5. Free-theme fiction works are admitted, without gender restrictions, including animation,
products from January 1, 2017.
6. The maximum duration is 20 minutes, including the opening and closing credits.
7. The pre-selection will be made by a specific committee and the finalists will be published on the official website of the Festival and will compete for the Festival prizes and will be contacted by email and / or by phone contact details indicated in the competition notice.
8. The competition will have a special category reserved for music videos which will have the same modalities as participation of the short films already described.
8. The management reserves the right to open an "out of competition" selection. Such works do not
will compete for prizes but will be shown in theaters during the festival and will have a
9. Each producer, author or owner of works proposed for selection, is responsible for the content
of the same and of any rights to third parties and minors that appear in the short film, in particular rights regarding the image and privacy of the subjects involved in the proposed artistic works and related Music.
10. The organizers reserve the right to modify, postpone or cancel the event due to force majeure
manifestation at any time should they deem it necessary.
11. The organization of the competition, while committed to taking every precaution, does not assume the responsibility for any theft, damage or loss that the works should suffer at moment of arrival at the office.
12. By signing the regulation, I declare to authorize the organization for free use, without any
compensation, of all materials sent, without prejudice to the indication of the authors. The organization will advertise through print, radio, TV, web, finalized posters, blow-ups, etc ... those works that in the opinion of the artistic direction, they have the requisites of opportunity for a public appeal and have nothing to do with everything described above. The material sent by the authors of the selected works will not be returned and will be part of the Festival archive. (Sezze Film Festival).
13. In default of the provisions of the previous points, the undersigned acknowledges that he will be excluded from Festival.

General rules
1. The organizers of the Festival reserve the right to cancel, suspend or modify the event if necessary.
2. Registration and acceptance of these regulations imply authorization of projection publishes the short film registered at the "Sezze Film Festival 2020" Festival, with the screening at the venues
highlights of the Festival to be held in Sezze, 9 May 2020 and in the events related to the Festival.
3. Each author is responsible for the content of his work.
4. The author assumes responsibility for the data he will communicate when registering.
5. By accepting these rules, the candidate releases the organization from any responsibility resulting from violation of copyright or other people's honor and reputation or any other wrongdoing committed by means of the work sent in the competition.
6. Such violations and offenses involve, if ascertained before the conclusion of the competition, exclusion of the work and, if ascertained subsequently, the forfeiture of any prize or recognition attributed to the work and its author.
7. The direction of the Festival reserves the right to decide on matters not covered by this
Regulation. The Court of Latina is competent for any controversy.



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