Tremplin des courts métrages - La rencontre et le baiser (0)

Tremplin des courts métrages - Short films about love


19 Dez 2017
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10 Mär 2018
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05 Apr 2018

04 Mai 2018
03 Jun 2018


2 place de l'Europe ,  56400, Auray, Morbihan, France

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Kurzfilmfestival >2' 15'<

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 Internationales Festival
 Online und physischer Standort
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 Kurzfilme  >2' 15'<
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Festival Start: 04 Mai 2018      Festival Ende: 03 Juni 2018

As part of the Love letters festival, A l'Assaut D Rues offers you a springboard of talents, open to all, amateurs, professionals,
... to put love in the honor or abyss, with the focus "The meeting and the kiss,"
Fiction, animation, documentary, ... with the constraint of not exceeding around 10 minutes.
Different media possible, .MPEG / .WMV / .AVI / .MP4 / .MOV
Shippable on this site from 16 December 2017 midnight to 10 March 2018 midnight.
Keep an eye on the lens :-)

Jury Prize and Audience Award
for the following 2 categories

"Good kisses from here" for films shot in Brittany and "good kisses from elsewhere" for foreign films

The selected directors must send a reproduction of their film by DVD, USB key or web transfer in the following format: .MPEG / .WMV / .AVI / .MP4 / .MOV in HD to the address indicated below if it's not by the web way

Cinema Ti hanok - 2 place de l'Europe
Porte Océane 3- 56400 Auray

Anyone who has registered a film will be held responsible for the availability of his copy so that it is screened during the festival in case of selection.

Any sending of the selected film is the responsibility of the beneficiary, the copies of it can be retrieved during the month of June.



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