Ibizacinefest-Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Ibiza (7)



05 Apr 2022
Call for entries

30 May 2022
Early deadline

18 Oct 2022
Standard deadline

27 Dec 2022
Late deadline

18 Jan 2023
Festival closed

24 Jan 2023
Notification date

17 Feb 2023
26 Feb 2023


Venda des pi des catala,  07860, Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain

Festival description
Short film festival >1' 45'<
Feature film festival >45' 180'<
Script / Pitch projects

GOYA Qualifier festival logo qualifying festival
Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2019
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >1' 45'<
 Feature Films  >45' 180'<
 Any language
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Photo of Ibizacinefest-Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Ibiza
Photo of Ibizacinefest-Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Ibiza

Photo of Ibizacinefest-Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Ibiza
Photo of Ibizacinefest-Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Ibiza


Festival start: 17 February 2023      Festival end: 26 February 2023

Festival collaborator and qualifier for the Goya Awards 2023.
After holding the 2021 edition in a hybrid format through Filmin, with almost 24,000 viewings and in auditoriums on the Island as the restrictions caused by Covid-19 allowed, IBZCF22 has returned to face-to-face with its two parallel objectives of bringing to our island the bravest and most cryptic auteur cinema, and at the same time, as a markedly territorial festival, quality independent cinema that will reach commercial theaters on the peninsula, but never to Ibiza.
We believe in committed auteur films, with the necessary points of view, which can move in substance and form to the margins of the norms of commercial cinema, with total creative freedom.
The planning of the sixth edition of the IBZCF was marked
for the total return to face-to-face attendance and the expansion
from its radius of action to the 5 municipalities of Ibiza, the entirety of its territory and we have the municipal, island institutional support in areas of culture, equality and tourism, regional and state from the Ministry of Culture of Spain-ICAA.
IBZCF is again a 100% face-to-face festival but Filmin is still essential for us, giving the possibility of having spectators throughout Spain.
We offer national online visibility to the films that wish it (20 feature films in the 2022 edition), with various possibilities of permanence during the 10 days of the festival, even offering 24-hour premieres, while we include island promotional videos that have reached nearly 5,000 viewers. Filmin also connects us with the industry and our desire to participate and help in the distribution of these films, since some of them, discovered in IBZCF, even being state premieres, obtain a contract and are included in the Filmin catalog.
Our Distribution Award continues in collaboration with #ConUnPack and the Mexican film RICOCHET, thanks to its award, will be released in theaters and platforms thanks to its presence at IBZCF22. In this sense, we highlight that soon, the Japanese production WOMAN OF THE PHOTOGRAPHS, awarded with this award at IBZCF21, will be released in theaters and platforms, demonstrating that this award and collaboration is a success.
Our Pitching and advice sections for four feature film projects have continued online, supervised by Ángela Bosch and we were able to premiere the teaser of SORBELTZA, the winning short film of our screenplay contest at IBZCF21 awarded in cash
for co-production.
Our new programs dedicated exclusively to high school students has been one of the strong points of this edition, the acceptance of the students to the presented program has been one of our great satisfactions, after all, it will be the future public of the festival and of the less conventional and commercial cinema, but
of great authorial quality and social commitment, that we strive
in programming.
The same acceptance is repeated in our first CINEKIDS, a program of animated short films for the little ones and that they have enjoyed in 4 municipalities of Ibiza
We will continue in our 7th edition the intention set in 2022, to release feature films in Spain and help them in their distribution, to occupy the 3 commercial theaters on the Island, to program around 100 films of proven quality, authorial, independent, brave, committed... ..and therefore cryptic, which in no other way would reach our Island and help them in their distribution in Spain.

In collaboration with the Documentary Film Association of Spain. The Docma Award consists of a free annual subscription to the Association for the director of the award-winning film or films, as well as for its producer(s).
Docma wants to offer the opportunity to authors to show their works beyond the festival circuit and thus open a new channel for their works, so the award also includes a screening of the film - or films awarded within the Cycle Docma, which is usually shown at Cineteca Matadero (Madrid), as well as at other cinemas with which a future agreement is reached.
Documentary feature films of national production and/or Spanish-speaking director are eligible for the award, and up to a maximum of two works may receive the award.
The Docma Jury that will award the prize will be made up of three members of Docma, all of whom are filmmakers (in the broadest sense of the term) with proven experience in fields such as film direction, production, distribution or programming.

#ConUnPack Distribución will award a distribution prize to a fiction feature film programmed at the Festival. Said prize will consist of the distribution of the chosen film in Spain in all the exhibition windows where the producer and #ConUnPack Distribución deem appropriate. Contemplating the premiere in theaters and the formula of "digital premiere". The distribution will contemplate at least the exploitation windows in the TVOD, SVOD and AVOD cultural circuit.

For the fourth consecutive year: Blogos de Oro critics' award for the best feature film in the Official Sections of the Ibizacinefest. The Blogos de Oro are the independent film awards in which online media related to the seventh art choose the best of the year in independent Spanish cinema, legally formalized as the Blogos de Oro Film Awards Association.

In collaboration with the Association of Audiovisual Film Editors of Spain (AMAE), which will reward the best national feature film and short film editing and grants free post-production sessions in studios and production companies.

The Audience Award will be awarded to the production with the best grade in our Filmin programming.

For all the Official Sections of the festival. The Jury is made up of the members of the Ibizacinefest Cultural Association and jointly with the Department of Equality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia in the case of the Fem-Cine section. All directors will be invited, expenses paid (European flights only), to the last weekend of the festival, when they will be presented with our award.

It rewards 4 feature film projects at any stage of their development, with an online counseling session of approx. 90 minutes by Àngela Bosch and delivery of a corresponding report to guide its production and/or distribution.

Cash prize of 1,000 euros awarded by a Jury made up of members of the Ibizacinefest Cultural Association, destined for the production of the short film whose script has been awarded. Said short film will be selected in the corresponding Official Section in the following edition of Ibizacinefest at the end of production. The Jury can award up to 2 special mentions.

Award for the 3 best VR projects registered in this edition, which consists of free online monitoring and advice on the project by Cacao Cinema.

Registered feature films will be able to participate in our official Panorama, Humans in focus and NCE (New Spanish Cinema) sections.

Likewise, they will be evaluated for our parallel sections and activities.

Works produced from January 1, 2019 of any nationality may participate.

Fiction: + 60 min.
Documentaries: + 45 min.
Languages: Works are accepted in any language, only the selected feature films must be subtitled in Spanish or Catalan if they are not your VO.

The producers of the SELECTED works will assign their rights for the projection in our Auditoriums and the possible inclusion of the trailers in promotional videos of the festival without the prior signing of any contract.
SELECTIONS: The IBIZACINEFEST selection committee will choose 35 feature films that will be screened in Ibiza and may be included in the online program, in Filmin and available throughout Spain, if they wish.

Any questions about the Festival Regulations will be answered at: info@ibizacinefest.com

Films of any length and genre produced after January 1, 2019 with a theme that promotes gender equality are accepted.

The registered short films opt for the official national and international short film sections, as well as our parallel sections and activities.

Works produced from January 1, 2020 of any nationality may participate.
Fiction: max. 30 minutes.
Documentaries: max. 45 minutes
Experimental: max. 30 minutes.
Animation: max. 30 minutes.
Languages: Works are accepted in any language, only the selected and screened short films must be subtitled in Catalan or Spanish if these are not your VO.

The producers of the selected works will assign their rights for the projection in our auditoriums and the possible inclusion of the trailers in promotional videos of the festival without prior signing of any contract.

SELECTIONS: The IBIZACINEFEST SELECTION COMMITTEE will choose 70 short films that will be screened in Ibiza.

The Ibizacinefest Pitching selects 6 documentary and fiction feature film projects of Spanish production, which will be presented online to our advisor Ángela Bosch.
Ibizacinefest is committed to making known and promoting all the selected projects in our RRSS and newsletters.

Ibizacinefest will present a report prepared by Ángela Bosch specific to each project and later she will attend them personally in a one-to-one session to finalize the advice.
The maximum duration of each recorded Pitch will be 15 minutes.

Initial projects, finished scripts, projects in pre-production, works in progress and final cuts are accepted.

All pitch recordings must be in Spanish or English.

At the time of registration, each project may include:

1. Synopsis (maximum 300 characters).
2. Treatment (maximum 700 characters).
3. Project the image in HD (300 dpi).
4. Trailer or teaser if available.
5. Possibilities and demands for financing at the current time of the project.

Ángela Bosch is an executive member and member of the European Film Academy (EFA) since 2015, representing Spain and Portugal, and an audiovisual expert at the Spanish Institute of Commerce (ICEX).

She currently advises independent audiovisual producers and young talents in financing, co-production and distribution.
http: // angelabosch.

The theme of scripts is completely free and can belong to any genre.

All papers submitted must be original. In the event that the contestant uses a novel, a story or a text by another author as the basis of the script, the contestant must include in his/her registration the corresponding authorization from the author of the original work.

All scripts must be written in Spanish or English.

The works must be presented in the format of a cinematographic literary script, in accordance with industry standards. Scripts that do not present a suitable format will be automatically disqualified.

Storyboards and technical scripts will not be accepted.

The scripts must have a maximum length of 15 pages, not counting the cover and the synopsis page.

Only files in PDF format will be accepted. The cover will indicate the title and name of the author as well as their postal address, email and telephone number.

The synopsis will have a maximum length of 15 lines.

The criteria for the evaluation of the registered scripts will be:

1) Professional format.
2) Originality.
3) Cinematic visualization.
4) Structure.

The jury's decision is final.

The author of the script will always have the rights to it. The scripts presented, once the festival is over, will be eliminated.

Of all the scripts presented, the organization will select 12 finalists. These finalists will submit a recorded speech of no more than 5 minutes in length.

The Ibizacinefest Jury will decide the winner without appeal and may award up to 2 special mentions.

The prize consists of a grant for the production of the winning short film valued at €1,000 (taxes included). In addition, the short film will participate in a contest in the next edition of the festival where its screenwriter and director will be invited to present it.

2 Special Mentions will be awarded, assuring the producer of the finished short film, the official selection of him in the corresponding edition of the Ibizacinefest.

All finalist scripts will have a fee waiver for their registration at the Ibizacinefest once the short film is finished.

In any of the above possibilities, the producer of the short film undertakes to include the corresponding Ibizacinefest logo at the beginning of the film.

The virtual reality project laboratory in development IBZCF VR LAB is aimed at creators of any nationality of virtual reality experiences, with immersive and preferably interactive proposals. The narrative, aesthetic and experiential value of the project will preferably be valued. Works of fiction, documentary or animation are accepted in any phase of development, format and duration. Is required: Conceptual and technical description of the project. State of development of the project. Description of the technical team, project image and prototype. IBZCF VR LAB will select 3 projects that will receive free online advice and monitoring from cacao cinema. (www.cacaocinema.com)



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