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29 Jan 2021
Call for entries

30 Apr 2021
Festival closed

30 Jun 2021
Notification date

01 Oct 2021
31 Dec 2021


-,  -, Los Angeles, California, United States

Festival description
Short film festival >3' 40'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Online Festival
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >3' 40'<
 Any language
 Any language
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Photo of ShortsTV Worldwide Film Festival
Photo of ShortsTV Worldwide Film Festival

Photo of ShortsTV Worldwide Film Festival
Photo of ShortsTV Worldwide Film Festival


Festival start: 01 October 2021      Festival end: 31 December 2021

ShortsTV, the first and only global channel and network dedicated to short films and exclusive presenter of Oscar® Nominated Shorts theatrical releases, has launched and is accepting short films for the 2021 ShortsTV Worldwide Film Festival. ShortsTV remains steadfast in its advocacy for short-form filmmakers and emerging talent. The festival gives short filmmakers, throughout the United States, Europe, India and Latin America, the opportunity to submit their short films and the chance to be broadcasted globally on television in over 100 million homes through the ShortsTV channels. For more information on ShortsTV, please visit

Good Luck! ¡Buena suerte! शुभ लाभ! Bonne chance! Succes! Καλή τύχη!

Prizes totaling over *$40,000 USD in value will be awarded.

Prizes for Regional Selections:

• Short films will be televised on the regional feed of the ShortsTV network.
• Regional selections will be announced (via press release) in local newspapers and trade publications.
• Paid 3-year TV broadcast licensing agreement will be offered at the current ShortsTV regional licensing rate.
• Filmmakers will be interviewed for an on-air interview and it will be broadcasted alongside their short film.
• A select number of regional short films will move on to the global competition where more prizes will be awarded.

Prizes for Global Competition:

• Global selections will be televised globally on all the ShortsTV networks.
• Global selections will be announced (via press release) in Hollywood trade publications.
• Paid 3-year TV broadcast licensing agreement will be offered at the current ShortsTV global licensing rate.
• Global category winners will receive an award statue/plaque. Categories to be determined based on short film submissions.
• Five filmmakers will be selected to participate in “The Pitch” where one winner will be awarded $2,500 USD to put toward producing a new short film.
• 8 selected short films will receive a movie theater screening in Los Angeles, California for seven days and gain Academy Award qualification status.

NOTICE: Filmmakers reserve the right to decline any and all prizes awarded.

*Comprised of paid ShortsTV licensing agreements, press release fees, $2,500 USD The Pitch prize and fees for movie theater screenings.

ShortsTV Worldwide Film Festival is accepting short films in any genre with a total running time of 40 minutes or less. To participate you must accept and deliver ALL the items listed below:

1. Electronically sign the ShortsTV Worldwide Film Festival agreement which allows ShortsTV to broadcast your short film on television.

2. Clean master (Master file with no burned in subtitles or captions), HD files only.
  a. Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) or 4444 or 4444 (XQ).
   i) H264 Files will NOT be accepted.
   ii) Avid QuickTime 1080p DNxHD HQ or HQX files are also acceptable.
  b. 2K, 4K or higher resolution of source files are also accepted.
  c. Native frame rate of original source:
   i) 24 or 25 progressive frames per second for film sourced.
   ii) 23.976 progressive frames for inverse telecine sourced from film.
   iii) 29.97 interlaced frames per second for video sourced (accepted only when progressive frame master is not available).
  d. Full Stereo Mix – on Channels 1&2.

3. SRT File (English) or Dialogue List (English)
  a. If your short film does not have any spoken dialogue, please upload a PDF with “No Dialogue” written on it.
  b. SRT \ Dialogue list must be in English language and must match dialogue spoken in master file.

4. Short Film Movie Poster
  a. Photoshop or Illustrator poster file. Poster needs to be layered and clearly labelled. Portrait and Lanscape versions, using different pictures.
  b. Clean version of artwork and film title only (NO credits / NO laurels / NO urls / NO logos).
  c. Portrait 2000 x 3000 Pixels, RGB 300 dpi
  d. Landscape 3000 x 2000 Pixels, RGB 300 dpi

5. High Quality Short Film stills or frames
  a. 3 high quality stills minimum, variety of shots.
  b. Mixture of Portrait and Landscape
  c. At least 1920x1080 in size - minimum
  d. Hi-RES Film Stills (300 DPI) (JPeg, Tiff)
  e. Film title with transparent background (png)

6. Music Cue Sheet
  a. If your short film does not have music, please write on the music cue sheet form that your short film does not have music.
  b. You must have the rights to utilize any music used in the short film.
  c. Please download and submit the ShortsTV music cue sheet file as a PDF file.



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