Festival De Cortometrajes De Vinaròs Agustí Comes (22)

Vinaròs AGUSTÍ COMES Short film Festival


07 Mar 2023
Call for entries

30 Apr 2023
Festival closed

19 Jul 2023
Notification date

18 Jul 2023
31 Oct 2023


C/ Socors - 64,  12500, Vinarós, Castellò, Spain

Festival description
Short film festival

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2022
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films 
 Any language
Catalan Spanish
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Photo of Festival De Cortometrajes De Vinaròs Agustí Comes
Photo of Festival De Cortometrajes De Vinaròs Agustí Comes

Photo of Festival De Cortometrajes De Vinaròs Agustí Comes
Photo of Festival De Cortometrajes De Vinaròs Agustí Comes


Festival start: 18 July 2023      Festival end: 31 October 2023



Audience Award, sponsored by the City Council of Vinaròs:
€ 1,000 and sculpture Lukas Ulmi (*)

Jury Prize sponsored by Fundació Caixa Vinaròs:
€ 1,000 and sculpture Lukas Ulmi (*)

 (*) Unique piece

"Vinaròs curt" award: €600

Requirements for submissions:

The accepted format will be: e-mail, USB, or on behalf of digital platforms. It is mandatory that it can be possible to download them to be watched by the members of the jury.

There will be admitted a maximum of 2 fiction short films per contestant, released since January 2022 (included). It will not be accepted any documentary, either publicity shorts, institutional, or animation.

The lasting time could be a maximum of 20 minutes.

The subject is free.

All shorts must be subtitled in Spanish or Catalan if they aren’t filmed in some of these two languages.

All these requirements are essential, and it is mandatory to fulfill them otherwise the short film will be dismissed.


Copies must be sent before the may, 7 of 2023.

By ordinary mail at the following address:
Fundació Caixa Vinaròs
C/ Socors, 64
12500 Vinaròs
(to the attention of Nati Romeu)
tel.: 964 456 046 // 676 641 086
By e-mail to:

The copy will go with the inscription document attached, moreover:
· DNI photocopy or director’s identification document.
· Photography of some scene and promotional poster

All expenses of sending copies by ordinary mail will be in charge of the contestants. There won’t be any refund. The received copies will be destroyed at the end of the Festival.

The organization won’t be responsible for any damage that copies can suffer during transport.

Rights of exhibition and Jury:

The jury will choose among all the works received, in total 12 short films will be at the final and will have the chance to obtain the Public Prize and the Jury Prize.

It will be provided a list of finalists before the 5th of July of 2023.

The jury’s decision won’t be subject to appeal.

The organization can use pictures from the short films for the promotion in media.

The screening will take place during in the month of July 2023.


Public prize, sponsored by Vinaròs city hall:
1000 € and a Lukas Ulmi sculpture (*)
Jury prize sponsored by Fundació Caixa Vinaròs:
1000 € and a Lukas Ulmi sculpture (*)

(*) Unique piece

Vinaròs en curt “Felipe Osanz” Prize

All short films related to the city of Vinaròs in any way can participate (filmed, performed, directed, musicalized, etc.)

In this case, all kinds of short films can participate fiction, documentaries, animation, etc. The only limitation is the running time which is 45’ maximum.

The inscription and sending of copies will be the same as those of the Public and Jury Prize. In this case, the deadline for sending copies will be the September, 30 of 2023.

The prize, sponsored by Fundació Caixa Vinaròs, will be awarded by the Jury of the Festival and the prize amount will be 600 €. The awards ceremony will be the last week of October 2023



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