Festival Internacional de Cine Universitaria Lanterna (13)

International University Film Festival Lanterna


01 Jun 2023
Call for entries

06 Aug 2023
Final deadline


17 Oct 2023
Notification date

16 Oct 2023
20 Oct 2023


46 Avenida Universidad Anáhuac,  52786, Ciudad de México, DF, Mexico

Festival description
Short film festival >1' 20'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 May 2021
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >1' 20'<
 Any language
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Photo of Festival Internacional de Cine Universitaria Lanterna
Photo of Festival Internacional de Cine Universitaria Lanterna

Photo of Festival Internacional de Cine Universitaria Lanterna
Photo of Festival Internacional de Cine Universitaria Lanterna


Festival start: 16 October 2023      Festival end: 20 October 2023

The International University Film Festival, FICU LANTERNA, is the meeting point between students and leaders of the national and international audiovisual industry, where dreams and reality become possible.

It is the way to express love for the seventh art and to encounter the world of cinema in each of its facets. FICU LANTERNA is fully organized by students of the Leadership Program in Creativity and Communication, CREA, with the support of Anahuac University Mexico, North Campus and South Campus.

Acknowledgement and statuette by the festival.

● Registration for short films will have no cost.

● The registration deadline will be August 6, 2023.

● A proof of studies or university credential must be submitted by the director or producer, demonstrating that, the film carried out, is by a university student or graduate of a maximum of 2 years.

● The short film must be in H.264 format in .mp4 with a minimum resolution of 720p.

● Productions that involve religious proselytism, political propaganda, institutional promotion, homophobic promotion, discriminatory and/or commercial profile will not be accepted.

● To be admitted, the materials must be presented in Spanish or english. In the event that the original language is not Spanish or english, the translation or subtitles (in english or Spanish) of the project are required, otherwise their participation will not be considered.

● The participants of the production team must attach an official identification.

● It will be required to attach an electronic press kit for each work registered with the following materials:
o Still photograph of the work that represents the project (color at 300 dpi, in .jpg format)
o Synopsis of the work
o Brief biography of the director
o Photograph of the director (color at 300 dpi, in .jpg format)
o Technical sheet with list of credits

● If the owner of the short film (director/producer) does not deliver the materials requested by FICU LANTERNA on the dates and deadlines indicated, they will be disqualified. Extensions are not accepted for any reason.

● The festival is not responsible for copyright.

● It is necessary that the participants read the regulations before submitting their short film, said regulations can be found on the official website of the festival: https://www.ficulanterna.mx/convocatoria



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