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21 May 2021
Call for entries

13 Sep 2021
Festival closed

13 Nov 2021
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13 Nov 2021
13 Nov 2021


257, London Road,  G40 1PE, Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom

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Short film festival 25'<

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 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  25'<
 Any language
English Spanish
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Festival start: 13 November 2021      Festival end: 13 November 2021

The mythical Kodama were believed to reside beneath the shifting emerald tides of an endless sea of trees in the ancient folklore of Japan, forest deities whose forms were often indistinguishable from the woods in which they made their homes. Yet Kodama also referred to the mournful cry of these spirits which resounded through the trees, an echo that carried nature’s tidings across the breadth of space and time.

The Kodama Film Festival was conceived as a means of emulating that same sense of earthly reverberation, by finding creative voices that would meaningfully reflect the wonder of the natural world onto contemporary society.

The brief for submissions is as broad as nature is vast; to present short or feature films that explore the physical and spiritual landscapes of the planet; to connect the rhymes and rhythms of the people with the land; and to generate a sense of communal reflection upon humanity’s often tumultuous relationship with its various habitats.

Any variation or experimentation on theme and genre is very much encouraged. You should feel free to work without constraints, approaching the given subject matter from whichever way you choose.

General topics that may be touched upon include: the relationship between architectural and natural space, portraits of rural life, tension between local and global communities, attitudes towards migration and diversity, the ecological transformation of the planet due to climate change, and the possibilities for sustainable development.

We similarly accept a variety of mediums and formats, including but not limited to: narrative films, documentaries, video-performances, screendance, music videos, audiovisual self-portraits, and visual poetry.

With the founding of Kodama, we aim to bring together a diverse community of both emerging and existing filmmakers who through a variety of styles and sensibilities will form a living artistic record of the natural world. We would very much like to use this opportunity to extend an invitation to visual artists and directors everywhere to take part in this ongoing experiment, which will offer a unique chance to showcase your distinctive vision of the world....

The selected short films will receive a review or selection note by the film critics of our programming team. They will also compete for a monetary prize, plus a prize handmade by Argentinean artisans.

- We encourage filmmakers to submit works up to 25 minutes in length.

- Films must have subtitles in either english or Spanish.

- We will consider submission letters and director's statements.

- All fees will be used to cover administrative costs
and are not refundable. Email us if this is a real impediment for your submission.

- By submitting, the participant declares to be responsible for any legal rights requirements releasing the festival from any legal claims, liabilities and damages.



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