PuntoDiVista Film Festival (15)


20 Aug 2022
Call for entries

20 Oct 2022
Festival closed

30 Dec 2022
Notification date

18 Nov 2022
30 Dec 2022


Via Sassari 16,  09123, Cagliari, CA, Italy

Festival description
Short film festival 20'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  20'<
 Any language
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Photo of PuntoDiVista Film Festival
Photo of PuntoDiVista Film Festival
Photo of PuntoDiVista Film Festival
Photo of PuntoDiVista Film Festival


Festival start: 18 November 2022      Festival end: 30 December 2022

The Festival is a contest offering prizes for short unpublished films (published films are accepted but only if free from the relinquishment of authors’ rights) produced from 2020 onwards in any language (films in languages other than Italian must have be Italian subtitles, except for musical video clips).

The festival has two sections:

Short film section (max 20’)
Spot 3’ section, the subject is a short film social commercial (max 3’)

-Short Film 20-
best film 3000 Euro
direction 1200 Euro
photography 1000 Euro
editing 1000 Euro
sound track 1000 Euro
Actor 1000,00 Euro
Actress 1000,00 Euro

-Spot 3’ section-
1st prize 800,00 Euro
2nd prize plaque

The manifestations of the projections and awards of the XV edition of the International Film Festival Competition "PUNTODIVISTAFILMFESTIVAL 2022" will be held in Cagliari and in itinerant form in various municipalities of Sardinia in the months of November and December 2022 and include the screening of the selected short films and commercials and reported by the Artistic Commission among all those received.
The PuntodiVistaFilmFestival 2022 is an International Prize Competition for unpublished (or published, but in any case free from transfer of copyright) shorts produced from 2020 onwards, in any language ( provided that, for those not in Italian, there are subtitles in Italian, unless they are music videos).
The Festival has two sections:
Short films with a maximum duration of 20 'and social Cortospot with a maximum duration of 3'.

A) section Short films (max 20 '): on an open topic, short films belonging to the genres of fiction, research and animation, from autobiographical stories to situation comedy, from thrillers to science fiction, from insane to dramatic, can take part in the competition.

B) - For section spot. 3 'the theme is Social Cortospot.
An author or producer can participate with a maximum of 2 works. Registration includes a fee, as a contribution to organization costs, equal to € 10.00, for the single work. Payment will be required upon registration.

Registration takes place by submitting your application on the online platforms recognized by the PuntodiVistaFilmFestival.

These platforms allow the author to upload their own short film allowing the organizing committee of the PuntodiVistaFilmFestival to view the work.
The deadline for the competition is 20 October 2022.
At the same time, in addition to what is required in the Announcement, the list of opening and closing credits, the synopsis, a short bio filmography of the director and some photos of the film and the author (in light jpg format) must be provided.
The payment of the registration fee, as required by Article 3 of the call, is managed by the online platforms previously described; The author of the work must follow the procedure provided for by the individual online portals. The organization is not responsible for any errors of the person who makes the registration and the related payment of the registration fee. The organization will not be required to return the registration fee in the event that the author, or whoever for him, registers the short film in more than one online platform or in the event that the author asks to collect his own. short film from the competition or there are irregularities in its entry. For production / distribution companies there is a special tariff (see Notice of the Festival Competition)

Copies of the works received for the competition will not be returned but will be kept in the festival archive and can be used for subsequent projections, not for profit, with in cineforum or for educational and cultural activities. The selection and judgment criteria are unquestionable. Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of the regulations described in the announcement.

Must be grant waiver of any claim against the puntodiVistaFilmFestival and Art'In Ass. Cult. regarding the fees and taxes for the following uses of his work:
- screening during the Festival which, due to the Covid pandemic, could be carried out in streaming.
- inclusion in an anthological collection by the PuntodiVistaFilmFestival.
‐ Free screening during the various activities of the Festival
- TV shows connected to any Festival activities
- any type of non-profit cultural exhibitions promoted by the Festival
- Screening for teaching, research, thesis, etc.

(at the request of the author, Art'In Ass. Cult. undertakes to always and in any case inform the authors of any possible use of their video)



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