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01 mar 2023

15 oct 2023
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30 nov 2023
Fecha de notificación

28 dic 2023
28 dic 2023


Höpenstraße 31 B,  21079, Hamburg, Hamburg, Alemania

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Festival de cortometrajes >1' 30'<

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 Festival de cine
 Cualquier género
 Cualquier tema
 NO tiene tasa de inscripción
 Festival Regional
 Ubicación física
 Fecha de producción: Cualquiera
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 Nacionalidad del Director/a: Cualquiera
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 Cortometrajes  >1' 30'<
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Photo of Filmstube goes Cinema
Photo of Filmstube goes Cinema
Photo of Filmstube goes Cinema
Photo of Filmstube goes Cinema


Inicio Festival: 28 diciembre 2023      Fin Festival: 28 diciembre 2023

Film competition by Filmstube Hamburg e.V.
Can ChatGPT support the creative writing process for a screenplay? Can an Artificial Intelligence find a good film idea, improve a plot, write good dialogues, advise the author dramaturgically and help to write a really good screenplay?

Here's the task: Write together with ChatGPT a screenplay for a short film. Then put the screenplay into practice and submit the finished film to us by October 15th, 2023. A jury will then evaluate all submitted films and compile the best films for our festival "Filmstube goes Cinema". At the end of the year, we will then invite you to the screening and award ceremony.

Our Trophy "Bester Film 2023"

ChatGPT has to be used to write the script. Take screenshots to prove it!



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