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27 jul 2016

01 ene 2016
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15 jul 2016
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15 sep 2016
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20 dic 2016
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08 oct 2016
22 oct 2016


1 Rena Street,  02134, Boston, MA, Estados Unidos

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Inicio Festival: 08 octubre 2016      Fin Festival: 22 octubre 2016

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Cape Cod International Film Festival, and congratulations to the 2015 Official Selections and Award Winners!:

Best Director: Charlotte Schioler (SLOR, Denmark)
Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor: Amanda Woodhams (BARROW, Australia)
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor: Xander Berkeley (PONY, USA)
Best Live-Action Short: CHAPA [The Grill Man] (Brazil)
Best Short Documentary: THE NIKE CHARIOT EARRING (USA)
Best Feature Documentary: JIAOLIAN [Coach] (China)

***2016 Academy Award Nominee***
Best Animated Film: WE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT COSMOS (Russia)
***2016 Academy Award Nominee***

Best Picture: EADWEARD (Canada)

The 2015 edition featured two World Premieres, and fourteen Massachusetts Premieres. The vast majority of projects are independent films, including student films, animation and puppetry, documentary, and live-action narrative. Officially selected films in 2015 had directors who were as young as 22, and as old as 68. Selected films represented countries from around the world, including Japan, France, Denmark, Germany, Iran, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Italy, China, and the USA. We consider all works regardless of genre and country of origin.

We are currently accepting film submissions for the 2016 Festival!

Who we are: The Cape Cod International Film Festival is a volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization that hosts an annual event showcasing the best local, regional, national (USA) and International films for residents of the "mid-Cape,", as well as traveling tourists, visitors from around the world, and film industry professionals. We strive to strike a balance between the film-making world and a general audience who is in need of an engaging cultural event. Our attendees tend to be well-traveled, educated, influential and supportive.

The objectives of the CCIFF are to:

1. Select and promote the absolute best films in any given year produced by a diverse and global pool of filmmaking teams.

2. Provide educational opportunities and entertainment for audience members who appreciate the effort that goes into making a quality film.

3. Provide networking opportunities for members of the film community.

4. Provide filmmakers an opportunity to interact with their audience via Q&A sessions at screenings (live and online), social events and sponsorship events.

5. Give filmmakers and production teams a chance to travel to a highly-regarded tourist destination known throughout the world for its food, beaches and "New England hospitality."

In the works for 2016 is an opening night gala on Thursday, October 6th, at the best film theater on Cape Cod: The Chatham Orpheum. The Orpheum is an all-digital cinema with a 150-seat main room and 35-seat screening room. Select short films will be showcased again in Orleans, Cape Cod at the Main Street Wine and Gourmet film loft.

We also strive to help filmmakers find a "home" for their work, and have evolving relationships with sales agencies, distributors and broadcasters. Our current slate of contacts includes: PBS, ESPN, TBS, A24, Screen Media Ventures, Shoreline Entertainment, and The Rainbow Group - with new relationships being established all the time...

We consider ourselves a boutique event, with 318 submissions in 2015. Larger festivals with a similar approach include the Hamptons International Film Festival (HIFF), Palm Springs International Film Festival (PSFilmFest), and Mill Valley Film Festival (MVFF). We aim to serve and champion high-quality work that is not industry-centric. We leave that to Cannes, Berlin, Toronto (TIFF), SXSW and Sundance. The CCIFF aspires to be one of the world's best film festivals worth the entry fee!

Thank you to our platform partners: FilmFreeway, and our media partner, the Cape Cod Times. Thank you to the local businesses who have supported us: Chatham Orpheum, Main Street Wine and Gourmet, The Chocolate Sparrow, Sunbird Cafe, Rockland Trust, Tom Bromley of CentreGrafik, Snow Library, Flowers by Mary, and The Little Inn on Pleasant Bay.

And special thanks to all who participated in the 2015 event, especially the talented filmmakers who flew (and drove) from far and wide to attend, talk with audience members and participate in Q&A sessions!

The goal of the CCIFF is to match Cape Cod artisans with festival award winners. Trophies will be handmade, local glassworks, woodworks, or glazed pottery. Awards may also include artwork and/or sculpture.

Working list of awards is listed below. More may follow:

Glass Oyster for Best Feature Film
Glass Littleneck for Best Short Film
Glass Blue Wave for Best Animated Short
Best Director
Best Documentary
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Overall TAPE Score (Tone, Aesthetics, Pace, and Editing)

Cape Cod International Film Festival General Rules

1. The Cape Cod International Film Festival, or “CCIFF” accepts films made anywhere in the world. For general submissions, we accept feature-length fiction, documentary, and animation; and short (30 minutes or less), fiction, documentary, and animation.

2 We do not require premiere status. If a film has been featured in other film festivals, it is still eligible for CCIFF. Films are also eligible if they have screened at a theatrical exhibition, anywhere in the world, where tickets have been sold. The Film may have been previously released on DVD or broadcast on television or the internet anywhere in the world.

3 It is the sole responsibility of the Applicant to secure clearance from the copyright holders of any copyrighted materials included within the submitted Film. CCIFF will not be held responsible for the unauthorised inclusion of any copyrighted materials within or relating to the submitted Film. CCIFF reserves the right to disqualify, without refund of any or all submission fees previously collected from the Applicant, any Film with any unauthorised inclusion of any copyrighted materials.

4. Foreign language submissions must be submitted with English language subtitles.

5. All submissions will be received for pre-selection online or DVD only. The DVD submissions will only be returned to the entrants if a pre-paid, self addressed packaging is included with the submission.

6. CCIFF reserves the right to disqualify, without refund of any or all submission fees previously collected from Applicant, any Film that is not submitted on one of the recommended standard formats.

7. DVDs need to be sent to: Programming Committee, Cape Cod International Film Festival, 1 Rena Street, Boston, MA, USA 02134.

9 CCIFF will not be held responsible for any submissions lost, delayed or damaged in the mail or elsewhere.

10 Films must be available to screen during the Cape Cod International Film Festival 2015.

11 Selection for screening will be determined no later than one month prior to the festival.

12 Prizes are non-negotiable and are non-transferable.

13. If your film is selected we reserve the right to screen your film at a time and date as determined by the programming committee.

14. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to ensure that films for screening are delivered with the festival organizers at least 10 days before any scheduled screening.

15. CCIFF reserves the right to use extracts from submissions for festival publicity and marketing purposes. Press kits are not required, but are useful, so please feel free to send these with your submissions.

16. Submission fees are $35.00 USD for short films ($25.00 early bird, $45.00 late), and $45.00 USD for feature-length films ($35.00 early bird, $55.00 late).



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