Sacalacalaca, Festival Interdimensional de Horror & Sci-Fi (3)

Sacalacalaca, Interdimensional Horror & Sci-Fi Fest

Fechas Límite

21 ago 2021

24 oct 2021
Festival Cerrado

27 oct 2021
Fecha de notificación

31 oct 2021
02 nov 2021


Carretera Xochimilco a San Pablo 2501,  16810, CDMX, CDMX, Mexico

Descripción del festival
Festival de cortometrajes >3' 21'<
Festival de largometrajes >22'

Requisitos del festival
 Festival de cine
 Cualquier tema
 Con tasa de inscripción
 Festival Internacional
 Online y Ubicación Física
 Fecha de producción: Cualquiera
 Países de producción: Cualquiera
 Países de rodaje: Cualquiera
 Nacionalidad del Director/a: Cualquiera
 Óperas Primas 
 Proyectos Escolares 
 Cortometrajes  >3' 21'<
 Largometrajes  >22'
 Cualquier idioma
Español Inglés
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Photo of Sacalacalaca, Festival Interdimensional de Horror & Sci-Fi
Photo of Sacalacalaca, Festival Interdimensional de Horror & Sci-Fi
Photo of Sacalacalaca, Festival Interdimensional de Horror & Sci-Fi
Photo of Sacalacalaca, Festival Interdimensional de Horror & Sci-Fi


Inicio Festival: 31 octubre 2021      Fin Festival: 02 noviembre 2021

Sacalacalaca® es un punto de convergencia, difusión y exhibición para artistas audiovisuales independientes de todo el mundo que quieren incursionar o se especializan en el horror y la ciencia ficción. Dirige, produce e inscribe un cortometraje de horror original para concursar por equipo profesional de filmación, becas y otros premios. Todas las entradas serán exhibidas en la segunda edición del Festival Interdimensional de Horror & Sci-Fi Sacalacalaca con distintas fechas y sedes el próximo noviembre.

First Place for each category:
1x INDIe filmschool scholarship with a value of $5,000.00 USD

Second Place:
1x INDIe filmschool half-scholarship with a value of $2,500.00 USD


1. There is no age, sex or nationality restriction for the participants.

2. There is no restriction in the country from which the project comes from.

3. One entry per author, however, directors can take part in other projects in different areas.

4. All films can be no less than 3 minutes, and no more than 24 minutes (this excludes the EXPERIMENTAL, VIDEOCLIP and ANIMATION categories), final credits are also excluded from duration.

5. FILMSCRIPT: Original by author or authors of the film (in case of adaptations the participants must present the respective owner rights of the original work).


Considered in this category are all live-action films showcasing happenings in a fictional sense.

Considered in this category are all entries accomplished with one or more of the following techniques:

1.- STOP-MOTION: Photographic succesion of slight changes on inanimate objects to give them the illusion of live movement.

2.- CLAYMATION: Stop-motion of objects made from malleable materials (such as clay, dough, and other polymers).

3.- PIXILATION: Stop-Motion technique were live actors are used as frame-by-frame subjects.

4.- TRADITIONAL: A photographed succession of drawings on paper and cellulose.

5.- 3D: Computer generated objets, animated through specialized software (modo, 3dmax, Maya, etc).

6.- INTERPOLATED ROTOSCOPING: Technique in wich the animation is achieved drawing over film or video.

7.- CUT-OUT: Animation done with cut outs of flat materials such as paper.

8.-PROCEDURAL: Type of computer animation, used to automatically generate animation in real-time to allow for a more diverse series of actions than could otherwise be created using predefined animations.


Considered under this category are all the projects filmed with the purpose of visually accompanying a musical composition. All entries under this category must register with the consents of the owners. Preference will go to the entries filmed by the same author, compositor, or owner of the music.

(Open definition/interpretation). Accepted duration of these projects will be of 3 to 10 minutes.

This guide will help you to find online the accepted genres that are accepted in this contest
(ex. search genre “A”, subgenre “X”).

Subgenres: Body, Gore/Splatter, Slasher, Giallo, Small Creature, Monster, Kaiju, Survival, Thriller, Supernatural, Erotic, Sexploitation, Cannibal, Psychological, Space Thriller, Surreal, Abstract, etc.

Subgenres: Apocalyptic, Holocaustic, Post-Apocalyptic, Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Slipstream, Fantasy, Lovecraftian, King-esque, etc.

-Standard definition: Webcam, Hi8, MiniDV, 720p, etc.
-Film: 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, Super, etc.
-HD: DTV (1280×720), 1080p.
-UHD: 4K, 8K+

There are no restrictions on the equipment or the film format. Projects that use alternative techniques and technologies will have a preference over those that employ the use of commercialized techniques or equipment.

There are no restrictions, however, the following aspects are preferred: 1:1, 3:2, 4:3, 16.18:10, 16:9, 2.35:1, 2.76:1.

10. SOUND DESIGN. Original music and SFX. In any case of use of sound galleries, samples, or recordings, credits must be given to the respectable authors.

11. ENROLLMENT. All works must be sent through postal mail, ftp (electronic), or be given directly in the general office of Centro de Estudios Cinematográficos INDIe A.C. with all including specified documents below.

-”DEATHLINE”: Submission limit date: October 24, 2021.
-EXHIBITION: Projections will take place the first half of November 2021, official dates will be announced in the festival networks along the year.

Projects delivered through postal mail that arrive after the “deathline” will be considered for contest as long as they arrive three days before the end of the festival week.

- Throughout the official selection process, the jurors will remain inquisitive in order to assure that no violations are committed to the rights of authors.
- Categories and genres DO NOT include “snuff”, that is to say, any unstaged physical violence of any type. Any work that includes real cannibalism, mutilation, automutilation, torture, “scatting” (non-musical definition), filmed fatal accidents or non-consensual sexual violence will be automatically rejected. Any type of animal violence, usage of real blood, viscera, entrails, excretions or mutilated limbs will be rejected. The infringement of the previous will be reported to the respective local authorities.

General Director Juan Blanco V.



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