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01 may 2017

25 ago 2017
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16 sep 2017
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16 oct 2017
17 nov 2017


Vilgelma Pika,  129226, Moscow, Russia, Rusia

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Student Films
Festival de cortometrajes 40'<

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 Festival de cine
 Cualquier género
 Cualquier tema
 NO tiene tasa de inscripción
 Festival Internacional
 Ubicación física
 enero 2016
 Países de producción: Cualquiera
 Países de rodaje: Cualquiera
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 Cortometrajes  40'<
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Inicio Festival: 16 octubre 2017      Fin Festival: 17 noviembre 2017

This year one of the most authoritative expositions of the international student cinematography will take place on various platforms in Moscow and all over Russia in autumn, and it will traditionally happen in two stages:
1. 16-27 of October 2017 – VGIK contest
2. 13-17 November 2017 – international movie and theatre contest.

Student film festival is a special event. Unlike the actual movie festivals, it shows the “here and now” situation, it gives the opportunity to see a glimpse of the future, dispel the secret of “what’s the cinematography of the future like?” and see the world with the eyes of people who will communicate with us through the big screens very soon. People like this for sure can be found among the contestants.

To be sure of it you just need to remember some names of the previous festival contestants, During the 56 years of the festival existence (for the first time in 1961) it gave birth to some major Russian and international movie stars. For example: Andrey Konchalovskiy, Alem Klimov, Andrey Tarkovskiy, Vasiliy Shukshin, Nikita Mihalkov, Artavazd Peleshan, Vadim Abrashitov, Sergey Soloviev, Aleksey German junior, Alexandr Kott, Anna Melikyan, Petr Buslov, Aleksey Mizirgiev….

With every year the program of the festival gets wider and more various. Along with the contest of the feature, documentary, animated and TV films there are Theater contest, retrospective of the classics, thematic exhibitions, master-classes, creative meetings, discussions and many other events.

All of that will be interesting not only for the people who work in the film industry, but also to amateur cinema-lovers. The first ones will be able to have discussions with the colleagues, exchange experience, get professionals and amateur viewers review on their work. The seconds ones will enjoy the freedom that goes along with student creativity.

Development is impossible without contention. Due to the VGIK international student festival the young cinema-workers will be able to check their worth, get new knowledge and international professional contacts, and express themselves as the future that starts now!

• Grand Prix
• Prize for the best film school program
• Prize for the best feature
• Prize for the best documentary
• Prize for the best animation
• Prize for the best multimedia project


• All films should be done by students of the professional of film and television schools;

• Only works (feature, documentary, animation) produced in 2016-2017 will be included in the competitive section

• Pre-selection of films is done by the film-schools according to its own rules;

• Each school is invited to submit a film program totaling a maximum of 40 minutes;

• The total duration of the program of the International competition should not exceed 12 hours;

• Movies that are not included in the competition may be submitted to other special film programs;

• The submitted films which are not in Russian or English require English subtitles;

• The selection of films is done by a special selection committee, which is created by the
festival organizers;

• All filmmakers, whose films will be chosen to participate in the competition, will be notified
of their admission via email as soon as the selection is made. After receiving it, the participant should send a screening copy to the festival (According to the Article 2.5.Master- copies) and the information about School representatives’ presence at the festival in Moscow (Article 2.8 Participants and Guests, Article 2.9 Invitations and visa arrangements).

• The Organizing Committee has the right to exclude the film, which breaks these rules.

• The Competition program of the Festival will be announced by e-mail and on our web-site
not later than September 23, 2017.

2.4. SUBMISSION OF THE APPLICATION All applications should be submitted electronically.
The application should be accomplished by:

• A submission form filled in electronically;

• 3 DVDs (copies for the selection) of the film program with English subtitles sent by post (If you can’t send a link). For more details about Master-copies read Article 2.5: Master copies;

• English dialogue lists (sent by e-mail);

• 2-3 stills from the film (sent by e-mail);

• 1 photo of the director (sent by e-mail);

• a trailer of the film (no more than 30 seconds)
Deadline for submission: 23:00, August 25, 2017.

The Committee should receive the disks before the deadline. We kindly ask you not to wait until the deadline but rather send your film as soon as possible.

Applications submitted later will not be accepted.

The postage costs for sending DVDs to the Festival are covered by the participants. Please note: Preview copies will not be returned.

All information and submissions should be sent to the following address: VGIK / XXXVI VGIK International Student Festival
W.Pieck str. 3RU-129226 Moscow
Tel.: +7 499 181 26 80
Fax: +7 499 181 80 74
E-mail:; Web-site:

• The copy (3 DVD), sent for submission at the festival (preview copy) can also be a master- copy. If you want to screen you film in another format/quality then please inform the Organizing Committee about it beforehand;

• The master-copies of the selected films for the competition may be on 35 mm, DCP, Blu Ray, DVD (PAL only);

• Shipments must be clearly labelled “For temporary, cultural purposes only. No commercial value”;

• All master-copies of films invited to the competition must arrive no later than 25 August 2017.

• The postage costs for sending master-copies to the Festival are covered by the participants. Master-copies will be returned by VGIK if it is necessary;

• The master-copies will be insured in Moscow by VGIK involving special application.

• The Festival invites participant (preferably a film author) from each school, providing them with accommodation and 2 meals a day for the whole festival week (13-17 November). Extra days are paid on participant’s account.

• The festival provides food and accommodation only for the participants from other cities and towns (not Moscow and Moscow region).

• The festival doesn't cover the travel costs.

• Additional guests may also come on their own expenses.

The Festival can provide a place in a student hostel. The deadline for accommodation for the student hostel and hotel is until 10 October 2017.

2.9. Invitations and visa arrangements
To get Russian visa at Russian Consulate in your country in time please e-mail the "Stay in Russia" form together with the first page of the international passport of the delegate to VGIK by October 5, 2017, mentioning the guest address and the city where one will obtain Russian visa.



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