Кинокавказ - Северо-Кавказский молодежный кинофестиваль (4)

Kinokavkaz - North Caucasus Youth Film Festival


01 Dec 2023
Call for entries

29 Feb 2024
Festival closed

18 May 2024
Notification date

16 May 2024
18 May 2024


Lenina, 1,  360000, Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Russia

Festival description
Short film festival >1' 40'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >1' 40'<
 Any language
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Photo of Кинокавказ - Северо-Кавказский молодежный кинофестиваль
Photo of Кинокавказ - Северо-Кавказский молодежный кинофестиваль

Photo of Кинокавказ - Северо-Кавказский молодежный кинофестиваль
Photo of Кинокавказ - Северо-Кавказский молодежный кинофестиваль


Festival start: 16 May 2024      Festival end: 18 May 2024

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The North Caucasus Youth Film Festival “Kinokavkaz” was founded in 2018.
Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "North Caucasus State Institute of Arts".

The festival includes competitive, non-competitive and special screenings, round tables, press conferences, master classes and educational forums.

“Kinokavkaz” is a competition of short and full-length slot machines, television documentaries, and social videos.

“Best short fiction film”;
"Best Short Television Film";
"Best Animated Short Film";
"Best Documentary Film";
"Best Social Video"

The festival promotes competitiveness and quality improvement final audiovisual product (film);

2.2. Objectives of the film festival:

- formation of a positive image of the subjects of the North Caucasian Federal District;

- preservation and enhancement of cultural and historical heritage;

- familiarization of the public, representatives of the sphere of culture and art with
creative achievements of film festival participants.

2.3. The festival includes competitive screenings, creative meetings and master classes.


3.1. December 1, 2023 – February 21, 2024 – accepting applications, films, necessary documents and materials from applicants for participation.

until April 15, 2024 – publication of the shortlist of participants who have passed competitive selection of works.

May 16 – 18, 2024 – summing up the results of the film festival, placement results on the official website of the film festival;

3.2. The dates of the festival are subject to change, and participants are informed through the information website of the film festival kinokavkaz.rf.


4.1. As a result of the jury's voting, the winners are determined in the following nominations:

- “Best short fiction film”;
- “Best short television film”;
- “Best short animated film”;
- “Best Documentary Film”;
- “Best social video.”

4.2. If one film is nominated in a nomination, the nomination is removed from the competition.

In this case, the film may move to another category, if compliance with its conditions.


5.1. Persons from 14 to 35 years old are allowed to participate, regardless of citizenship and
places of residence of the authors of the work.

5.2. Films (or works) may be submitted for participation in the film festival:
filmed by independent directors, producers, creative associations and private individuals who have copyrights to the submitted work.

5.3. Works that are properly accompanied by
completed application (online form), which is available on the official website
film festival cinemakavkaz.rf

5.4. The film is provided by sending a link for online viewing and downloading a movie (using Cloud Mail.ru, Yandex.Disk).

5.5. The application for participation is submitted along with consent to the processing of personal
data, as well as a filmographic card for each film, including information about the filmmakers, audiovisual materials (teaser, poster),
short synopsis, biography and filmography of the director (in Russian), director's photograph.

5.6. The film must meet the following requirements:

 timing:

- up to 40 minutes for short feature films and short films animated films;

- up to 52 minutes for short television films and documentaries films;

- up to 10 minutes for social videos.

 films must contain subtitles:
- movie title;
- information about the filmmakers and creative team.

 films in any language other than Russian must be accompanied by subtitles in Russian.

 the author of the film has the right to use sponsorship advertising in in accordance with paragraph 5 of Art. Chapter 14 2 Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On Advertising” dated March 13, 2006 No. 38-FZ;

 films whose production was completed no earlier than

 the film must have the following technical characteristics:

- video format – mp4, avi, wmv, mpg, mov;
- frame resolution of at least 1280×720 pixels;
- video bitrate no more than 6000 kbit/sec;
- frame rate of at least 25 frames/sec;
- audio frequency not less than 44.1 KHz, stereo;
- audio bitrate no more than 300 kbit/sec;
- other parameters are not regulated.

 each film can be entered only in one category;

 one participant can submit several works in different categories, however the decision to accept them into the festival program is reserved by itself Organizing Committee.

 the selection committee reserves the right not to accept films
containing elements of violence, racial, national or religious
intolerance, obscene language and other materials that offend honor
and human dignity, as well as those that violate the legislation of the Russian Federation.
 the film must indicate the age category corresponding to Ch. 2 Federal Law
“On the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development”
No. 436-FZ dated December 29, 2010

5.7. The organizing committee publishes all the necessary information about the progress of the event
Festival on the official website of the film festival kinokavkaz.rf

5.8. The Organizing Committee has the right to refuse to accept an application from a participant if the form
The application is filled out incorrectly or partially. Also, the reason for refusal to participate
is a violation of one of the clauses of this provision. The organizing committee has the right
refuse participation without explanation.

5.9. The competition is open to films that have previously been shown in
programs of other festivals.

5.10. Participation in the film festival and sending an application for participation involves
agreement with all points of this Regulation.


6.1. The festival's competition program includes films recommended
selection committee and fully comply with the terms of this

6.2 The festival jury is formed from film experts, leading
their creative activities, including in the North Caucasus Federal District. The jury may include
film producers, directors, screenwriters, actors, cameramen, composers,
film experts, film critics, representatives of other professions related to
film production.

6.3. The jury cannot include film festival participants or persons
involved in the production of competitive works, as well as members of the selection committee.

6.4. The winners are selected during a closed discussion and
voting by film festival jury members. Winners are determined by the amount

6.5. The competition jury has the right:
- reward participants;
- divide prizes between participants;
- not all prizes will be awarded;
- introduce additional nominations, special prizes, etc.

6.6. The jury's decision is final and cannot be changed.

6.7. The winners of the festival are announced by posting the results on
official website of the festival kinokavkaz.rf


7.1. In accordance with the provisions of Part 4 of the Civil Code of the Russian
Federation dated December 18, 2006 copyright for the submitted works
belong exclusively to the creators.

7.2. By submitting an application for participation, the Participant guarantees that all provided
materials (video, audio and graphic images, etc.) are completely
original and he has exclusive rights to these materials (not
copied from any commercial or private source and is not
may be claimed by a third party).

7.3. The Festival organizer is not responsible in case of
claims against him from third parties regarding the rights to the film or
its individual elements (video, audio, graphic images, etc.). Participant,
the person presenting this film accepts responsibility for permission
claims data.

7.4. Participants transfer non-exclusive rights to the film to the Organizing Committee.
The organizing committee has the right to use works sent to the film festival
in the following ways without paying royalties:
- play films, publish photographs/footage in the media,
information and advertising materials, the Internet;
- demonstrate works at public events, as well as carry out
screening on the territory of the film festival;
- broadcast a film (including showing, performing or broadcasting
TV channels and Internet streaming) for public information.

7.5 Participation in the film festival and submission of an application means consent to processing
personal data specified in the application, in accordance with Part 1 of Art. 6 Federal
Law of July 27, 2006 N 152-FZ “On Personal Data”, as well as consent


8.1. The winners receive a laureate diploma and a statuette for the best work in
nominations. All shortlisted festival participants receive diplomas

Artem Chelikin – producer, tel. +7 (928) 914 1784
Zarina Azhagoeva – producer, tel. +7 (928) 078 1781
Irina Bogacheva – head of the press center, tel. +7 (905) 437 3000
E-mail: kinokavkaz@mail.ru (for the media, indicate “Press” in the subject line)
Official website: кинокавказ.рф



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