Fidé - Festival International Du Documentaire Émergent (13)

International Festival of Emergent Documentary


15 Aug 2021
Call for entries

15 Nov 2021
Festival closed

15 Apr 2022
Notification date

22 Apr 2022
24 Apr 2022


18 rue Riquet,  75018, Paris, idf, France

Festival description
Student Documentary
Short film festival 60'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  60'<
 Any language
French English
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Photo of Fidé -  Festival International Du Documentaire Émergent
Photo of Fidé -  Festival International Du Documentaire Émergent
Photo of Fidé -  Festival International Du Documentaire Émergent
Photo of Fidé -  Festival International Du Documentaire Émergent


Festival start: 22 April 2022      Festival end: 24 April 2022

Fidé is a festival in France which is completely dedicated to the international student documentary. It's about any filmed, sound or multimedia work leaning on the reality and which was realized during director's studies. Universities, schools, workshops and students of the whole world participate in it, for about 600 documentaries registered every year. Its principles are the ones of the promotion and the celebration of the student creations, except the usual circuits, in which they rarely find their place.

The festival has no restrictions of the date of the production or original support, subject or length.

Directors of all nationalities are welcomed to submit their films. Subtitles in French or English are demanded.

Next Fidé will take place in April 2021, in Parisian suburbs.

Fidé is non-competitive but different "awards" are proposed every year, like introductions to producers or experimented directors.

The works allowed in the Festival must answer to all following conditions :

a. Be a documentary or a "documentary-oriented" film, audio documentary, or animated film. Corporate or institutional films, reports, magazine topics or media coverages won't be accepted. The works of pure fiction are not admitted.

b. Be a work of creation in which the point of view and treatment issues are raised as much as the questions regarding the subject. Corporate or institutional films, reports, investigation films, magazine topics or promotional films are not accepted.

c. Be a work that has been completed during the time of the director’s studies (university, college, high school, workshops) or a self-produced work.

d. Do not be a work already sent to the previous editions of the Festival.

e. Subtitles : non-French speaking films must be subtitled in French or English. Warning : English speaking films must be subtitled as well: preferably in French, if it is not possible, then, in English. In case your film is selected, you must be able to send us a subtitle file: srt, stl, FCP, Premiere or Avid sequence, for example.

f. There is no restriction of directing date, subject, original support, director’s nationality or production’s country. One director can submit more than one documentary.

g. Exceptionally this year the playing time is limited to 60 minutes maximum.

2. The final decision about the selection will be published on the Festival website.

3. The DVD will not be sent back.

4. The FIDE includes screenings at several venues, in addition to the main programming, especially at partner universities.

5. All films selected for the Festival will remain available to consult for the members of the association Les Impatientes.

6. The Festival reserves the right of presenting films extracts of less than 3 minutes and maximum 10% of the total film’s playing time on the Internet or any other broadcasting way and to use them for the trailer.
7. Information about the film and the director may be published on the website and on any document communicating about the Festival.

8. Rights owners must have settled all issues related to copyright, subsidiary rights and image copyright.

9. Submitting a work implies acknowledgement of the present rules.



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