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15 Mar 2020
Call for entries

01 Sep 2020
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01 Oct 2020
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01 Nov 2020
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01 Nov 2020
Festival closed

21 Dec 2020
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10 Mar 2021
24 Jan 2021


Rue des Riches-Claires 24,  1000, Bruxelles, Bruxelles, Belgium

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Short film festival 40'<

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 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
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 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  40'<
 Any language
French English
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Photo of Courts Mais Trash
Photo of Courts Mais Trash

Photo of Courts Mais Trash
Photo of Courts Mais Trash


Festival start: 10 March 2021      Festival end: 24 January 2021

We are an annual independent short film festival based in Brussels, Belgium, from January 20 to 24, 2021. Every year, we select over 100 short films and invite more than 40 filmmakers from all around the world.

The festival has been running for 16 years now with increasing success. We screen mainly independent films, not specially trashy movies. we love originality and creativity. Cheapness and Beauty !

The idea for Courts Mais Trash originated from a lack of a proper platform for independent short films to be screened.

Films that fail to meet conservative cinematographic standards are mostly snubbed by festival programmers and legitimate audio-visual venues. Trash is often just perceived in the provocative sense of the word; shocking and equally alternative, political, cheap and offbeat… .

Every category of film will be projected, from experimental to animation, through video clips and documentaries. No genre is left unexploited. The shorts don’t have to be ‘trash’ per se, but we do encourage work that is ‘out there’, on the cusp of the cutting edge and stimulating to the spectators interests. To avoid any possible confusion: the screenings are adults only.

Do you wish to participate in the biggest blowout alternative, underground and independent cinema has to offer, then act now! What are you waiting for?

Our partner "La SABAM" offers 500€ production grant for both the International and the National competition, as well as a special prize for the best lowest budget film (The Born 2 Be Cheap award).

Our partner "La Ville de Bruxelles" offers a 500€ cash prize for the best LGBTQIA + film of the festival. This award will be announced in May 2021 during a special screening for the Belgian Pride.

A grand total of 2000€ !


The ‘Courts Mais Trash’ organisation (hereinafter referred to as ‘the festival’.) is operated by the Born 2 Be Cheap association (hereinafter referred to as ‘the organiser’.) whose head office is currently located at 41/31 avenue de la Couronne in 1050 Ixelles, presided by Mister François Marache.


The festival will take place at the Riches Claires (24, Rue des Riches-Claires in Brussels) ans Cinema Palace (Boulevard Anspach, 85 1000 Brussels) fom January the 20th till January the 24th, 2021.


3.1 Registrations must be submitted between the 15th of March (from 00h00) until the 1st of November 2020, using the digital platform Festhome.

3.2 The participant must submit a movie of undefined duration, independent and self produced. Sponsored and subsidised entries are ineligible.

3.3 The actual running time of the film can be no longer than 40 minutes.

3.4 The film may be entered by its author or production company. The participant has to be of legal age (18 or more). The participant is allowed to make multiple entries in the competition.

3.5 Films have to be presented in its original language with the inclusion of French and or English subtitles.

3.6 Films that were produced 48 months prior to the opening of the festival are ineligible for the competition.


4.1 The list of selected entries will be revealed on December 20 2020. Selected entries will be projected during the festival’s screenings.

4.2 Participants whose entries are selected will be contacted with a request to provide the festival with a digital copy of their work (H264 or ProRes) and accompanying information to be used for publication and communication. A written synopsis, the author’s (short) bio and an image to represent the film are requested.

4.3 Representatives of the selected entrie(s) will receive an accreditation for the entire duration of the festival including privileges for the festival and other events that are tied in with Courts Mais Trash.


5.1 Participants waiver the rights (free of charge / non exclusive) of their selected entrie(s) for any subsequent form of exploitation, worldwide and for a duration of three years following their enrolment, to the festival’s organiser. The aforementioned condition includes publication of the author’s name and unlimited reproduction and broadcasting of the film and its accompanying data in any media form the festival sees fit (not specified upon the participant’s enrolment), notably on social media, internet, intranet, the press and television.

5.2 Participants waiver the rights (free of charge) to their selected entrie(s) to the festival’s organiser to have an audio/visual extract of their film broadcasted (with a maximum duration of 1 minute) worldwide and for a duration of three years following their enrolment with regards to any promotional activity of the festival. This may be the case, among other media, on: the organiser’s website, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Daily motion, Youtube, mobile application tools, tablets and other media partners of the festival, as well as other media selected by the festival.


6.1 Participants stand a chance to win: « Prix du Public – compétition Nationale» (500€), «Prix du Public – compétition Internationale » (500€), both voted for by the audience. A prize for the best lowest budget movie in the category ‘Born 2 Be Cheap’ (500€), chosen by the festival and its collaborators. An Extra Prize for the best LGBTQIA+ will be deliverer by a Jury in May for the Belgian Pride (500€).

6.2 The prize (in all categories) consists of 500 euros. A total of 2000 euros is sponsored by partner Sabam for Culture and the City of Brussels. Prize winners will receive the total sum directly from the festival’s partner (i.e. Sabam) and form the festival for the LGBTQI + award.

6.3 The Festival declines any form of legal responsibility with regards to any potential disagreement between Sabam and the winner.

All participants acknowledge and accept these rules and regulations in its entirety.a



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