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23 Nov 2022
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10 Feb 2023
Festival closed

13 Feb 2023
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20 Feb 2023
20 Feb 2023


25 rue de l’Université, 69007 Lyon,  69007, Lyon, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

Festival description
Short film festival >5' 20'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >5' 20'<
 Any language
English French
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Photo of Pour faire Court
Photo of Pour faire Court
Photo of Pour faire Court
Photo of Pour faire Court


Festival start: 20 February 2023      Festival end: 20 February 2023

** Now Accepting Submissions for our 2023 Edition **
APPLY here : https://www.helloasso.com/associations/association-short-event/adhesions/registration-pour-faire-court

POUR FAIRE COURT est un festival de courts-métrages qui se déroule le 1er février 2023 à Lyon.

POUR FAIRE COURT is a film festival based in Lyon, France. The fifth edition will take place on 1st of February 2023.

Every year for the last five years, the Short Event association has organized a short film festival in Lyon: "Pour Faire Court". This event, using the codes of the seventh art as vectors of emotion and sharing, invites you to discover a specific program of short films, according to a defined theme. This year, we propose you a flashback, around the theme "Rewind! Thanks to the visual works projected, we wish to transmit the love of cinema, the passion of the emotion through art, and especially the sharing that brings the discovery of new talents. A meeting around a cocktail will then be proposed to encourage sharing between enthusiasts and artists.

First prize, "International Jury's Favorite" category: a place in the Pour Faire Court 2024 jury and a check for 600 € or equivalent in kind.

Second prize, "Student Prize" category: screening of the short film in the first part of the festival "Sous les étoiles" and a check for 400 € or equivalent in kind.

Third prize, Category "Public's Favorite" : screening of the short film in the first part of the festival "Sous les étoiles" and a check of 400 € or equivalent in kind.

Article 1: Participation

Pour Faire Court is a film festival based in Lyon, France organized by the students of Events & Public Relations Master’s Degree at INSEEC school. Its goal is to showcase short films by independent and new filmmakers. This year’s theme is « Childhood Memories »

The film length has to be between 5 and 20 minutes. Each candidate is allowed to submit up to three shorts but only one of them can be selected by the programming team.

Article 2: Submission

The submission fee is 5€. To be officially considered as a participant, candidates should submit all of the documents listed below by email at: artistique@pfc-festival.com

1- Registration file to be found at www.pf-festival.com, duly completed, with a
copy of the regulation signed with the words “read and approved”. (PDF of Word document)

2- A HQ copy of the film, plus the following information, sent via WeTransfer or Dropbox:
- Movie title
- Casting
- Movie length
- Format
- Production date

3- A subtitled version, if the film is not in French. The jury and audience must be able to understand the movie, subtitles must be in French or english.

The finalists are required to provide a film in perfect condition for the festival.

Article 3: Rights

Before submitting, the filmmaker must obtain all necessary consent for the use and distribution of the film. The applicant must ensure that all submitted work is original in nature. The work must be product solely of the artist ’s creation, containing no reproduction of any other work or creation belonging to a third party. The Short Event association accepts no responsibility
regarding the declaration of musical pieces to the SACEM.

Article 4: Selection

All incomplete applications will be refused.

The organizers of Pour Faire Court reserve the right to reject any application:
- whose film quality is deemed insufficient,
- whose film could disrupt the general public order or be in conflict with accepted moral
- whose film may incite judicial proceedings for plagiarism or defamation.

Films will be selected solely on the basis of the content provided and the director’s
statement of intent. The decision will be made by the organizers of the festival. This
decision is final. Films will be selected based on their creative and original content,
the technical quality, the aesthetics, and the respect of the theme.

The viewing and selection of films will take place within the Short Event association.
No material will be returned to the applicant.

All committee decisions will be communicated by email. All decisions are final.
Any film registered or selected for the festival cannot be withdrawn by the artist. If
necessary, the association Short Event reserves the right to legal recourse, claiming any
damages deemed necessary.

Article 5: Authorized consent

By submitting a film, the artist assumes all responsibility and gives full permission, without
compensation, to publish any information and/or photos (free of all rights) that he/she has
provided during the registration process.

Each candidate is obligated to apply the logo of Pour Faire Court - downloadable on the website - to any documents that he/she wishes to use as promotion for his/her participation in and/or after the festival.

All selected films will be listed in the festival’s catalogue and available for use by any
festival partner or sponsor who wishes to do so.

Each artist yields his/her rights to the Short Event association and authorizes. The
distribution of his/her film:
- to any and all media partners of the festival,
- to the Short Event association in the promotion of the festival,
- to the Fête du court-métrage festival, in the promotion of the festival and the Fête du court métrage
- Each candidate authorizes the use of his/her photos and/or videos for promotional
Films in the final selection may be presented in the future by partners of the festival, in an
international context.

Article 6: Insurance

The Pour Faire Court festival will cover the insurance costs of the films between
their reception and their screening. In the case a film should be lost or damaged
during this period, the Pour Faire Court festival is liable only for the replacement
value of the hard copy.

Article 7: awards

The three winning artists will receive an award following the panel’s deliberation that will take place during the festival.

First prize: a place in the Pour Faire Court 2024 jury and a check for 600 € or equivalent in kind.

Second prize: screening of the short film in the first part of the festival "Sous les étoiles" and a check of 400 € or equivalent in kind.

Third prize: broadcast of the short film in the first part of the festival "Sous les étoiles" and a check of 400 € or equivalent in kind.

In the case of a tie, the president of the jury will select a winner. The choice of the jury is final.

Article 8: Compensation policy

Applicants will not be compensated for any reason during the festival nor in the event
that any festival partner uses his/her film. Selected candidates will not be compensated
for any travelling or accommodation expenses incurred.

Article 9: Unforeseen circumstances

The board of the Short Event association is responsible for resolving any unforeseen
circumstances and granting derogations to the present rules and terms in the event that
the candidate provides a supported and detailed request. To be able to take part in the
festival Pour Faire Court, each candidate must fully understand and accept the festival rules and
regulations. The board reserves the right to discard any application and/or take all
necessary measures in any case where an applicant fails to comply with the rules and
regulations or does not follow event protocol.

The board reserves the right to change the rules and regulations and/or to cancel the
festival in the case of extenuating circumstances. Any case of dispute will fall under the
exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of the City of Lyon.



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