Competencia Internacional Cortometrajes Nuevos Talentos Latinoamericanos (Festival Cine Zaragoza) (29)

International short film competition for new Latin American talents (FCZ)


15 Apr 2024
Call for entries

10 Aug 2024
Final deadline


12 Oct 2024
Notification date

21 Nov 2024
30 Nov 2024


Valladolid, 4-6ºC,  50007, Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain

Festival description
Short film festival 30'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2023
 Production countries: Required
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Required
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  30'<
 Any language
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Photo of Competencia Internacional Cortometrajes Nuevos Talentos Latinoamericanos (Festival Cine Zaragoza)
Photo of Competencia Internacional Cortometrajes Nuevos Talentos Latinoamericanos (Festival Cine Zaragoza)

Photo of Competencia Internacional Cortometrajes Nuevos Talentos Latinoamericanos (Festival Cine Zaragoza)
Photo of Competencia Internacional Cortometrajes Nuevos Talentos Latinoamericanos (Festival Cine Zaragoza)


Festival start: 21 November 2024      Festival end: 30 November 2024

The Zaragoza Film Festival was born in 1995 to create a cinematographic activity in the city. In principle its main denomination was that of Young Directors. As of 2007, its official name became the Zaragoza Film Festival.

Festival with different Contests, of a general and national nature (although some of its Contests are International).

As of our silver anniversary, we are carrying out a renovation and updating of the project.

As of our 28th edition and within the Official Section of our Festival, the Short Film Contest for New Latin American Talents was born, thanks to the collaboration with the Pampa Film Commission, from Argentina.


Augusto del Jury for Best New Latin American Talent Short Film. 800€ + Trophy (sponsored by Universidad San Jorge)

Audience Award (if any). Accrediting diploma, voting will be done by individual ballot, which will be given to attendees at each session. The classification of the votes will be established through the arithmetic mean resulting from dividing the total score obtained by the number of voters.

The Jury may also establish the special mentions it deems appropriate.


The different agreements between the Zaragoza Film Festival and various Sponsors and Collaborators are being closed, to complement the Official Awards with a series of unofficial Awards, to be known in the Palmarés of the 29th edition of the Zaragoza Film Festival. These unofficial Awards will be published on the FCZ social networks.

All those fiction - non-fiction - animation short films, produced by people over 18 years of age, from any Latin American country whose works must:

• Be produced after January 1, 2023.

• Have a maximum duration of 30 minutes, including titles and trailers.

• Possess subtitles in Spanish, in case its original language is not the same.

• Full HD 1920x1080 format or higher with DCP Digital Copy or Digital Copy. Films that do not offer the necessary technical guarantees for a good public screening may be rejected.

Any work in which any person, company and/or entity linked to the organization or development of the Festival may have participated in the contest may not be entered. Nor those that have been presented in previous editions of the same.

All participants, by the fact that they are, fully accept these rules, as well as the resolution by the organization of any problem not included in them.

People who wish to participate in the Festival must do so through the web by filling out the corresponding registration, via online

Through this portal, the files of the works can be sent in the following formats: AVI / MOV / MP4 / MPG, in addition to the complementary material (trailer - poster - synopsis) and two photographs of the work to promote the event.

All participants, due to the fact that they are, must fully accept these BASES, as well as the resolution of any problem, not included in them, that the organization deems appropriate. The program will be communicated sufficiently in advance.

The works selected for the final phase will be informed by email and the web page.

The decisions of the Selection Committee are final.

Copies submitted without the indicated documentation will not be accepted for competition. The timely arrival of the documentation without the corresponding copy on file or DVD does not imply the acceptance of the works in the competition.

The Festival organization acquires the exhibition rights of the works presented during the days of the Festival, also reserving the right to possible compilations of some of the works as promotional material. Copies of the works will not be returned to the authors, becoming part of the festival archive.

Works presented without the indicated documentation will not be accepted for competition.

The arrival of the documentation on time without the corresponding copy does not imply the acceptance of the works to the competition.

The Festival reserves the right to organize an exhibition of the works presented during the festival and the use of the winners in subsequent years.


The works will be reviewed by a selection committee that will be appointed by the festival management committee and will support it to determine the final selection for the contest. This selection committee will be chaired by the director of the festival.

The selection of the finalists will be publicly announced on October 12, 2024. The organization will notify the person responsible for the registration, at the time of their selection, the way to send the selected work for its subsequent screening.

The works that are finalists must be sent to the organization in their original or projection format, before October 30, 2023 to the festival headquarters, whose address will be communicated by the content director, to the different finalists. Any modification to this section will be communicated by the festival's content director to those interested.

All the programming (projection formats included), in addition to what the Festival includes to said finalists, will be communicated to them as of October 30, 2024.

Once this communication has been made, those interested in being present within the framework of the Festival, must communicate their attendance to the Festival organization, before November 5, 2024. The Festival will only bear the travel expenses WITHIN SPAIN and accommodation of the winners.

Only the following projection formats will be admitted for exhibition and will therefore officially enter the competition. Said formats must also be reflected when completing the registration form:

• Digital Copy DCP or Digital Copy (they will be informed at the time of the Festival knowing, the place where these screenings will take place, the definitive formats), in the case of the Fiction and Animation Short Film Contests, Short Films Training Centers Audiovisual.

All selected works must send a teaser, trailer or selection of images of the work, for promotional purposes.

During the Festival, the organization reserves the right to exhibit the selected films in as many public sessions as it deems appropriate. In this regard, the production companies will transfer the rights for the public exhibition of their films during the time the Festival is held at no cost to the Festival.

The Festival can create an informative section, parallel to the official section, with material not selected that it considers of interest for screening during the Festival. The works that are projected in this informative section are not eligible for any of the prizes.

The authors of the works selected for the competition may personally present their film if they so wish before the screening.

The producers of the selected works authorize the use of a fragment of the works, up to a maximum of two minutes, for possible dissemination in any media.

The organization may exhibit the selected works in the places and times it deems appropriate.

The shipping costs of the film (if any) will be borne by the participant and the return costs will be borne by the Festival.

The organization is not responsible for accidents and unforeseen events that the films may suffer. However, insurance will be taken out and the necessary precautions will be taken for its handling and return.



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