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16 Feb 2024
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15 Sep 2024
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30 Sep 2024
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01 May 2024
03 Nov 2024


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 Short Films  >12' 17'<
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Photo of Decolonizing Frames
Photo of Decolonizing Frames
Photo of Decolonizing Frames
Photo of Decolonizing Frames


Festival start: 01 May 2024      Festival end: 03 November 2024

Embark on a cinematic journey with us as we launch the inaugural edition of Decolonizing Frames, a cinematographic review born from a Ph.D. project dedicated to decoloniality, in collaboration with Gomboc and their Ortometraggi Film Festival.

Decolonizing Frames aims to unravel narratives beyond the confines of North-American and European perspectives, celebrating the alternative knowledge and identities of indigenous and native people all over the world.

Nowadays we are living the consequences of colonialism in all its aspects: racism, patriarchy, cultural, economical and political capitalism and hegemony.
Decolonizing Frames seeks to address and dismantle these legacies by shedding light on alternative narratives. Through short films, we aim to disrupt the status quo, encouraging a reevaluation of societal norms and fostering appreciation for diverse knowledge systems and ways of life.

Our goal is to challenge preconceptions and foster appreciation for alternative identities often marginalized as inferior. Through the powerful medium of short films, we encourage producers to showcase the richness of cultures, native languages and ways of living, contributing to a collective understanding of decolonial perspectives. As Freya Schiwy states, “videomakers are then also involved in what might be called a “knowledge revolution”, an effort at decolonizing the mind”.

As the first edition of this cinematographic review, Decolonizing Frames seeks to be a catalyst for meaningful conversations, amplifying voices and narratives that have been historically overlooked. We invite filmmakers to be part of this transformative journey, submitting works that contribute to the discourse on decoloniality and pave the way for future editions of exploration and discovery.

The 1st edition of Decolonizing Frames will be held in 2024 in Turin and Milan. It will premiere in schools participating in the associated Ph.D. project, engaging with students and educators in a multimedial exploration of alternative knowledge. Subsequently, the cinematic review will extend its reach to public spaces in both cities, ensuring broader visibility and encouraging public discourse. In order to enganche the engagement, selected directors will have the opportunity to participate in online interviews, so that they can interact directly with their public and share their visión on decoloniality, fostering a deeper undestanding of the narratives presented in their films.

You have unitil 15 September, 23:59 to submit your short films.

Your short films must intimately explore the core theme of decoloniality: from unconventional agricultural practices to distinct political governance models in indigenous communities, from the intersectionality of identities of marginalized communities to alternative educational systems that prioritize indigenous knowledge, native languages, traditional wisdom and cultural revitalization, thus challenging colonial norms and fostering a deeper understanding of alternative narratives.

The best short film among the selected entries will be nominated for an award.
Each participant will be notified whether their film has been selected or not.

There will be a prize for the Best Short Film. Further details will be provided in the following weeks as we progress with the selection process.

Stay tuned for updates on the selection process and the announcement of the Best Short Film award recipient!

The deadline for submissions is September 15th, 23:59.

The review focuses on the theme of decoloniality and alternatives to colonial, Eurocentric, and Western knowledge. Therefore, short films must align with this theme.

Submissions should explore narratives, perspectives, and experiences that challenge colonial norms and celebrate diverse cultures, indigenous knowledge, and non-Western ways of life. We encourage filmmakers to delve into topics such as cultural revitalization, intersectionality, political resistance, and the empowerment of marginalized communities. Let your creativity shine as you contribute to reshaping our understanding of the world through the lens of decolonial perspectives.

subtitles are mandatory for each documentary, considering that the audience is familiar with Italian, english, and Spanish. This ensures accessibility for viewers of diverse linguistic backgrounds. Please provide subtitles in at least one of these languages for your submission to be considered.

For each submission, we require three files:

- the file with embedded subtitles
- the file without subtitles
- the .srt file.

By mid-April, the final jury, awards, and additional details regarding Decolonizing Fraes will be announced. Thank you for your patience.



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