Festival Fincali (4)

Festival Internacional de Cine Ambiental de Cali - FINCALI


18 Dec 2020
Call for entries

31 Jan 2021
Final deadline


28 Mar 2021
Notification date

02 Aug 2021
07 Aug 2021


Calle 56 Norte 2 AN 66,  760050, Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Festival description
Short film festival >5' 50'<
Feature film festival >60' 100'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 January 2017
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >5' 50'<
 Feature Films  >60' 100'<
 Any language
Spanish English
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Photo of Festival Fincali
Photo of Festival Fincali

Photo of Festival Fincali
Photo of Festival Fincali


Festival start: 02 August 2021      Festival end: 07 August 2021

The 4th FINCALI #ElCineEsSemilla Festival will take place in August 2021. After 1.5 years of preparation (we are a biannual festival) we have programmed new activities, we strengthened our institutional, cultural and educational alliances to design a mixed model Festival (Virtual and On-site), where at least 60% of the programming will take place in digital media, particularly on the environmental film digital platform https://pantallaverde.org/, a space developed by the FINCALI team that will host part of the Festival's programming. The other 40% we hope will be developed in person, aimed at children and families, as well as older adults in their neighborhoods and cultural spaces in urban and rural areas of the cities of Cali and Palmira with free admission and applying the current regulations on biosafety . It is important to consider developing a fully digital edition if we return to restricted quarantine.

The FINCALI Festival http://festivalfincali.com/ encourages and promotes debate through cinema, focusing on five topics of special interest: Food and intensive production, waste and pollution, territory and biodiversity, climate change, and energy exploitation. Through its editions, regional and national tours, international windows circulates and provides access to national and international film material on socio-environmental and human rights issues, disclosing actions of violation or protection of the same; We also contribute to the access of digital environmental cinema, feeding an audiovisual collection of free consultation https://pantallaverde.org/ in order to work collaboratively with different agents of the audiovisual and environmental world through the exchange of film material. Finally, we carry out co-creation activities for other educational projects and programs related to film and environmental and audiovisual education.

Pacific Environmental Competition Award.
Recognition for the best environmental short film and Human Rights of the Colombian Pacific.
(Titles produced or released since 2019) / Prize in cash and in kind.

Colombia Green Screen Competition Award.
Recognition of the best national short films
environmental and human rights. / Prize in cash and in kind
(Titles produced or released since 2019)

Latin America Green Screen Competition Award.
Recognition of the best Latin American environmental and human rights feature films.
(Titles produced or released since 2019) / Prize in kind.

Call to the Non-Competitive National Team
of long and short environmental and human rights films.
(Titles produced or released since 2017)

Call for the Non-competitive International Selection of environmental and human rights feature films and short films.
(Titles produced or released since 2017)

We openly call on all filmmakers, activists and environmental audiovisual referents who have works in short and feature film formats, to participate in the official competitions and non-competitive selections of the 4th Cali International Environmental Film Festival - FINCALI #ElCineEsSemilla.

* Films that cover environmental and human rights practices or issues produced or released from 2019 may participate in the Official Competitions.

* Films that cover environmental and human rights practices or problems produced or released as of 2017 may participate in the Non-Competitive Selections.
Here are some topics to consider:


Food and Intensive Production
Environmental displacement, public health, permaculture and transition practices, agrarian frontier, alternative food production, etc.

Waste and Pollution
Consumption habits, industrial production, responsible markets and practices of reduction, reuse, recycling, waste management, air pollution, water pollution or of any kind, etc.

Energy Exploitation
Renewable energies, energy resources, industry, extraction policies and creative and sustainable energy production processes.

Biological heritage, natural resources, environmental displacement, conservation practices and all issues related to cultural and social practices in favor of caring for the environment.

Among other topics of interest raised by the filmmakers.

Works of a documentary, fiction, experimental, chronicle, animation and experimental nature, referring to any environmental theme of the Pacific region that have a duration of a minimum of 1 min, may participate. and maximum of 30 minutes. Movies or videos sponsored by commercial or official companies for advertising purposes may not participate.

Once the call is closed, the Festival's programming committee analyzes the material and makes a pre-selection of the short films received, which will be sent to the juries of each competition for evaluation. In the case of Non-Competitive Selections, it is determined by the artistic direction of the Festival.

The Jury will be made up of three prominent professional activists, filmmakers, critics outside the Festival organization, who will make a selection of fourth (4) finalist shorts, which will be screened the week of the Festival. The jury will choose the winner, and may award special mentions, if deemed necessary. The results, as well as the award ceremony, will be announced to the public at the closing event of FINCALI 2021. The votes of the Jury will be secret, and decisions must be unanimously adopted.



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