Fresco International Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual Films (8)


21 Sep 2020
Call for entries

16 May 2021
Festival closed

30 Jun 2021
Notification date

14 Aug 2021
28 Aug 2021


Raffi 99/1.1,  0064, Yerevan, Yerevan, Armenia

Festival description
Short film festival
Feature film festival

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2017
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films 
 Feature Films 
 Any language
Armenian English Russian Spanish
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Photo of Fresco International  Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual Films
Photo of Fresco International  Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual Films
Photo of Fresco International  Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual Films
Photo of Fresco International  Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual Films


Festival start: 14 August 2021      Festival end: 28 August 2021

FRESCO: a New Formula of a Film Festival
Fresco is an international initiative that represents a thoroughly new format, distinct from the notions typical to the society. A festival that aims at the presentation of international spiritual works and cultural pieces combined with the organization of free and healthy social discussions concerning the issues raised by them.

Many festivals demonstrate films on global problems in the frameworks of their program. As a rule, after such films the audience needs to discuss and adopt what they have seen, however, the film remains the only source for an answer to the questions arisen. “FRESCO” film reviews come to fill in this gap.
FRESCO: an Informal Approach
"FRESCO" offers an informal approach to the participants of the film festival along all the stages of the festival starting from the film review up to the places the events are held, from the seat up to the prize.

The wonderful films, photo exhibitions, and shows brought to Armenia will go out from cinemas and literally “enter the streets”.
Round-the-clock open air demonstrations and film reviews “with no ticket” will literally become part of the Armenians’ everyday life 10 days on.

FRESCO Film-Program: Let’s Speak the Language of Humanism
The festival will contain both competitive and non-competitive programs. Fiction and documentary, full-length and short-length films and video materials of different formats, in which wars, violence, national, religious and any other types of discrimination, ecological disasters of human origin are denounced, and where peace, tolerance, humanism and global values are advocated.:

Cinema figures of worldwide fame and other guests corresponding to the subjects of the films shown, that is - church clerks, the intellectuals, musicians, psychologists, etc., will be invited to Armenia from different countries to participate in the festival.

About the Global problems in a Comprehensible/Simple Language
Not only the creators of the film strip will take part in the discussions following, but also church clerks, psychologists, and specialists directly concerning the issues arisen in the film and people responsible for the field. Any conceptual and technical detail concerning the film review is to contribute to the active and unconstrained participation in the discussions. The specialists will be part of the film watchers, professional orations will be replaced by unconstrained communication and active discussions. The films and direct communication with their creators will enable to “notice” the claimed issues in our country, observe them in the context of other countries’ experience, and the discussion with the people specialized and responsible for the field will become one of the most effective ways of developing versions for the solution to those issues.

FRESCO is Open to Anyone
The festival also gives a special importance to the employment of special social groups and especially individuals with limited abilities. Due to the cooperation with the institutes specialized in the field individuals with a disablement will not only participate in all the measures of the festival but also be actively involved in all the organizational works of "FRESCO".

The goals of the festival are:
- To promote the establishment of love, solidarity, and human values in the society with the help of spiritual and cultural dialogue,
- To spread international and religious tolerance,
- To create and promote the development of spiritual and moral films and to raise their social awareness as a social-cultural factor,
- To promote the communication among cultural representatives of different countries and the creation of the mutually beneficial field for their collaboration.

The awards will be given in the following categories:
Best message of "Faith"
Best message of "Hope"
Best message of "Love"
Best message of "Peace"
Best message of "Courage"
Best message of "Humanism"
Best message of "Patriotism"
Best message of "The Hero of Our Time"

The selection committee can add an extra award category according to his discretion.
All the participants will be given diplomas and souvenirs.

Name: "Fresco" International Spiritual-Moral Festival of Modern Art
Place and date: The festival will take place in Armenia, in August 2021.

The main goals of the festival:

- Promote the re-establishment of love, solidarity and human values in public with the help of moral and cultural dialogue

- Spread international and interreligious tolerance

- Make and develop spiritual-moral films and increase the public demand towards them as an important social-cultural factor

- Activate the contact between cultural representatives and create successful cooperation field, interchange professional experience

To effectively organize and carry out the mission, a directorate was established, which staff consists of the director, producer, spiritual adviser and the Board of trustees.
For the initial choice of the films and photos, an election committee is approved.

The program

The festival program includes sections of films and photo exhibitions. Within the festival concerts, regional camps, concerts, master classes, meetings, round tables and other events will be organized.


The festival involves those types of films of the world (fiction, animation, short, debut and so on) which reject wars, ecological disasters, violence, discrimination and preach peace, tolerance, humanism, kindness, patriotism; cover the actual family problems, and are aimed at restoring family values, giving spiritual and moral education to the youth, and are about healthy lifestyle and positive world outlook
The section of films includes any kinds of films which were shot after January 2019
Films available on the internet are not eligible.

The presented films must not contain:

-Scenes and plots that offend religious feelings (of different religions)
-Scenes of cruelty and violence
-Scenes containing advertisement
-Plots promoting the use of drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol
-Erotic scenes

The results of the pre selection of films will be available on June 30, 2021.

The organizers of the festival guarantee that the films will not be transferred to anyone in pursuit of profit. The directorate of the festival reserves the right to use scenes and photos from the films for advertising purposes.
"Fresco" festival is a non-profit project and all the exhibitions will be free to attend.



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