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18 Apr 2023
Call for entries

15 Aug 2023
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07 Oct 2023
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06 Oct 2023
08 Oct 2023


Garibaldi 13,  10121, Torino, Torino, Italy

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Short film festival 30'<

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 Film festival
 Music Video
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2021
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  30'<
 Any language
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Festival start: 06 October 2023      Festival end: 08 October 2023

The Give Peace A Screen competition welcomes short movies that deal with all the themes included in the nonviolent culture:

opposition to war, education for peace, denunciation of injustices, struggles for the affirmation of rights, the search for a nonviolent relationship with Nature . During the festival the films will be presented divided into thematic areas.

“Gandhi's Glasses” Award
The idea that inspires the award is to promote cinematography that deals with issues related to peace: the
denunciation of injustices, dialogue between the parties, mediation processes, the creative and non-violent
solution of conflicts.
Our societies are becoming increasingly aware that there is no future in conflicts that use violence as a
solution, there is no future in the persistence of policies of exploitation and oppression, there is no future in
cultural, religious, racial discrimination; there is no future in considering this planet and its inhabitants as
totally enslaved to the desire for anthropocentric dominance. The destiny of humanity is to learn to coexist
by harmonizing the multiple differences that terrestrial existence has created: any attempt at dominance is
doomed to failure.
The award was born from an idea of Nanni Salio, historic president of the Centro Studi Sereno Regis, who
was immediately adopted by the director of the Turin Film Festival in charge at the time, Gianni Amelio. It
was 2011. Since then, for 13 years, the OdG prize has been awarded within the annual editions of the TFF.
The jury of “Gandhi’s Glasses” Award 2023 is made up of
Sandro Bozzolo, director
Eliana Cantone, playwright
Lia Furxhi, president of Aiace and Centrodelcorto
Daniel Gaglianone, director
Luca Giunti, environmentalist

Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Award “Preventive peace”
Today, humanity has descended into an immense labyrinth built on a global scale. In front of us the monster:
we cannot face him with the ways he himself uses; we must make it harmless aware of our ability to create
new methods that avoid wars and put an end to those still in progress.
Pistoletto begins the text of his book "The Third Paradise" (Marsilio 2010) with these sentences: "It was
March 2003, when Bush and Blair, supported by numerous governments, declared preventive war on Iraq.
The circumstance caused me a profound disturbance. What was happening was the culminating stage
involving the entire human race.
It was the overflow of "political" perversity from the vase of history, a planetary aggression which was
added to a series of opposing, monstrous aggressions... All the cultural malformations inherited from the past
came home to roost: the very concept of preventive war gave rise to the urgent need to oppose the idea of
preventive Peace.
In history, peace has always come following a war and has been considered as its result, therefore a war

hidden under the mask of peace and peace made up of mere appearance. I understood at that moment that I
myself, despite the artistic, intellectual and practical commitment directed towards a responsible
transformation of society, had to take a further step, even more decisive and effective, to contribute to the
change of this humanity. This is how the sign of the Third Paradise was born".
The sign of the Third Paradise is the symbol that indicates the new path of humanity. It is the mathematical
sign of infinity reconfigured in three consecutive circles. The two outer circles represent all the antinomies,
i.e. all the different, opposite and contrasting elements, in the central circle these meet and connect, always
creating a new previously non-existent element, therefore it is the "creation".
"The formula of creation" is the book (published by Cittadellarte 2022) that Pistoletto proposes as a
fundamental reference text for the realization of the path that leads humanity towards the exit from the
labyrinth dominated by the Minotaur and immunizes it from the war that it it continuously feeds, engulfing
Preventive Peace is a commitment that artists assume, through their disciplines. At each bifurcation of the
labyrinth, art and practice will proceed by connecting the two possible directions to open a new, previously
non-existent path in the center, that of Preventive Peace.
An artist cannot change the world alone, Pistoletto loudly calls artists and the whole society to actively
cooperate to get out of the Minotaur's labyrinth.
The jury of the Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Award “Preventive peace” 2023 is made up of
Chiara Belliti, editor
Paolo Naldini, director of Cittadellarte
Ruggero Poi, Cittadellarte

“Adonella Marena” Award
The Adonella Marena award is given to the film that best deals with environmental and sustainable
development issues.
The relationship with nature, with other animals and with the planet in general is one of the most conflicting
and enduring in the history of human beings: a relationship that has undergone an even more accentuated
dynamic of domination and exploitation in the last century.
Anthropocentrism and an attitude of defiance, the drive to defeat, tame or bend the environment to the
interests of humanity is predominant, to the detriment of a search for balance and peace.
This aspect has constantly emerged in Adonella's works: showing the abuses of our system, the
consequences of our daily choices, but also telling stories, small or large, of struggle and alternative paths in
search of new balances.
The jury of the Adonella Marena’s Award is made up of
Davide Balistreri, Djanet Association. president
Elena Camino, Interdisciplinary Research Institute on Sustainability founder
Elena Ferrero, university professor in Turin

1. The GPAS Short Film Fest is a project of the Centro Studi Sereno Regis.

Participation in the Competition is free: you can register and send video works starting from Friday 14 April 2023. The deadline for registering for the Competition and for sending the works is 15 August 2023. The screening of the films to the public selected will be held in Turin from 6 to 8 October 2023.

2. Fiction and documentary short films made by Italian and foreign authors that reflect on the theme of the current
edition are admitted to the Competition.
The Give Peace A Screen competition welcomes works that deal with all the themes included in the nonviolent culture:

opposition to war, education for peace, denunciation of injustices, struggles for the affirmation of rights, the search for a nonviolent relationship with Nature . During the festival the films will be presented divided into thematic areas.

3. Films made no earlier than 1 January 2021 and whose duration does not exceed 30 minutes, including opening and
closing credits, are eligible.

Two works for each director can be entered in the festival.

4. Only those who, on the expiry date of the announcement (15 July 2023), have not completed the thirty-fifth year of
age will be admitted to the Competition. Authors over 35 and works longer than 30 minutes may eventually be selected
for the Out of Competition section.

5. All works not in Italian must be accompanied by a file of subtitles in Italian and english in .srt format and by the list of dialogues in Italian and/or english. Works already entered in other festivals are also admitted.

6. All the works received and considered compliant with these regulations will be viewed by a commission which, at its
sole discretion, will choose those admitted to the Competition and presented to the Jury which will award the prizes.

The selected works will be evaluated by a Jury which, at its sole discretion, will award the prizes:

Gandhi's Glasses prize of 1000 euros for the best film;
Michelangelo Pistoletto’s “Preventive peace” prize of 1000 euros;
Adonella Marena prize of 1000 euros.
Pertinace Award for Best Director;
Aurora Award for Best Screenplay.

7. In order to participate in the Competition, the authors must necessarily send an email to by and no later than August 15th 2023 containing the following materials:

a) the unlisted link (e.g. on youtube, vimeo) or private link with password to allow the selection committee and the jury to view the film online; the indication "Section - Title of the work";

b) a brief synopsis (max 500 characters) indicating the name/s of the authors and the director;

c) 3 good resolution images relating to the film (minimum 300 dpi) and a photograph of the director;

d) indication of whether or not the film is free from rights and whether it contains literary or musical passages for which authorization has not been requested;

e) an indication of whether the short has already been screened before and on what occasion.

8. Only in the event of selection in the Competition will the authors be required to promptly send the high definition file of their film, in the manner and within the times indicated by the organization of the Competition.

9. Participation in the announcement implies acceptance of all the rules contained in these regulations and implies the release of consent to the Centro Studi Sereno Regis to use the works for the purposes of the competition, also in any future non-profit screenings, consistent with the spirit of the proposing entity, with the mention of the intellectual property of the author who will be informed of any eventual projection.

The selected films will become part of the Centro Studi Sereno Regis archive, which will be able to use them for any
free screenings for educational, research or other purposes, in various venues and in various contexts linked to the competition, always and exclusively non-commercial nature.

10. The request to register for GIVE PEACE A SCREEN implies the unconditional acceptance of these regulations.

This document, duly signed by each director – bearing the title of the work and name and surname of the author/author in capital letters – serves as a release for the screening of the works held by the CSSR association during the events organized by the Association (subject communication to the director/production company).

11. For information, write to the following email address:



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