Encuentro Para Cinéfagos 2021 (festival De Cinearte En La Frontera) (11)

Encuentro Para Cinéfagos 2021 (Festival de CineArte en la Frontera)


03 Jan 2021
Call for entries

15 Mar 2021
Early deadline

15 Apr 2021
Standard deadline

15 May 2021
Late deadline

15 Jun 2021
Extended deadline


15 Jul 2021
Notification date

05 Aug 2021
07 Aug 2021


11-6 Carrera 18,  5001, San Cristóbal, Táchira, Venezuela

Festival description
Short film festival 20'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  20'<
 Any language
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Photo of Encuentro Para Cinéfagos 2021 (festival De Cinearte En La Frontera)
Photo of Encuentro Para Cinéfagos 2021 (festival De Cinearte En La Frontera)

Photo of Encuentro Para Cinéfagos 2021 (festival De Cinearte En La Frontera)
Photo of Encuentro Para Cinéfagos 2021 (festival De Cinearte En La Frontera)


Festival start: 05 August 2021      Festival end: 07 August 2021


Festival de Cine – Arte en la Frontera

The tenth edition of the Cinephagus Meeting, born in 2011 from the conjunction of the Andes University Cinema Club and Bordes, an independent organization dedicated to study and promote arts and humanities in Venezuela, will be held for the first time in two cities: Cúcuta (Colombia) and San Cristóbal (Venezuela), from September 21sth through 26th, 2020 (The original date in August was changed due to pandemic situation).

This bi-national cooperation is possible thanks to the support in Co-Production of Paracinéfagos (video producers), Vivecúcuta, Bordes Galería-Café and Cinetuúr Cinemaclub.

Experimental films are more than welcome: our festival encourages innovation and transgressing of format, genres, political and aesthetic borders. We are especially receptive of video-art and dance films, as well as animation and documentaries, considering it necessary for artists to have adequate spaces for the exhibition and critique of their work, outside commercial circuits and other formal demands that may limit creative exploration of contemporary languages.

We are also interested in films exploring the subject of frontiers. Táchira is located in the border of Venezuela with Colombia, and this has traditionally been the most active geo political limit in Latin America, but in the last five years activity has been more than unusual, deserving many different views to be displayed. The story of this and other borders from around the world may be valuable contributions to our festival, which encourages reflective discussion as well as aesthetic enjoyment of all works presented.


Main categories:
Video - Art
Dance Film
Musical Video
Best National Film (Venezuela)
Best Colombian film

Best Student Film*
*Made by high school or college students, in Film schools, Communications, Arts or any academic program. The condition to apply for this prize is that no member of the main crew has a degree in Cinema or works professionally as a filmmaker.

Borders Short Film**
A prize for a film submitted in any category, made in any country, be it by students, professionals or amateurs. It is awarded by the Festival Committee, every year, to a work that excels in its approach to the issue of Borders, be it through a treatment of the subject of frontiers in the content of the film or by an aesthetic expression of the transgression of limits in the art of audiovisual language.

Publics’ Favorite***
Elected by the general audience present during public projection, by a universal, secret and direct vote.

Special awards:
Sound Design
Art Direction


1. Open call for submissions from Janury 1st, 2021. The final deadline is Juny 30, 2021. The official selection will be announced by july 15th.

2. The event will take place in San Cristóbal (Venezuela) and Cúcuta (Colombia), from August 5 through 7 of 2020. The verdict of the jury will be announced in the city San Cristóbal, on August 7th and immediately made public through our official social media accounts.

3. The Cinephagus Meeting Festival does not require any restriction on the exclusivity of the submitted works. They may have been premiered or participated in other contests, festivals or screenings, be available online, etc. You are still welcome to apply.

4. The production date of the short film must not be before January 1, 2019.

5. Time limit duration of each short film allowed for submission and previewing is 20 minutes (credits included).

6. Short films that are not in Spanish must have subtitles in this language. english subtitles will be admitted when not available in Spanish, if the evaluation committee considers that the film may be projected to Hispanic public without significantly affecting the quality of the audience experience.

7. Categories of submission: Fiction, Documentary, Animation, Video-Art, Dance Film and Musical Film.

8. Participants from any part of Venezuela, Colombia and other countries are welcome.

9. Professional film-makers are welcome to submit works as well as students and amateurs.

10. Films produced in Venezuela and Colombia must submit through the Registration Form available on our official website: https://www.bordes.com.ve/

11. Filmmakers with current residence in Venezuela are exempted from registration fee due to special conditions.

12. The registration for Colombian filmmakers is $20.000. These must be transferred to the account:
Checking account
María Mónica Villamizar
ID 1.090.393.956
Please adjoin pay ticket to registration fee or attach file by email to paracinefagos@bordes.com.ve (specify identification details of film and sender)

13. Works from other countries must submit through FestHome.

14. Registration fee of USD $10 applies for all film makers whose country of residence is other than Venezuela (currently undergoing a severe hyperinflation crisis) and Colombia (co-host for this edition). These contributions are directed towards a non-profit fund destined to finance art projects, production, research and education.

15. More than one work may be submitted by the same film makers (without additional fees). However, registration does not guarantee the projection of the film in the festival. The Organization Committee will make an official selection from all material submitted, and authors will receive a certificate acknowledging this distinction.

16. The Organization Committee assumes the responsibility of presenting a curated program for the public, consisting of our official selection and special features as well as conferences and workshops. We are also responsible for designating a qualified jury and providing them with the material as well as evaluation criterion and any means necessary for the adequate completion of their task. We also guarantee adequate conditions for the projection of all works presented in the festival.

17. All films that qualify as the Festivals Official Selection will be projected to a general audience in both host cities (Cúcuta and San Cristóbal).

18. awards will be given in the categories of: Fiction, Documentary, Animation, Video-Art, Dance Film, Musical Film, National Film (Venezuelan), Best Colombian Short Film, BORDERS short film, Best Student Film and Publics Favorite.

19. Special mentions may be granted for: Best Direction, Best Photography, Best Sound Design, Best Production and Outstanding Acting Performance.

20. The jury will be comprised of three principal members, each one an acknowledged authority in the cinematographic guild, with different areas of expertise. The inclusion in this group of one scholar, academic, teacher or critic is mandatory to enhance our view of film as an object of study for aesthetics and the result of an intellectual process as well as a work of art.

21. Filmmakers will assume the (optional) cost of fabrication and shipping of award statuettes, when awarded.

22. After the Festival, further exhibitions of the films may be programmed in different platforms of public distribution for cultural and academic purposes.

23. Registration implies the authorization of filmmakers for any further exhibition of submitted material programmed by the Festivals’ Organization Committee.

24. The Cinephagus Meeting Festival reserves the right to use fragments of selected short films (less than 20 seconds) for the production of promotional audiovisual products.

25. Submission implies the acceptance of all conditions stated above. Please read carefully and express any concerns by email: paracinefagos@bordes.com.ve.

26. You may give your contribution, donation or registration fee through PayPal, to our account assigned to fundación@bordes.com.ve.



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