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12 Mar 2018
Call for entries

23 Mar 2018
Early deadline

04 Apr 2018
Standard deadline

23 Apr 2018
Late deadline

04 May 2018
Festival closed

05 Jun 2018
Notification date

08 Jun 2018
12 Aug 2018


Wilcza 27B,  00-544, Warsaw, -, Poland

Festival description
Short film festival 12'<
Feature film festival >12'

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2017
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  12'<
 Feature Films  >12'
 Any language
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Photo of On Art - Poland
Photo of On Art - Poland
Photo of On Art - Poland
Photo of On Art - Poland


Festival start: 08 June 2018      Festival end: 12 August 2018

International Film Festival

The biggest open-air film festival in Central Europe.

Over 2 months of every-day entertainment
for thousand's of Art&Movie lovers.

Prestigious locations:
Warsaw: National Museum, The Amphitheatre at Łazienki Royal-Park, Królikarnia Palace, Park Żeromskiego & accompanying events in Cracow, Poznan and Wrocław

If you are the author of a film about art, or art is an important topic in your film – show it at the first on-air film festival in Poland. We are looking for best art productions from all around the world, covering topics such as sculpture, painting, photography, music, dance and film.

The festival lasts two months. It takes place for the 7th time in June and July in the biggest cities of Poland.

The last editions were known as Film&Art Festival. We invite viewers to watch not only new movies about art, but also the best films of recent years, such as “La Grande Bellezza”, “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, “Pina”, “Cinema Paradiso” or “Finding Vivian Maier”.

Poles are passionate of Art and movies. Many Polish filmmakers, such Roman Polański, Andrzej Wajda, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Janusz Kamiński, Sławomir Idziak are a part of wordlwide history of cinematography.

From Fine Art to Street Art - your film may present all genres of art: painting, music, dance, ballet, theatre, performance, sculpture, video art, etc.

We invite all categories of filmmakers: professionals, students and independent artists.

We accept all main genres: fiction, documentary and animation.

Show your movie to the Polish and international audience, bring your movie-theme closer, and be a part of On Art Festival 2018!

Our professional jury will choose to present on the Festival:
50 short movies
10 medium or full-length movies

You can submit to 6 categories:

Short professional (up to 12 mins)
Short independent (up to 12 mins)
Medium length professional (12 - 70 mins)
Medium length independent (12 - 70 mins)
Feature film professional (over 70 mins)
Feature film independent (over 70 mins)

The best 3 movies from each category will be rewarded by a statuettes, diplomas and sponsor's gifts.

Audience Choice Award – will be executed on-line, by voting on website, and will be announced two weeks after the Festival ends (We'll not screened or shown any film on-line).

The total value of the gifts & prizes is USD 2,000.

1. The film is produced after the 1st of January 2016.

2. The Art should has a special role in the film.

3. The Festival accepts all main genres: fiction, animation, documentary, video art, experimental.

4. Films with special method of screening, like 3D or VR glasses – are not accept.

5. The Festival accept online submissions only – by festival platforms, such Festhome. We don’t accept physical submissions via post or e-mail (i.e. DVD, flash drive).

6. Films in a language other than English or Polish must have subtitles in English.

7. One author can submit any number of works but each entry must have a separate entry and fee.

8. Deadline for entries: May 4, 2018.

9. List of selected films: May 21, 2018.

10. If selected, participants will be notified via e-mail. Information will appear on our web-site too.

11. The decisions of the juries are final. The Festival will not inform about criteria of decisions.

12. Screening copy must be sent using online platforms with option for downloading, such as Vimeo.com, WeTransfer.com, Tranz.it, etc.

13. Recommended digital format: MPEG4 / H.264 codec, HD 1920×1080, stereo.

14. The access for audience is free.

15. The Festival does not pay any fees to the authors for screening films and not cover any expenses related to participation in the festival, like travel or accomodation costs.

16. By submitting the Film you declaim that you have a full copyright of the Film and you accept screenings of the Film during the Festival. You grant to the Festival a non-exclusive license to use the Film in open-air screenings, indoor screenings and for general advertising materials and other promotional materials.

17. The Festival may use the Film, information about the Authors, pictures, or still-frames, in conjunction with an Internet site and social media for the advertisement purpose.



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