Todos Somos Diferentes - Festival Internacional De Cine/ Chile (9)

International Film Festival - We Are All Different


01 Apr 2024
Call for entries

06 May 2024
Festival closed

15 May 2024
Notification date

05 Jun 2024
08 Jun 2024


Pje El Tabo 665,  1240000, Antofagasta, Antofagasta, Chile

Festival description
Short film festival >1' 20'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 January 2022
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >1' 20'<
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Photo of Todos Somos Diferentes - Festival Internacional De Cine/ Chile
Photo of Todos Somos Diferentes - Festival Internacional De Cine/ Chile

Photo of Todos Somos Diferentes - Festival Internacional De Cine/ Chile
Photo of Todos Somos Diferentes - Festival Internacional De Cine/ Chile


Festival start: 05 June 2024      Festival end: 08 June 2024

TODOS SOMOS DIFERENTES (WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT) it is configured as an International Film Festival that seeks to make visible audiovisual works that address issues related to different types of disability as well as the Rights of People with Disabilities, such as equal opportunities, social inclusion, participation and accessibility. In this seventh edition, due to the global health emergency, both the Festival and the various activities will take place virtually.

Likewise, it seeks to enhance and encourage the participation of organizations of and for people with disabilities and educational institutions, artists, workers in the audiovisual world and people with an interest in the development of films that revolves around these themes.

The winning films will be chosen by a jury of professionals from accessible art and from national and international audiovisual media, alongside the public.

All the winning films will become part of different competitions in the festivals that make up the Ibero-American Network of Inclusive Film Festivals along with a membership in the Festhome platform for distribution.

The winning short films in each category will receive advice and help with the implementation of accessibility tools in their films, according to the specific need of each one. (Audio description, Chilean sign language, subtitles, dialogues and descriptive audio).

Works completed in the years 2022, 2023, 2024 whether fiction, documentary, animation or experimental, may participate. The duration of the short films must be between 1 to 20 minutes, spoken or subtitled in Spanish.

The films must be related to the theme of the festival, being able to deal with aspects related to disability such as for example: Protection and social security, health and sanitary services, education, employment, housing, transport, including culture, leisure and sports, among others.

Short films can be filmed with any type of camera (video, photographic, mobile phone, tablet, etc). Archival material may be used.

A maximum of two works per person participate.

They may not include material protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights.
Remember that you must have the express consent of all those who appear in the short film. If they are persons under 18 years of age, they must have the consent of the minor's parents or their legal guardian. If the film is selected for the Official Competition, the signed documents will be requested to be sent.



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