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05 Jun 2024
Call for entries

31 Jul 2024
Standard deadline

30 Sep 2024
Late deadline

30 Sep 2024
Final deadline


15 Oct 2024
Notification date

01 Nov 2024
08 Dec 2024


B1F Brick Gate Kayabacho 2-8-1 Nihonbashi-kayabacho,  103-0025,  Chuo-ku,, Tokyo, Japan

Festival description
Short film festival >3' 31'<
Feature film festival >30' 120'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 January 2022
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >3' 31'<
 Feature Films  >30' 120'<
 Any language
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Festival start: 01 November 2024      Festival end: 08 December 2024

In the 19th century cinema was born.

What kind of films do the directors and actors of the 21st century seek to make? How can we, as festival organizers, select and promote films with vitality?

The vision of Tokyo Sukiyaki Theaters (TST) is to build a hybrid film festival. We will open up films to audiences from two directions: a film festival at a live venue in Tokyo and a streaming film festival online.

We believe that a festival, which combines these two dynamic aspects of film at the same time will have the greatest power to raise questions in our current era.

We are waiting in Tokyo for films and filmmakers who will stand up for the global audience of the future!

Feature Film Competition: Grand Prix
Short Film Competition: Grand Prix

Genre Division
Best Drama
Best Action
Best Science Fiction
Best Horror
Best Comedy
Best Animation
Best Documentary

Best Artistic Contribution Award
The film(s) selected for this award will be screened with Japanese subtitles at Koenji Theater Bacchus in Tokyo, December 2024.

1. Entry Requirements

(a) Films must be completed on or after January 1, 2022. It does not matter whether the films have been screened or not prior to Tokyo Sukiyaki Theaters (TST).

(b) All films must be independently produced, regardless of whether the applicant is a professional or amateur filmmaker.

(c) The films can be of any genre, including fiction, animation, documentary, etc., but those should be highly creative works that push the boundaries of cinematic expression without being bound by preconceived ideas.

d) Films with a running time between 3 to 30 minutes will automatically fall into the short film category, and those with a running time between 31 to 120 minutes will fall into the feature film category.

e) It is desirable that the director be available to make an in person appearance at the festival or participate online during the actual screening in Tokyo.

2. Entry for Participation
Entries can be done through Festhome, which must be able to confirm the contents of all the following materials. In the event that any of the following information is found to be incomplete or inadequate, the application may be rejected at the discretion of the TST. In such cases, no refunds will be made.

(a) Full-length films with English subtitles (YouTube and Vimeo links. And password if necessary)

(b) Film synopsis, cast and crew information, director information, trailer (for feature length), etc. as required by Festhome.

d) Application fee for previewing and administrative work. NO FEE WAIVER.

3. Submission Period
From Saturday, April 6, 2024 to Monday, September 30, 2024 

4. Selection
The selection of films to be screened online at TST will be determined by the TST programmers. Applicants shall be notified of the results of the selection process by e-mail, by October 15, 2024.

5. Music and Video Copyrights
When using existing film, video or music in the submitted films, or when using an original work (novel, manga, etc.), the applicant must obtain the copyright permission before submitting the film. If unauthorized use of copyright is discovered after the selection process, the screening results may be invalidated and the screening of the film may be canceled at the discretion of the TST.

6. Awards
The following prizes will be awarded based on online voting by the audience and deliberation by the TST screening committee. There may be no winner.

Feature Length Competition
Grand Prix = 1 film

Short Length Competition
Grand Prix = 1 film

Genre Division
Best Drama Award
Best Action Award
Best Science Fiction Award
Best Horror Award
Best Comedy Award
Best Animation Award
Best Documentary Award

Film(s) excelling in one area or another
Best Artistic Contribution Award

The Best Artistic Contribution Award will be decided by the TST screening committee in consultation, but there may be no winner.
The film(s) selected for this award will be screened with Japanese subtitles in a Tokyo theater.

7. ​​Use of selected films outside of our Film Festival

The selected films may be streamed worldwide on a non-exclusive basis via todoiF's streaming platform with DRM security measures for a certain period of time (maximum of six(6) months) somewhere within one (1) year from the day following the end of the TST 2024, on the internet. In addition, the proceeds of streaming your films for this particular period will be equally split between the filmmakers of selected films and TST, and those filmmakers must agree to this in advance.

The selected films shall be licensed to be shown at screenings and events organized by TST for a period of one (1) year from the day following the end of the TST 2024, on the condition that the profits from such screenings and events shall be split equally between the filmmakers of selected films and TST.

The proceeds shall be counted one year after the end of the TST 2024 and paid within two months of the end of counting.

TST has no policy to pay screening fees for selected films during the TST 2024.

8. Materials
Entrants whose films were selected for the TST 2024 should send the following materials using a file transfer service by October 15, 2024.

a) Full length film data (mov or mp4 (H.264), resolution 1080p or higher, bit rate 10-20Mbs, audio stereo 2ch)

b) SRT file for English subtitles

c) SRT file for Japanese subtitles, if available

d) Main visual cut and several stills of the film

e) Trailer data (mp4), SRT files for English subtitles

f) Film synposis

g) English poster (AI, JPEG format files)

h) Director's photo, profile and comments

9. Subtitles on screening

(a) All selected films will be officially streamed in their original language with English subtitles.

(b) Film(s) screened in a Tokyo theater will be screened in their original language version with Japanese subtitles. However, if the original language is Japanese, the film(s) will be shown without subtitles.

10. Acknowledgments
All TST entrants is deemed to have agreed to the following.

(a) That any new third party (e.g. distribution company) that appears after notification of selection must take care not to overturn the agreement to enter the film in the Festival.

(b) The TST is hereby granted that right to use still images and excerpts (max.3min) from all selected films for exhibition in any festival promotional materials.

(c) All TST entrants agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

(d) The TST will rule on any matter not stipulated in these Terms and Conditions or if any question arises.

WE DO NOT REPLY TO EMAILS ASKING US TO WAIVE THE FEE. Thank you for your understanding.



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