Work&Enterprise Film Festival Award (1)


18 Mar 2024
Call for entries

30 Jun 2024
Standard deadline

31 Jul 2024
Late deadline

31 Aug 2024
Extended deadline


30 Sep 2024
Notification date

01 Nov 2024
03 Nov 2024


Piazza Matteotti,  31100, Treviso, Treviso, Italy

Festival description
Short film festival 30'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  30'<
 Any language
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Photo of Work&Enterprise Film Festival Award
Photo of Work&Enterprise Film Festival Award
Photo of Work&Enterprise Film Festival Award
Photo of Work&Enterprise Film Festival Award


Festival start: 01 November 2024      Festival end: 03 November 2024

The Anonima Sognatori association, CinemaLab and EdoHub promote and organize the First International Film Festival “Lavoro & Impresa” and the related Award. Sponsorships and partners will follow.
The intent is to explore, through filmic narration, the experience of humanity at work and, at the same time, present the experience of those who create that work by doing business, without neglecting how work and business influence the environment and its dynamics.
Only films that tell stories (not documentaries) that contain aspects of work, of working, and of those who work are admitted to the Festival; as well as those who are looking for work, those who lose it, those who don't have any. At the same time, films are allowed that tell the stories of those who create or have created, or have lost, a company and, overall, of how work, workers, and businesses are united in a single purpose and destiny.
In short, stories that tell these relevant and fundamental aspects of humanity, in all the psychological, social, political and environmental facets and implications they entail, are admitted and invited to participate.
A Festival and an Award dedicated to men and women who work every day all over the world building countries and destinies.

The awarded categories are as follows:

Grand Jury Prize for the best film ever.
Best Italian film.
Best foreign film.
Best direction.
Best photography.
Best Original Music.
Best Original Screenplay.
Best Actor.
Best Actress.
Audience Award.


Participation in the Festival is only possible via the Festhome platform via the links found on the Festival website.

Only narrative films (fiction) in Italian or with english subtitles are admitted.

Films must have a maximum duration of 30 (thirty) minutes, including titles, in Full HD, MP4 horizontal video format. Further technical details, if necessary, will be communicated to the selected authors.

Films must have been made within the last seven years.

Each author can register more than one film, but only with a new registration.

The films entered cannot be replaced or modified but can be withdrawn, thus losing the registration.

Each film must be accompanied by a trailer of maximum two minutes, as well as credit and complete press kit as requested on Festhome.

Entered films that do not meet these requirements are disqualified and will lose their entry.


Registrations close on August 31, 2024. The film submission deadlines are as follows:

INITIAL: by April 15th.
STANDARD: by June 30st.
LATE: by July 31st.
LAST: by August 31st.

Authors are invited to register in advance in order to facilitate the work of the jury and communication of the Festival.


The awarded categories are as follows:

Grand Jury Prize for the best film ever.
Best Italian film.
Best foreign film.
Best direction.
Best photography.
Best Original Music.
Best Original Screenplay.
Best Actor.
Best Actress.
Audience Award.

The shortlist of finalists will be announced by September 30th.

The winners will be communicated only during the awards ceremony during the closing of the Festival, i.e. Sunday 3 November 2024.

With the availability of sponsorships, cash prizes will also be possible for the winners,


The selection of films will be made by experts and operators from the world of work and companies, and by experts and operators in the audiovisual, university, journalism and art sectors, both at a local, national and international level.

The jury's minutes remain confidential and every decision taken by the jury is unquestionable and final.

The selected films, three for each category excluding the Audience Award, will be publicized in the press, internet and social media, and their authors will be notified personally by email.


During the three days of the Festival (1-3 November 2024) as many films as possible will be screened according to a schedule prepared by the Festival.
At each screening the audience will have a ballot to vote for their favorites, and these ballots and votes will lead to the Audience Award.

The screenings will take place in a cinema or in a suitable venue.

Depending on the availability of sponsorships and hospitality, collateral events could also be organised, such as a photography and painting exhibition on the same topics, and discussion panels and meetings with the authors.

Finally, on the evening of Sunday 3 November there will be the awards ceremony with the awarding of the prizes awarded by the jury.

The ceremony will be public and can be booked free of charge while places are available.

It is possible to broadcast the ceremony via web to allow those who cannot participate to witness it.


The authors declare that they have every right to the images and music of the films, and hereby consent, without having anything to claim, to the public screening of the films during the festival period. They also agree to the publication of clips transmitted via the Internet to promote the films and the Festival, as well as their names and photographs.

The authors of the films retain all rights to their works.


This competition falls within the cases of exclusion provided for by Presidential Decree 430/2001.

The organization declines all responsibility for any acts of plagiarism committed by the authors, cases which will therefore be resolved in venues and with means external to the Festival.


Participants accept the processing of their personal data pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003, GDPR and subsequent amendments and the Organizer undertakes, based on current privacy legislation, to use the participants' data exclusively for the purposes of the organization and management of the Festival and limited to the time it takes place, without sharing the data with third parties.

The complete Festival program will be made available on the official website before the event.
The Festival regulations may be subject to changes which, if necessary, will be promptly communicated to interested parties.

The Festival reserves the right not to award one or more of the prizes indicated.

The availability of hospitality for the winners depends on the sponsorships, but all authors, whether selected or not, can have discounts on hospitality as will be indicated by the Festival secretariat.

Applicants indemnify and hold harmless the Festival organization, its judges, sponsors and partners, individually and collectively, from and against all claims, demands, losses, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses (including legal fees) arising from or in relation to any third party claims or claims relating to films submitted to this Festival.

Providing false or misleading information in the entry, or otherwise failing to comply with the rules of the competition and the Festival, is subject to disqualification with all related consequences.

Unless otherwise indicated in this regulation, everything contained in it will be regulated and interpreted in accordance with Italian laws. The competent seat is the court of Treviso.

The opinions provided by the judges are based exclusively on their personal opinions and do not reflect the opinions of the Festival organization which therefore assumes no responsibility for the academic, creative, professional, economic or emotional impact on the authors or for the consequences of the opinions thus expressed.

By registering for the Festival, the author declares to have understood and to fully and totally accept these regulations without any conditions or reservations. The lack of even one of the conditions that regulate the validity of the registration determines the automatic exclusion from the Festival and the loss of the registration fee.



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