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12 juil. 2016
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20 sept. 2016
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24 oct. 2016
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24 nov. 2016
27 nov. 2016


Str. Venijamin Macukovski 17/1-1,  1000 , Skopje, Skopje, Macédoine du nord

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Début du Festival: 24 novembre 2016      Fin du Festival: 27 novembre 2016

About the Festival

“Animax Skopje Fest” is the first animated film festival in Macedonia. We regard it as a unique opportunity to present local Macedonian creative potential in their home country; the audience will get a clear picture of what is currently in Macedonia created in this field. The festival is by nature competitive and is open to animators from around the world. The main reason why we decided to organize an international festival of animated film in the Republic of Macedonia, is the desire and need for this animated film to get a wide door in Macedonia.

Profile and Mission

The festival is the right address for anyone interested in animation as a way of communication, as a way of expanding horizons, as an effort to support a cultural form and spend leisure time in creative and constructive way, as part of a global trend of creative industries in Europe and the world. “Animax Skopje Fest” is organized by the production company “Auripigment”, in collaboration with the Association of Citizens Creative Center “Tintiri - Mintiri” of Skopje, Macedonia, with the support of Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia. The main mission of “Animax Skopje Fest” is:
Promotion of animation in Macedonia;
Increasing the awareness for animation in Macedonia as a part of important cultural (creative) industries;
Contacting and communication between artists in Macedonia and abroad;
Promotion of dialog between filmmakers, designers, animators, artists, producers and viewers;
Organizing seminars, forums, workshops.

Who We Are

Production company “Auripigment” is working about 15 years in the field of audio - visual arts in the Republic of Macedonia, producing feature films, TV series, feature series, documentaries and entertainment programs intended for the widest audience. Most of the projects are characterized as projects of national interest to universal values. In this list of projects is included one of the latest projects of the production company, the first Macedonian international festival of animated films “Animax Skopje Fest”. Currently the production company “Auripigment” has produced documentary “Hristo Uzunov”, while in pre - production and production are five projects including a feature film. Festival “Animax Skopje Fest” aims to unite and encourage all animators in the Republic of Macedonia and to facilitate verification and presentation worthy of their creative potential and product. “Auripigment” production team knows quality and potency of Macedonian authors and therefore deemed it necessary to put the festival in the service of the promoter and ‘exporter’ of aesthetic founded animated audio - visual works arising from Macedonia. In fact, this festival aims to raise and build culture in terms of making animated films for adults and children who present different aspects of everyday life. The authors of these films from around the world participate in this festival by sending their animated films. Animax Skopje Fest is held in November each year. The last night of the festival, most successful animated films are awarded with prizes, which have undergone previous round of competition and are being elected as awarded by the jury - the commission. On the other hand, our team closely monitors developments in the field of world animation and also as past years, this year and in future plans to carry the best of the world in Macedonia. This is illustrated by the previous two editions of the festival, in which were reported over 400 high quality animated films from more than 35 countries worldwide. While this year's edition reported more than 200 animated works from more than 40 countries from all around the world, which this time, also, will compete for the main prize “Golden Brick”.

Macedonian International Animation Festival “Animax Skopje Fest 2016” forms an international jury announced by the Organizer, which will award the prizes:

– GRAND PRIX / Golden Brick

– Second Prize / Silver Brick

– Third prize / Bronze Brick for each festival category.

International Animation Film Festival 2016


1. The sixth edition of Macedonian International Animation Festival
“Animax Skopje Fest” will be held in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

2. The Festival program is consisted of following sections:

o Open international animated film competition;

o Thematic sections and special screenings.

3. The Organizer of ASF 2016 is Auripigment production in collaboration with NGO Film School Tintiri-Mintiri from Skopje. The Festival is supported by Macedonian Film Agency, City of Skopje and other partners.

4. The films in official competition can submit art schools, production companies, film institutions, independent artists and other competent persons.

5. The submission process:

Submission by post:
The applicant should necessary submit application form set on the Festival web
site on the festival official e-mail address The applicant should also send the signed version of application form together with animation film by regular post, on the following address: For Animax Skopje Fest 2016 Str. Venijamin Macukovski
17/1-1 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

The applicant should necessarily send:

- Printed and signed application form
- High definition digital video of the film
- short synopsis of the film (max 300 characters),
- short biography of the director (300 characters max),
- 3 high quality photos from the film,
- 3 high quality photos from the director and
- English dialogue lists.

For on-line submission:

The festival accepts submissions through Festhome.

6. The Festival doesn’t charge any fee for submissions. The costs for postal services and procurement of materials, covers the applicant. The submitted materials should not be returned.

7. Who can participate

Submitted films for official competition can be finished in any animation technique, completed after January 1st, 2015, never previously entered at ASF.

Works should be registered in one of the following categories in order to compete:

a) Short animation films

b) Feature animation films (over 45 minutes)

c) Animated films for kids

8. Formats

Submitted films for official competition must be provided in high definition digital video (minimum resolution 1280x720). The Festival doesn’t accept 35 mm, BetacamSP or any other tape format as a screening copy.

9. The art director (selector of the Festival) together with Board of the Festival will nominate submitted films for official selection.

10. The deadline for sending applications and materials is 20th of September 2016.

11. The applicants are obligated to make official English translation of the submitted films.

12. Macedonian International Animation Festival “Animax Skopje Fest 2016” forms an international jury announced by the Organizer, which will award the prizes: – GRAND PRIX / Golden Brick – Second Prize / Silver Brick –
Third prize / Bronze Brick for each festival category.

13. Prizes that are not included in the Festival Statute may be awarded on the Festival, from private donors, institutions and organizations.

14. The Films selected in official competition may be shown more than three times during the Festival.

15. Entrants agree to grant the Festival the rights for using some parts of the films for free, for promotional materials, Festival publications (printed materials, web-sites etc.) and for Festival promotion on all media, as well
as for TV screening related to the Festival.

16. The producers of the films in official competition agree to be organized
additional screenings of their films for free, after the completion of the Festival in Macedonia and abroad, as a promotion of the festival program.

17. Applying a Film on the Festival denotes acceptance of the Festival Statutes.

18. The organizers will decide for any subject not included in the Festival Statute.



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