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Ras i Curt

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02 nov. 2020
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16 déc. 2020
Festival fermé

20 déc. 2020
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19 déc. 2020
19 déc. 2020


Casal Cultural d'Ullastrell: c/ Josep Fornells, s/n,  08231, Ullastrell, Barcelona, Spain

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Photo of Festival De Curtmetratges Ras i Curt
Photo of Festival De Curtmetratges Ras i Curt

Photo of Festival De Curtmetratges Ras i Curt
Photo of Festival De Curtmetratges Ras i Curt


Début du Festival: 19 décembre 2020      Fin du Festival: 19 décembre 2020

Ras i Curt is the short film competition of Ullastrell (Western Valls). He first saw the light in 2018, with the aim of promoting audiovisual creation through the short film and its exhibition in Ullastrell. This 2019 we celebrate the 2nd edition.

We think small places like Ullastrell, not because they are small, less rich in the knowledge and abilities of the people who inhabit it to generate culture. For this reason, through the audiovisual, a very transversal medium, the opportunity is given to both young people and adults from any place to be able to express themselves on the big screen, putting images, sound and the maximum creativity and quality that they are capable of.
From October 23 to November 25, 2019, the registration period opens to send short film proposals for the second edition of ras i Curt, with a maximum duration of 5 minutes. In this second edition we have increased the value of the prizes. There are prizes for categories of up to 200 euros each, and 2 recognitions for the best questioning and the best original ideal, each with a prize of 100 euros. The audience is and will be one of the pillars of this contest, and for this reason we give voice to your judgment to award the Audience Award, valued with 200 euros and with an annual subscription to Filmin.

We encourage anyone who has an idea to develop it, with the tools at their disposal. And to accompany those who need a push, we offer the Festival a program of 6 free training workshops of themes that revolve around the short film: scripting, cinematic language, new ways of recording and video editing. Registration is required through the online form as places are limited.

At the end of the deadline (25/11/2019), the jury, made up of five members of the audiovisual and artistic world, will deliberate the prizes among the short films presented that meet the bases. And it will be on Sunday, December 1 at 7 p.m. when the public screening of all the shorts and the corresponding subsequent awards ceremony will be made. This awards ceremony will take place in the Act Room of ullastrell's Casal Cultural, and admission will be free - you can book a seat by writing to cultura.joventut.ullastrell@gmail.com - or by picking them up for half an hour before starting the event at the Casal's locker. The ticket will be accompanied by a voting ticket for the public prize.

This 2019 comes with the novelty of wanting to dedicate a night to the exhibition of short films of the horror genre. Specifically on the night of October 26 at 22h in the hall of the Casal Cultural de Ullastrell.

Ras i Curt is a festival organized by the City Council of Ullastrell and has the collaboration of the Commission of Casal Cultural, local entities and personalities of Ullastrell and with the help of the Provincial Council of Barcelona.

You're just missing your:
If you have a goal, participate!

To recognize the talent of the participants, we have prepared several prizes, which will be delivered just after the show of short films:

* Best Short Film Address: YOUNG €200//ADULT: €200
* Best Interpretation: €100
* Best Original idea: €100
* Audience Award: €200 + Premium Subscription for a year on Filmin.


Registration: free
Youth Category (12-18 years) and Adult Category (+18 years)
Deadline: November 2 to December 16, 2020, both inclusive.


The theme of the short is free. It can be based on a real or fictional story, but always original. You only have to meet this condition:
* Location: There must be a visual allusion to a well-known location in Ullastrell.

You will have a maximum of 5 minutes to tell your story, including credits. Each author and / or group may submit a maximum of two unpublished shorts, with the permission of all participants to broadcast them publicly. The authors will be held responsible for the fact that the shorts submitted are not subject to any legal claim, and that they do not violate any fundamental rights.

The language of the shorts can be Catalan or Spanish. If any other language must be subtitled in Catalan or Spanish.

How to participate

Register by filling out the Registration Form.

The recording instrument can be any mobile device or camera and / or video camera. The format can be .avi, .mpeg, .mov or .mp4, with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 or 1280 × 720, H264 codec, and no more than 2GB.

The short can be presented through:
- wetransfer: to the address cultura.joventut.ullastrell@gmail.com
- Through a private link (with password, if applicable) to cultura.joventut.ullastrell@gmail.com
- A copy on DVD or flash drive in person or by post at Ullastrell Town Hall (Mon-Fri 9 am-2pm or Wed 4.30pm-7.30pm).

In all cases, it is essential to attach the registration form, together with a copy of the ID. Receipt of material will be confirmed by email.


The short films selected will be screened publicly on Saturday, December 19, 2020 at 8 pm, in the Auditorium of the Casal Cultural d’Ullastrell. Admission will be free and reservations must be made by calling 937887262 (Mon-Fri 9-14am) or sending a WhatsApp to 650248021 until Friday 18 December. The prizes will then be awarded.


To recognize the talent of the participants we have prepared several awards, which will be given just after the Short Film Show:

* Best Short Film Direction: YOUNG € 200 // ADULT: € 200
* Best performance: € 100
* Best original idea: € 100
* Audience prize: € 200 + Premium subscription for one year at Filmin.

Both categories can compete for the last three prizes equally. Cash prizes will be subject to the corresponding IRPF withholdings.
All short participants will receive a gift for the mere fact of participating.


The jury will be made up of five people linked to the audiovisual and / or artistic field. Their verdict will be final and they can leave any of the awards void, if they consider it so. The organization reserves the right to reject short films that, due to quality, lack of artistic or thematic intention, do not correspond to the intentions of the competition.

Training workshops

The organization makes available to anyone who wants it new (extended compared to the previous edition) free training workshops on the subject of creating a short film. This year the jump is made to the online version to make it easier for participants to access it from anywhere:

Pre-production: storytelling - 3/11, creativity techniques - 5/11, cinematic language - 10/11
Production: camera movements -17/11, directing actors - 19/11, the camera and its secrets - 24/11
Post-production: editing - 1/12, sound editing - 3/12 and music and color - 8/12
Support sessions (questions and answers): 12/11; 26/11; 10/12

All workshops are free, and prior registration is required (limited places) through the forms on the website www.rasicurt.cat. The workshops will take place at the Espai Jove d'Ullastrell (Pl. Escoles, 1) and begin at 18.00, with a duration of 2 hours, except for the workshop of New ways of recording which will be on Saturday 16 November 11 at 1 p.m. You can do whatever you want, open to everyone, regardless of whether you participate in the Contest.

To consider

Until the publication of the verdict, participants transfer the exclusive rights of reproduction, public communication and distribution of the short film or part of it to the organization, for promotional and informative purposes of the contest. The short film may not be broadcast publicly before the Exhibition. The authors will be the only ones responsible and legal representatives of their audiovisual creation. The organization reserves the right to modify any point of these bases if the circumstances require it, making the appropriate publicity.
Participation in this contest implies acceptance of these rules.



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