Festival De Cinema Rural Espadà ()

II Rural film festival ESPADÀ

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24 mars 2022
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01 juil. 2022
Festival fermé

31 oct. 2022
Date de notification

15 sept. 2022
18 sept. 2022


EDIFICIO MULTIFUNCIONAL ,  12221, Tales, Castelló, Spain

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Photo of Festival De Cinema Rural Espadà
Photo of Festival De Cinema Rural Espadà
Photo of Festival De Cinema Rural Espadà
Photo of Festival De Cinema Rural Espadà


Début du Festival: 15 septembre 2022      Fin du Festival: 18 septembre 2022

In the Castellón town of Tales, in the heart of the Sierra de Espadá natural area, the 2nd Espadá Rural Film Festival is being held, organized by CASDA, the Castelló Citizen Association against AIDS.

This festival has various awareness and dissemination activities both on the current environmental, ecological and social situation in the towns and in general in the world, as well as on the current social situation of people living with HIV. This year the novelty is that the theme of both the works and everything that is the festival will revolve around the figure of MOTHERS.

It will be through projections of documentaries and short films on social themes, as we have indicated, preferably on the theme of MOTHERS, and a Table for the Exchange of Experiences of different groups and associations that have participated in this project.

The screenings will take place over three different days, which will run from Thursday to Sunday.

Registration for the festival is completely free and must be done following the rules.

The selected films will compete for the 2022 Best Short Film Award, which consists of a sculpture, recognition by both the organizing entity and the Tales City Council, and €750 per category.

The selected documentaries will compete for the 2021 Best Documentary Award, which consists of a sculpture and recognition by both the organizing entity and the Tales City Council.

1. All types of films can participate, both short films and documentaries, preferably that portray stories developed in a rural environment.

This year the theme revolves around the figure of mothers, therefore works that reflect the reality of mothers will be valued, preferably mothers of LGTBI people, people with HIV, people deprived of liberty or prisoners, people who practice prostitution and /or any other population vulnerable to discrimination.

2. The works must be produced after January 1, 2020

3. There will be two prizes, one for each category: Best Documentary and Best Short Film. The prize for each winner will be a trophy, a recognition by the City Council, and the organizing entities and an economic amount of €750 per category.

4. The films can be in both Spanish and Valencian. If it is in Valencian, attach a subtitle file in Spanish.

5. The contestants must complete the registration, accepting the bases of the respective category to which they apply.

6. The films can be sent digitally through the platform https://festivals.festhome.com/ or by email diversity@casda.es in HD format, attaching a technical sheet of the same.

7. An unlimited number of tapes can be submitted per author.

8. The period for receiving films begins on April 1 and closes on August 1, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

9. The selection of the films will be in charge of the professional jury of the festival.

10. The results of the competition will be announced by the President of the Jury at the closing ceremony. Subsequently, they will be published on the website and the different social networks.

11. The duration of the short films must not exceed 30 minutes, and that of the documentaries 90 minutes.

12. In case of being the winner of any of the categories, the person responsible for the work agrees to come in person to the awards ceremony, or someone on their behalf. If no one comes to collect the award, it will be understood that they reject the award and the organizing entity will donate it on their behalf to a social cause.

13. For any queries, contact us through diversidad@casda.es



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