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02 mag 2018
Inizio delle iscrizioni

18 lug 2019
Festival chiuso

21 ago 2019
Data della notifica

17 ott 2019
20 ott 2019


Pyramide 13,  4515SL, IJZENDIJKE, Zeeland, Netherlands

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Festival del cortometraggio 30'<

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 Festival Internazionale
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 gennaio 2016
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Photo of Tegenstroom IFF
Photo of Tegenstroom IFF

Photo of Tegenstroom IFF
Photo of Tegenstroom IFF


Inizio del Festival: 17 ottobre 2019      Festival si chiude: 20 ottobre 2019

'Everything of value is vulnerable'

The Word and tell stories.

The festival of the Word is a look-festival that will tell about the language stories.

The comic has clarify non-verbal story, the dialogue, the monologue or poetry versus snake or rap. All this translated and used in various filmexpressions, which may or may not know the reason to talk and touch the soul. A festival that raises questions about our communication with each other.

Best Fiction
Best Documentary
Best Dutch/Flemisch spoken film
Over all best film award
Opstromer award
Audience award

TEGENSTROOM is an independent international travelling festival of short fiction - and short documentary films, organized by the foundation 'Cross Current' situated in Breskens.
The main festival takes place at Groede, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (the Netherlands), during the month of November 2019 (17-20 November). Furthermore in 2019 the festival TEGENSTROOM is presenting its selected shorts films in festivals, film theatres, cinema, cultural institutions and film schools on a worldwide base.
Paramount contacts are situated in Belgium, Flanders, the Netherlands and the European Community.

Films in competition must have been completed on or after 1st January 2017.
Film has not been broadcasted or been public online.
All films must be a Dutch premiere except Dutch short films.
Format : All films must be submitted in a video file with English subtitles embedded plus have available an original file with English subtitles in srt file.
Filmmakers from any nationality can submit their films.
Films may not exceed 30 minutes in length.
Films have to be available for Festival screening on DCP and mp4. codec H264 - 10 Mbs - 1920 x 1080
No rental fees of the prints will be paid by the festival for the selected films.

Copies of selected films must be sent within 4 weeks when the the festival director informs you about the selection.
The exact location of the festival in November will be communicated later to the selected participants.
Copies of selected films will be sent back during January 2020 to the production company address or to an address whose deliveries prices by Fedex or TNT are not higher than the sending to the production company address.

Directors of final selected films will receive an invitation for the Festival and an accreditation. This invitation may not be used by a third party. The festival will cover (when possible) the guest's staying costs. Not the travel costs.

TEGENSTROOM is an independent international travelling festival of short fiction - and short documentary films, organized by the foundation 'Cross Current' situated in Breskens in collaboration with Noordzuid Films who initiated this filmfestival and is entitled to the concept and exploitation rights.

I authorize the festival to present my work within the framework of other events, which are (co-) organized by the festival TEGENSTROOM (invitations to other festivals, film theatres, cinema, schools, traveling of the festival in other Theatres)

I authorize the festival to show excerpts of the work on TV (max. 15% of running time)

I authorize the festival to show stills and information about my work on the website of the festival and in the press, and to translate the documents and the titles

By submitting the film/video, I declare that I do and am legally able to delegate the right to present the work to the Festival TEGENSTROOM, a non-commercial event, and that I agree to the conditions and regulations presented in this document.

Entry fee: free

When your film is selected the festival director will contact you asking for a screening copy.



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