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26 nov 2018
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26 nov 2018
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20 dic 2018
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09 gen 2019
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29 gen 2019
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10 feb 2019
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24 feb 2019
24 feb 2019


Naskar Para Lane,  711103, Howrah, West Bengal, India

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 gennaio 2016
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Photo of Bengals International
Photo of Bengals International
Photo of Bengals International
Photo of Bengals International


Inizio del Festival: 24 febbraio 2019      Festival si chiude: 24 febbraio 2019

Welcome to Bengals International.[ Film Festival with Live Screenings ] We are glad to welcome you to our Short Film Festival that invites films from all over the world. Our mission is to spread the creativity of film makers to as many viewers as possible. Your only Job is to submit your film, rest will be ours!! We are ready to screen your project/Shorts. Are you ready to participate !!!

1. Winner of "Bengal's International 2019 February" ,
2. Direction Award,
3. Story Award,
4. Acting Award ,
5. Editing Award,
6. Camera Award,
7. Production Award,
8. Costume Award,
9. Best Animation Short,
10. Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy Short,
11. Best Wild life Short,
12. Best Women's Short,
13. Best Health Related Short,
14. Best Environmental Pollution Short,
15. Best Two Minutes Short,
16. Best Music Video,
17. Best Documentary,
18. Every Selected Participants will get Participation Certificate.

1. One participant can submit maximum of 5 projects .
2. Single project may be submitted in multiple categories.
3. Must have English subtitle.
4. Maximum duration is 20, 5 & 2 minutes depending on category. (there is no lower time limit).
5. Festival have 4 Submission deadline, which differs by submission fees ( 7 USD , 8 USD , 9 USD and 10 USD) OR ( 455 INR , 520 INR , 585 INR and 650 INR ) multiplied by number of categories participating.
6. Submission opens on 26th November 2018. and Closes on 29-January-2019.
7. You can submit your project through [Google from] or [FilmFreeway] or [Click for festivals] platform.
8. Notification date, when you will know about your project listings (selection & Screening) is February 03,2019.
9. Event date is 24-February-2019. ( Large scale submission may cause to rise up Screening duration.
10. Once submitted, can’t be withdrawn at any circumstances. We don’t have any refund process.
11. Submission process also includes providing a valid project download link, otherwise treated as incomplete.
12. Submitted project will not be officially selected if Any watermark is present in the same.
13. Submitted project will not be officially selected if Any type of direct promotion OR any type of Social channel link etc. is present in the same.
14. There will be no competition if there are less than 5 submission in a category.

N.B. :
A. All selected films will receive official selection laurels on Demand.
B. Travel, Lodging, Boarding and all other miscellaneous expenses will not be borne by the Organizing Committee of Bengals International 2019 February and no requisitions for the same will be entertained.
C. ' Bengals International' reserves the right to launch trailers of the Officially Selected Projects in its Website and Social Networking Sites such as Facebook etc. by taking clips from the film/project for promotional purpose only of Bengals International 2019 February.
* In emergency authority may alter the festival proceedings. -- Thank you for your co-operation.



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