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Cinespejo - Las Gabias Film Festival


01 mar 2019
Inizio delle iscrizioni

01 apr 2019
Festival chiuso

14 apr 2019
Data della notifica

25 apr 2019
28 apr 2019


Miguel de Unamuno, s/n,  18110, Las Gabias, Granada, Spain

Descrizione del Festival
Films with poetic vision
Festival del cortometraggio >1' 15'<

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Photo of Cinespejo - Festival de Cine de Las Gabias
Photo of Cinespejo - Festival de Cine de Las Gabias
Photo of Cinespejo - Festival de Cine de Las Gabias
Photo of Cinespejo - Festival de Cine de Las Gabias


Inizio del Festival: 25 aprile 2019      Festival si chiude: 28 aprile 2019

This Festival is born, as a stream of Aguaespejo Granada, following the teachings on poetic mechanisms of participatory experience and expanded cinema of the filmmaker and Granada-born inventor Val del Omar.

The idea is to promote poetic and experimental cinema and extend its presence to the geography of our city.

Cinespejo Festival, to be held in Las Gabias in 2019, aims to be a benchmark for the public who loves cinema and poetry.

It will consist on the one hand of a contest of poetic short films and on the other hand of an express short contest. The bases and registration form of the latter will be available from 01/03/2019 on the festival website:

Cinespejo de Oro for Best Short Film: 600 EUR

Cinespejo de Plata for Second Best Short Film: 300 EUR

Audience award for the short film selected by the audience attending the festival: 250 EUR

The Jury is entitled to grant a Special Mention to other short film in the festival.


- The Festival will be held from April 25 to 28, 2019.

- The selected works will be exhibited jointly and publicly in a open event.

- Short films may be registered between 01/03/2019 and the 04/01/2019.

- The festival has an international character so you can participate national and foreign filmmakers. There is no age limit.

- Films of any kind will be accepted (fiction, animation, documentary, experimental…)

- The short films must have a duration of less than 15 min. (included credits).

- To have been produced after January 2017.

- Must be sent in Mp4 or MOV format (codec H264) with a resolution of 1080p, through the Festhome platform (no other form of reception). Registration will be completely free.

- The works will be presented in the original version with subtitles in Spanish, inserted in the short film, if it is shot in another language.

- Each participant may submit a maximum of one work.

- Those registered in the contest will transfer the rights of projection of the works to the Festival during the dates of realization of the same.

- The participants authorize the organization of the Festival to use fragments of selected works for dissemination in any medium of communication in order to promote the Festival. Likewise, the Festival may use photographs of short films and directors, in press and other means of communication, as well as for the preparation of the catalog of Festival. The sending of EPK (Electronic Press Kit) implies acceptance of all of these conditions.

- The Festival will not pay any amount to the authors or those responsible for the selected works by the exhibition of them on the dates of the festival.

- The announcement of the selected short films will be made individually by email to the selected filmmakers and also through list published on the web on April 14

- The applicant declares that he has obtained all the rights and permits needed to present the film at the Cinespejo festival. The filmmaker must have or have protected the copyright of all aspects of the film presented. This includes all music and images used. Cinespejo does not accept any liability, financial or otherwise type, with regard to non-copyrighted materials.

- Participation in the contest implies acceptance of the rules written in these bases and the resolution, by the organization, of any problem not foreseen in them.

- This regulation is published in Spanish and English. For any difficulty in the interpretation, or conflict resolution, the reference text is the Spanish.



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