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09 ago 2021
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20 set 2021
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20 nov 2021
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18 nov 2021
23 nov 2021


Avenida Rui Barbosa,3762,  68040183, Santarém, Pará, Brazil

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 gennaio 2018
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Inizio del Festival: 18 novembre 2021      Festival si chiude: 23 novembre 2021

CineAlter: Latin American Film Festival is organized by Instituto Território das Artes (ITA) and co-organized by the Santarém Theater Association (ATAS).

Entries are open for all types of films that will be selected and identified according to the schedule of 5 (five) sections by a curator committed to the artistic conception of the Festival and the profile of cultural, regional, ethnic and gender diversity , decoloniality and sociocultural and socioenvironmental themes.

The award for the best Feature Film will be R$5,000 (five thousand reais) and for the best short film, R$2,000 (two thousand reais) and receiving the Muiraquitã Trophy;

The other awards, for feature and short films, will be in various areas of film production and will receive trophies;


The Sections of CineAlter: Film Festival 2021 is named after the native trees of the Amazon: the grandeur of Samaúma, the beauty of Ypê, the strength of Castanheira, the resistance of Seringueira, and the benevolence of Açaizeiro.

Tributes to these beings of nature that emanate exuberance and are symbols of life in its various forms, this is the root of what is sought to be presented in this issue.

In addition to the focus on life, creativity and beauty to describe daily life, challenges, alternatives, experiences in the face of the pandemic and other crises. Pains, but also surprises in the construction of new paths and characters in our contemporary diversity.

There is a special space for stories from the suburbs, with the use of experimental language, low-cost productions and alternative equipment, university audiovisual, everything that is “off the axis”, with a focus on Brazilian realities.

Experience and story of traditional peoples: indigenous, gypsies, quilombolas, extractivists, fishermen, and riparian. Films that bring the experience of these peoples, their own vision, in a language that is already born strong, as in their essence they do not belong to the violent advance on nature and contemporary individualism.

We will also have a Section dedicated to the Amazonian Classics made by Amazonians and about Amazonians, their culture, experiences, challenges, which have had an impact on Amazonian cinema at a regional or local level. Old or contemporary classics. Presenting new regional classics is one of the reasons this show exists.

Another Section will be dedicated to the cinema of Pará. Which exists and resists! We seek a free approach and language, which make us identify as Pará people. A regional exhibition with films from the various regions of Pará that explore these specificities.

In this wide and rich diversity of films that we expect, our aim is to contribute to the debate on the themes presented through cinema, explore the audiovisual as an instrument for the defense of the Amazon and its peoples, emphasize our beauties, but also our challenges and relate our region with the rest of the country and Latin America, uniting in these narratives our affections as peoples of this great continent.


Films completed from January 2018 will be accepted, with preference for unpublished works made in Latin America and about the reality of countries on this continent;

Films made using any technological support can be submitted;

The festival considers short films up to 30' and feature films over 70'.

All films not spoken in the Portuguese language must have Portuguese subtitles;


Entries are free for national and international films and must be made through the virtual platform Festhome (, until September 20, 11:59pm;

Contact with the coordination, when applicable, can be made by e-mail;

Incomplete or late entries will not be accepted. The festival organization is not responsible for any technical problems in accessing the site;

Entries can be made by Individuals, Collectives or Legal Entities, there is no limit of entries per person or producer.


The award for the best Feature Film will be R$5,000 (five thousand reais) and for the best short film, R$2,000 (two thousand reais) and receiving the Muiraquitã Trophy;

The other awards, for feature and short films, will be in various areas of film production and will receive trophies;


The screenings of the selected films will be made in digital format, full HD video file (1920x1080);

The festival should take place in a hybrid mode and the films can be made available both on the virtual platform and in person format;

In case of any change regarding the exhibition, the rights holders of each selected film will be contacted and consulted for authorization;

The festival is committed to using a secure platform, with all possible mechanisms against piracy, with DRM (Digital Rights Management), geoblocking and access control, as well as limiting views.


The individual or legal entity, by submitting a film by this means, declares that it is authorized to commit the film to screenings and understands and accepts these terms and regulations;

The official selection will be announced to the public and press by October 8, 2021;

The registrant shall indemnify and hold CineAlter harmless against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages and expenses (including, but not limited to attorney's fees and court costs) that may be made by reason of any claim involving copyright, marks, credits, advertising, display, loss or damage to the entry videos.


Cases not covered by this regulation will be analyzed by the festival's organizing committee, and its decision is sovereign.



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