Atemporal - Festival Itinerante de Cine Latinoamericano (4)

Atemporal - Itinerant Festival of Latin American Cinema


15 mar 2024
Inizio delle iscrizioni

15 mag 2024
Festival chiuso

10 giu 2024
Data della notifica

20 giu 2024
07 lug 2024


Gonzales Prada 194, Trujillo,  13001, Trujillo, Trujillo, Peru

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Festival del cortometraggio >2' 30'<

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 gennaio 2022
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Photo of Atemporal - Festival Itinerante de Cine Latinoamericano
Photo of Atemporal - Festival Itinerante de Cine Latinoamericano

Photo of Atemporal - Festival Itinerante de Cine Latinoamericano
Photo of Atemporal - Festival Itinerante de Cine Latinoamericano


Inizio del Festival: 20 giugno 2024      Festival si chiude: 07 luglio 2024

AtEMpOrAl is a festival with an itinerant spirit that takes place annually in various provinces of the country and was born with the purpose of converting Peru as a meeting point for Latin American non-fiction cinema, seeking to generate spaces for training, visibility and reduction of the gender gap in the cinematographic field that is focused on portraying social, political and historical themes told by new aesthetic and narrative forms that commemorate resistance in the region.

In this third edition, AtEMpOrAl will be held online and in person. Having the city of Trujillo as its headquarters and the main theme being centralism in Latin American cities and its migratory effect on the new views and stories of people who inhabit said space.

Trujillo, a city located on the northern coast of Peru, is witness to major migratory and re-evolutionary events with great political significance for Latin America. Starting from this, the festival aims in this 4th edition to dialogue about memory and oblivion. Two antagonistic axes that invite us to think about the cinematography of our continent.

OF THE CALL: General considerations

- ATEMPORAL is a festival organized by the production company Vuyana, specialized in the creation of cultural, educational and social events.

- ATEMPORAL in its fourth edition will be held in a hybrid manner, maintaining its online programming through the Retina Latina platform and its website The films will be shown on the Retina Latina and Atemporal platforms and in person in the cities of Trujillo, Cajamarca, Chiclayo and Piura.

- Short films of up to 30 minutes in length directed by Latin American directors whose works explore non-fiction such as: documentary, experimental, video art, video poetry and any audiovisual expression that explores the disruption of cinematographic language can participate.

- The festival will be in charge of curating the films, all sections are non-competitive in nature.

- If the films are in another language other than Spanish, they must be previously subtitled for their participation in the festival. Atemporal does not cover subtitling costs.

- The festival does not make any type of payment or fee to the works or films that apply or enter any of the sections within the programming.

- The director, producer or representative of the works sent and/or exhibited at the festival, declares to own the intellectual property rights. The festival organization is not responsible if this condition is violated and causes any legal inconvenience or if there is a claim from third parties.

- All films must be sent through links from platforms such as Vimeo, Drive or YouTube, preferably, with password access to viewing (if warranted) and without an expiration date.

- Applicants must have duly completed the registration form: to accept their participation or apply through the Festhome platform:

- The festival may use fragments of up to 20 seconds or promotional material of the selected works or films in any of its electronic or audiovisual publications for the respective promotion of the festival.

- The results of the official selection will be published at the beginning of June through ATEMPORAL's social networks. Participants cannot announce their selection in advance.

- The selection of participants will be informed by email and a film authorization document will be attached. Once your participation in the festival has been signed and accepted, the director, producer or representative will not be able to remove it from the programming.

- The call will be valid until May 15, 2024. No works will be accepted after the indicated date.

- The ATEMPORAL organization may modify these bases if this is warranted. If you have any questions or comments, contact the email address


- In this fourth edition, the works will be exhibited online from July 20 to 7 and in person on June 20, 21 and 22.

Viewing can be restricted to only Peruvian territory, according to the coordination with the authors or representatives of the work. Likewise, all the selected films are part of the ATEMPORAL archive, and may be exhibited in alternative exhibitions, with prior authorization from the creators.

Submission in this call implies acceptance of these bases.



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