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04 feb 2020
Inizio delle iscrizioni

30 mar 2020
Festival chiuso

01 lug 2020
Data della notifica

15 lug 2020
27 lug 2020



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Festival del lungometraggio >30'

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Photo of CINEESPORTE Sports Film Festival
Photo of CINEESPORTE Sports Film Festival
Photo of CINEESPORTE Sports Film Festival
Photo of CINEESPORTE Sports Film Festival


Inizio del Festival: 15 luglio 2020      Festival si chiude: 27 luglio 2020

O CINEESPORTE é um festival de cinema com abordagens conceitual e curatorial exclusivas sobre esportes. O evento tem como objetivo a promoção, a difusão, a reflexão e a valorização da cinematografia mundial de esportes. Sua programação é composta por duas Mostras Competitivas:

- Mostra Competitiva Internacional de Curta-Metragem;
- Mostra Competitiva Internacional de Longa e Média-Metragem.

Melhor Curta-Metragem e ao Melhor Média ou Longa-Metragem (Júri Popular).

1.1 - CINEESPORTE is a film festival with exclusive conceptual and curatorial approaches to sports. The event aims to be a promotion, a diffusion, a reflection and a valuation of the world cinema of sports. Its program consists of two Competitive Shows:

- International Competitive Short Film Exhibition; mi
- International Competitive Feature Film and Medium Film.

The festival will be held in July / 2020, in Rio de Janeiro.
At the discretion of the CINEESPORTE organization and in order to better promote the event and selective works, the festival may include films filmed in additional exhibitions in other locations, without commercial objectives

2.1 - CINEESPORTE is organized by IBEFEST - Brazilian Institute for the Study of Audiovisual Festivals and Cultural Connection, producers with outstanding performance in the segment of audiovisual festivals in Brazil and abroad.

3.1 - Registration will be open until March 30, 2020.

3.2 - There is no limit on the number of titles per director / producer and as registration is free.

3.3 - Short audiovisual works (for 30 minutes), metric or feature films, in support quality or in genre, of national quality, may have the theme "Sport" as their main approach, regardless of the production / finalization .

3.4 - How works must be completed at the time of registration.

3.5 - How the insertion of customs services attracts and sends the registration form in the prosthetic form or through online platforms available on the CINEESPORTE website without access to

3.6 - A registration form that can be sent using an online form, the online platforms available on the CINEESPORTE website (, the postal route, duly signed, postal delivery on March 30, 2020 , at the following address:

Rua São Clemente, 262, sala 1008 Bloco 1 - Botafogo
Rio de Janeiro - RJ - CEP: 22260-004

3.6.1 - If you choose the postal route, in addition to the Registration Form, the
the director and / or the person responsible for the registration must send two
copies of the inscribed work, in DVD format, for an organization of the
CINEESPORTE, at the address in article 3.6.

3.6.2 - If you choose to register online, the director and / or the
Responsible for registration must send a link to view
of his work, since this month is available to download.

3.7 - International films must send a copy of the work
inscribed with English subtitles.

3.8 - The person responsible for the submitted work, when sending the Entry Form, via post or over the internet, declares that he is in agreement and accepts the festival's regulation in its entirety, with no contest of any kind.

3.9 - Participate in the selection only as works that meet the requirements of this regulation.

3.10 - As submitted works will be sent for evaluation by the Selection Committee, and can be used strictly for cultural purposes, without commercial purposes.


4.1 - A selection of works will be the responsibility of a Commission appointed by the organization of CINEESPORTE. The result of the selection will be published on until 1 July 2020.

4.2 - In addition to this disclosure, all selected will be officially communicated by the festival organization.

4.3 - As the technical conditions of the material for the exhibition, as the necessary materials for the disclosure, the selected information service.

4.4 - As selected foreign works must send a list of dialogues.

4.5 - A decision by the CINEESPORTE Selection Committee is sovereignty and it is not just an appeal.

4.6 - As selected works must have an indicative classification attributed by the Department of Justice, Classification, Titles and Qualification - DEJUS / Ministry of Justice or, if they do not have this indication, those responsible for the works must inform the festival the desired age classification is the constructions.

4.7 - It is the responsibility of the respondents of the theater works to define the intended indicative classification, according to the facade and the facade of each work.

4.8 - The responses to selected works of informed versions may be presented as protected musical works by authors who are linked to ECAD. If they do, they must inform the authors and a Copyright Association with which they are associated.

4.9 - Responsibility for responding to works of art with information regarding article 4.8.


5.1 - CINEESPORTE provides only the award for the best films through the public vote (Popular Jury).

5.2 - The CINEESPORTE Trophy for Best Short Film and Best Medium or Feature Film will be offered.

5.3 - A public vote is delivered by means of its own ballot, sending computed



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