Cinelabfest 2022 (2)

CineLabFest 2022


01 giu 2022
Inizio delle iscrizioni

15 lug 2022
Festival chiuso

30 set 2022
Data della notifica

30 set 2022
30 set 2022


via della libertà 17,  01017, Tuscania, VT, Italy

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Festival del cortometraggio 15'<

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Photo of Cinelabfest 2022
Photo of Cinelabfest 2022
Photo of Cinelabfest 2022
Photo of Cinelabfest 2022


Inizio del Festival: 30 settembre 2022      Festival si chiude: 30 settembre 2022

The call for tenders for the second short film festival organized by the cultural association Real Dreams is underway. Participation is free. Unique showcase dedicated to cinema, the festival is organized with the artistic direction of Michelangelo Gregori and the technical direction of Luca Baffo of in Viterbo (VT). The Cine Lab Festival also wants to be a signal to restart after this tragic period in which everything has stopped, a small sign that cinema continues to exist and live. This 2022 edition includes 3 sections: Female Cinema, Sustainable Cinema and Open Cinema

Participation fee: Free

Deadline for the call: 15 July 2022

Final awards ceremony: 30 September 2022

Theme: Free


The jury for this second edition of the Festival will be composed of:

How to register:

Registration is free, the call is open to works that do not exceed 15 minutes in duration including titles, each author may submit only one work. If the short film is in a foreign language, subtitles in Italian are required. The deadline for the presentation of the shorts is July 15, 2022. In addition to the duly completed registration form, the film in mp4 format must be sent the Festhome platform at the following link:

The organization will communicate to the 12 finalist participants the decisions of the selection committee, via an official communication via email and on the Facebook page: whoever does not receive any communication by the scheduled date of
30 September 2022 will have to be considered not selected



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