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26 gen 2020
Inizio delle iscrizioni

05 apr 2020
Festival chiuso

14 mag 2020
Data della notifica

04 dic 2020
04 dic 2020


-,  -, Murcia, Murcia, Spain

Descrizione del Festival
Festival del cortometraggio 14'<

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 Festival del cinema
 Music Video
 Qualsiasi genere
 Qualsiasi tema
 Non ha tasse d'iscrizione
 Festival Internazionale
 Posizione fisica e online
 gennaio 2019
 Paesi di produzione: Richiesto
 Paesi dove sono state fatte le riprese: Qualsiasi
 Nazionalità del direttore: Qualsiasi
 Film debuttanti 
 Progetti di scuola 
 Cortometraggi  14'<
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Photo of Cortometrajes – Rendibú
Photo of Cortometrajes – Rendibú
Photo of Cortometrajes – Rendibú
Photo of Cortometrajes – Rendibú


Inizio del Festival: 04 dicembre 2020      Festival si chiude: 04 dicembre 2020

La Verdad Multimedia S.A. convenes, within the Festival of Arts - RENDIBÚ, the Rendibú '18 Short Film Contest, with the purpose of stimulating and spreading the cinematographic creation, according to the following bases.

1º) Rendibú 2020 Short Films Prize: endowed with 1,500 euros for the best short film. The price could be declared desert.

The amounts are subject to the current tax legislation, and the legally established withholding is carried out on them.

Short films must be either produced or co-produced in Spain, or made by a Spanish director.

The short films must be original creations completed after January 1, 2019. Participants will be responsible for the originality of the works before any possible claim, keeping the organization harmless against any infringement of their rights or intellectual property.

The theme of the short films is free, as well as the technique in which they were made. The duration of the shorts may not exceed 14 minutes, including credits.

Short films spoken in another language must be submitted subtitled in Spanish.



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