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22 set 2021
Inizio delle iscrizioni

17 gen 2022
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07 feb 2022
Data della notifica

17 mar 2022
17 mar 2022


Old St,  BS21 6NN, Clevedon, North Somerset, United Kingdom

Descrizione del Festival
South-West (UK) Films or Filmmakers.
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 Music Video
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Photo of Homegrown Shorts
Photo of Homegrown Shorts
Photo of Homegrown Shorts
Photo of Homegrown Shorts


Inizio del Festival: 17 marzo 2022      Festival si chiude: 17 marzo 2022

The UK festival circuit is dominated by voices and teams well on their way to success as artists, and the threshold for entry to most festivals is correspondingly high. However, we believe there is a wealth of talent below that threshold that deserve the encouragement and affirmation of an audience.

Based at the charming Curzon Cinema in Clevedon, the remit of Homegrown Shorts is to find and encourage the young and developing cinematic voices of the South-West of the UK.

Submitted films should be:

Any Genre

Any Medium

A maximum of 30 minutes in length

Made in the South-West, OR

Inspired by the South-West, OR

Made by a filmmaker or team from the South-West



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