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09 mag 2018
09 mag 2018


916 N Formosa avenue,  90046, Los Angeles, California, United States

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Inizio del Festival: 09 maggio 2018      Festival si chiude: 09 maggio 2018

The Student World Awards has one objective : seek and spot the best student movie talents from everywhere, then screen their films and show how much raw talent today gets to compete with professional industry levels.

Our first edition took place on May 5, in the Echo Park Film Center, right on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles.

The festival turns trimestrial. Each 3-months edition will end with its finalists and winners, which will be notified by the end of the 3 months, and receive their certificate awards.

Then for the annual screening, all the winners for August, November, and February will go to the annual competition ending with the annual screening event in Los Angeles. No additive fee, you have nothing to do : we keep you posted.

*** Experience a worldwide competition, student creations from everywhere !
*** Screening in Los Angeles !
*** Low fees.
*** Nomination process and laurel.
*** Award give away in the City of Angels !
*** World Award Certificate

Most of the festivals have a student category to submit, lots of them have student special fees and waivers. But we think this is not enough.

This is why we created a festival dedicated to the student artists. Because it's a special time in your lives that you need to build on.

The film schools, the education the youngsters have, the society of images we live in today pushed a whole new generation to another level of creativity.

Young directors and student crews today are using different technologies than Peter Jackson or Steven Spielberg when they were kids, and maybe they are making different movies. But what students shoot today, most of the time is pretty astonishing. They break the ceiling of what the « student » expectations are.

To get that, you just need to attend some screenings, and to pay attention to certain festivals that screen a selection of student films or films made by students.

But the Student World Awards is 100% dedicated to students. Clear and simple.

Awards & Prizes

We have 4 mainstream categories, so we have 4 awards.
We may have special recognition awards depending on the films we receive.

The film you made by the end of your school curse. It may be the film you have been graduate with, of your final student work even if it was not for official graduation purpose.

You are a student for many years, and sometimes you feel having more freedom with your own film than the one you take part in during film school. Any film you made during your student years is allowed to submit. If you submit here, your film must have been made without the help of your school.

A documentary you made during your student time or for your graduation.

You made a film with your I-Phone ? It lasts less than 2 minutes ? You had a concept, a sparkling idea that you just made happen and shot it ? Running time less than 120 seconds ? You may submit to this category.

Rules & Terms

Any langage.

If not english speaking, english subtitles are mandatory.

All categories : length limit is 20 (twenty) minutes, except X-Tra short which is 2 (two) minutes.

Entries are non refundable.

Date of the event is subject to reasonable change.

You may submit a film you made as a student even if you are not a student anymore.

Films must be of 2014 or after.



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